Saturday, June 9, 2012

fashion fevah

More headless outfit shots for y'all! xD Photos with better quality brought to you by my dear pana-pana. ♥ Inspite all the chaos and struggles, fashion is one thing I won't ever give up. As they say - stressed, depressed but well dressed. Yay, that's me! Only that I'm getting better day by day. :)

girls got to color block

aztec love, my current addiction ♥

matchy-matchy skirt and top

bluer than blue

formal on a Friday
another addiction, feathers :)

off to the mall

off to the mall yet again?

on a rainy day

That's all folks! When I get more inspiration from the universe, I'll blog about another goal that just got ticked off. More good vibes, puhleeasse. x)

Imma visit your blogs latuur, I missed the blogging world. :')


Thursday, June 7, 2012

and this is what's up

I've been abandoning this blog for weeks now and I wish you guys somehow noticed my absence. I'm too busy messing up my life and just when I thought I'm on way to regaining my beautiful days something came up again. When it rains, it really pours - literally and figuratively.

So here's what's up. I woke up this morning just in time to be late {yet again}. I started my morning rituals normally as if I'm going to the office. Suddenly I had this weird feeling in my tummy. And before you assume it was just my morning poop trying to come out, let me emphasize it was an excruciating pain that I even can't determine whether it's in my stomach or abdomen. A little later my body went numb and I can't hardly breathe. I even thought I'm gonna die. Hahaha! My dad and my siblings rushed me to FEU. 

Here's the twist. Contrary to dead on arrival tragedies, I was feeling better when we arrived to the emergency room. Good thing I was still feeling weak and dizzy, kundi pahiya ang emergency case namin. Haha! A number of doctors and interns did physical exams and of course the dreaded laboratory tests. You know I'd prefer a difficult math test over a blood test. Teehee. And since I'm feeling better my sister and I crazily waited for my lab results. Since bored, baliw-baliwan na lang ang peg.

By lunch time, the doctor explained to me my condition. She gave me prescriptions, reminders and other blah blahs. And for those concerned people out there, do not worry. I'm not dying just yet. One week dose of antibiotics can fix my internal malfunction. :P

There you go. I just thought my first time ER experience is worth a blog post.