Saturday, August 11, 2012

just in time

Hi guys! I'm currently doing the laundry. Saying that like anyone cares. :P I'm done with my undies, two tops and two cardigans and I think I'm about to die of tiredness. Or possibly I'm just being lazy hence I'm lying down now, blogging.. Too much information, i know. :)

Let's make this quick, goin' down now to the business. Just in time for my fourth year anniversary in my company, I got ATA Certified. It's some sort of testing certification, our company x MIT. Yep yep, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. :D It's been on my list of goals for like forever. Finally, I got what I wanted. Thank you, Lord {and oh, I wish you help me with the laundry too.} :D

So, sometime back in July, I attended the Tech Month Plenary Session at EDSA Shang. I was recognized along with the other certified people. I got to shake hands with two big bosses plus photo op, of course. Where the pictures go, I don't know. They haven't released any communication up until know.

my most sosyal ootd to date :')

We weren't allowed to bring companions with us. I'm all alone the whole event because I don't know anyone from the crowd. Add to that the fact that I am the anti-social person that I am. Haha! :)) Good thing, I got to meet the Tech Quiz representatives of our project so by the end of the night, I am alone no more. They only placed second in the competition but still I am proud to be their project mate. Go RRD and friends! May next year pa. 

RRD and friends

Mark's photography skillzz :P

But wait there's more. I also made it to our batch dinner. From Shang, I went straight to Mega to meet them. I was such a busy bee that day but I'm glad I made it to everything and everyone. Walang utang, walang atraso. I put 'just in time' in my subject, didn't I? :)

missed you, guys :*

Some sad things are bound to happen by end of August but for now I have to be happy. I am so blessed and it's a shame not to be happy. I have to be happy. I have to be happy. 

Meanwhile, let me go back to my laundry. Someone out there willing to help?

Goal #9. Earn another certification - CHECK!


Friday, August 3, 2012

some other good things on my birthday month

Although not related to my birthday, a lot of other good things happened this month. Apparently, I've been such a mess for months now and it's only this July that I'm seeing gleams of light. I won't say that I'm completely fine but I assure you I'm getting better. For the meantime, allow me to share the things that add up to my recovery. And I say it like I really went through a lot. But I did, I really did. However, not so obvious. :)

Moving on, Beth visited the country early this month. She left our company for greener pastures somewhere else in Asia. That was the first time she returned after leaving so I made sure I get to see her - no matter how hard to force my other teammate to do so {well hello there, Jabey! :P}. We ate at Giligans, Glorietta while sharing quite few updates with our lives then hurried back to the office. Work, as we all know, is such a party-pooper.

missed you teh Bet :*

Also early this month, we met with our cousins' relatives from the US of A who are someway, somehow just like our own relatives too. They have always been so nice and generous. The only downside was that you have to speak to them in English. Ohmigad, it was like so hirap, like yah know, like uhhmmm.. Hahaha! So my brother and sister opted to shut their mouths instead. I, on the other hand, forced my self to talk to them and got my nose bleeding by end of day. Blood donations are still very much welcome. :P

thanks tita Sue, Else and Kyle

and on that day, my niece was crazy like this

Mid this month, a day after my birthday to be exact {oh well, that's still not exact but whatevs}, I met with my closest batchmates. We had dinner at Blufish. It's so expensive I'm not eating there again. Hahaha! And to make this easier, I'll just quote my lines from Facebook. Lazy blogger is lazy so.. "more than the crab, which by the way is my favorite, what I love most about meeting these people is that I get to be myself completely without being judged and I can rant all night long without them getting tired of listening - or so I guess." And yes.. may pinagdadaanan ako when I posted that. :')

nom nom nom xD

Last for this post are the series of merienda treats from our previous lead. We have some office drama going on and she wanted us to feel better. And what better way to make us feel better than to make our tummies happy? So yes, we definitely feel a lot better now. Except for some more office drama that's soon to happen. Just the thought of it makes me feel.. uhmm.. what's the perfect term.. dramatic!! I got it. 

mango bravo

Did I say last with that previous one? No, let me take that back. Because today, I'm officially announcing that I'm an official Eastwood girl, officially. Was that redundant? :P So far, I'm loving the urban night view and the mirror at the lobby. I have yet to experience the pool because the weather just won't cooperate lately. Who knows maybe this weekend?

tell me you love them as much as I do x')

I'm blabbing too much already. I probably should hit the sack now. Goodnight everyone. Hugs and Kisses. ♥