Tuesday, April 30, 2013

just bored, apparently

Hiyyaa!! I have risen from the dead! I wanted to kick off my recovery through a blog post yesterday but apparently I didn't have words. I realized though that I was more capable physically so I just cleaned the mess brought about by my illness - fresh sheeeettss gaaahh!! ♥

Anyway, here are photos from a random swimming sesh with the mommy, the baby and the minion. As in sobrang naisipan lang and then off we go. Walang ligo-ligo, walang baon! We're spontaneous like that! 

kissy kissy with the baby :*

Just for the heck of it, we took few snaps by the poolside then began preparing for a swim. We wanted it that bad, you have no idea! By the way this was back in March so the burning desire is understandable. Ask them for a swim now and they'll kill your idea with how tan they are already. Haha!

baby and mommy

the minion! hihi! ✌

no-fuss outfit. yes?

We missed using our swimming skillz so much that we didn't mind the scorching heat of the sun and the possible body sore after. My sister and I also kept practicing how to tread. Since I learned how to swim, treading has become a new frustration. Oh well. One never runs out of dreams.

my girlaloo swimmers

swimming lessons... not!!

ain't the baby so koyoot?

And since we didn't have baon and it's a budget swimming, we simply had goto and isaw outside for merienda. Simple joys!! I swear the goto is so good. 

simple joys

After merienda, we went back to the resort for more swim. And guess what? We were the last people to leave the place! We wanted it badly, I told you! Convinced? :)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

THE tin pe benito ✌

Yeeess, I am friends with the popular Tin Pe Benito. With over 4 thousand followers on twitter, 20 thousand plus views on tumblr and Google suggesting "tin pe benito photography", who would argue with me? She has indeed gone a long way with her VLeague career. I am so proud of you, my sister from another mister ♥. 

Moving on from my grand introduction, we met last month for what seemed to be an endless dinner. You can't blame us! We can't even recall when was the last time we've met. I am guessing December of 2011 when we went to Tagaytay. I can only be wrong if we had undocumented meet-ups last year - meaning no photos, no blog entries. I doubt though. You know me. :P

We had dinner at Holy Cow - her treat! She had a career milestone last November and she's supposed to treat me back then. Obviously, life happened and we only got to meet last month. 

on nom nom

It was a long night of catching up, laughter and cam whoring. And with cam whoring, I mean a very serious one. Thank goodness we were seated at the backmost couch and we didn't have to mind the world. But honestly, we rarely do when we're together. Just plain awesome craziness!

selfie :P

and here we gooo

Past 9 pm, we were forced to leave Holy Cow. Still not satisfied, we transferred to Starbucks - my treat! There's just no stopping the kwentuhan. Or should I say the picturan? Funny how it's so hot in Starbucks but it was still jam-packed. One barista explained that they were having a problem with the ventilation system. Obviously, kuya! Fortunately for us, we were seated near the entrance and I had my trusty pamaypay.

more annoying wacky faces

If I remember it right, we left past 1 am. The lola in me prevailed and I was so sleepy already. No regrets. Because this time, I won't let the year end without seeing this girl again. After all, we both agreed I owe her one. 

And oh, here's an OOTD! I made it a goal to post more OOTDs and so far I've been doing good. Way to go, little miss lazy!

current favorite dress


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

and on papi's 63rd, we're still epic

Yikkeess!! Why is it so hot in PI? Oh yeah, maybe because it's summer, fool!! It's crazy. It's really crazy. It makes me not want to move a bit. Today, I just lay down on my bed with my good ol' laptop and dig my way through the cyberspace. I'm fine with that, except for the occasional whining that it's too hot. Plus I'm hungry. Shizz. I know for sure I'm hungry but there's nothing my mom would say that can make me respond "yes, that one! I want that for lunch". Urrghh. What's with me today?

So anyway, I got tired of all the whining so I decided to blog. Only this blog can make me shut up and forget all the bad - the heat, the hunger.. perhaps my sumpong too. I know I once said I blog when I'm happy.  Why am I blogging now? Simply because I am not unhappy. Hahaha! I'm just annoyed. And I'm trying my best to fight it. 

I digress. Here are some photos from my father and cousin's birthday celebration last month - dinner at KKK then some fooling around at an amusement center. My mom and dad liked it at the said resto but I didn't. My parents are die-hard fans of Filipino cuisine, that's why. 

Highlights of the day were the laughter brought to us by the mountain-high bistek flakes and my niece's kilig when she tasted the sinigang. She even clapped in joy. You should have seen how adorable she was. ♥

Another highlight would be when I rode the mini carousel at the amusement center. I decided to join my niece and my sister when the carousel's moving already. Kaladkad galore, you can only imagine. Silly moments!!

preppin' up!

waiting in vain

a toast for the birthday boys

have I told you I love shooting?

carousel with the kid & kid at heart

Now that I'm less annoyed, I better check out the fridge for something to eat. I can hear my stomach growl and it's no joke.  ~xoxo, sumpong girl :P


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

zumba, anyone?

Good evening!! I am still sweating from zumba as I type this {sorry if that sounds gross}. I just thought of sharing how I made it possible to workout in the premises of my own room. Hahaha! I've been working out since 2013 started because I realized I've been gaining weight - my cheeks, arms and leegsss! I can't believe how fast they're getting huge. But please do not get me wrong. It's absolutely fine being big if you're comfortable in that body. Unfortunately for my case, I AM NOT! 

So going back, here's the zumba video I downloaded. It's the closest to perfect video I've seen so far - easy steps for about 40 minutes. Not a dancer here so I have to resort to the easiest. I might look for other videos when I get tired of this and I promise to share again. You like that?
And by the way, since I downloaded this already, I had a hard time looking for it again in YouTube. It used to be titled as "Community Central TV_ ZUMBA FITNESS® with Ashley J. Johnson". What's up with the change, Community Central? Anywaaay, happy zumba-ing!!


Monday, April 15, 2013

style crush: vanessa hudgens

One lazy day last month, I was turning the world wide web upside down when I found out that Vanessa Hudgen's style is to die for. I had no idea she's such a boho chic!! I even had to gush to my sister 'cause I can't contain the thrill. It's one faithful day; I finally found my perfect boho inspiration. Hahaha! And if you're wondering, yes, I dream of turning into a boho chic one day. Probably when I start living my life again. Check this post out if you don't get what I mean.

Going back, below are some of my favorite looks. Let's begin with the maxis..

her coachella fashion shot


animal print O_o





hiding from the paps with Ashley Tisdale

More wearable casual looks.. 

love the fringe bag and strappies ♥



effortless, eh?


Ultimate boho looks..




I'm hooked!! Obviously! xP


Friday, April 12, 2013

little ones and sunday dresses

Let me tell you something. I am not the nicest person you'll ever meet. I bet those who know me personally would agree. I can be annoyingly snob and ill-tempered. Most of the time I don't give a shit - for other people's drama, shallow thinking, etc. I am more of the rational side - in accordance with reasoning and practicality, not so much of emotions. A friend once said pusong bato daw ako. Another made it worse by saying it's not even bato, it should be asero {steel}. Weh? Another instance would be when I was told I can sell my heart and tag it as "brand new".  I objected though. I said it's just "slightly used". But whatever, my point is that no matter how cold or strong I seem, there's still something that can melt my heart: KIDS! ♥

Now that I am a bum, I carry out my auntie duties with flying colors. The little kid in the photo below is with me almost everyday. She wakes me up in the morning and she stays with me until she has to sleep at night. We play bahay-bahay, tagu-taguan, lutu-lutuan at kung anu ano pang paulit-ulit. :P We also sing, dance and play dress up. She can be a princess, fairy, ballet dancer, swimmer and just like in the photo below, a Chinese kiddo.

Faye as our binondo girl ♥

We also visited the latest additions to our growing family - Prince Kyle and Princess Danerose. And no, they're not twins. They were born a month apart by my equally beautiful cousins. Wish they grow faster so I can play with them already. I'm afraid to play with babies, they're sooo fragile. Alam nyo naman ang lola nyo, medyo maharot. :P

Prince Kyle ♥

Princess Danerose ♥

On a totally unrelated note, here's an OOTD with the sister wearing what we refer to as Sunday dresses. It was the same day we played dress up with Faye so the photos fell on a single Facebook album. The OC in me decided to share them here together too. Hope you like them!! 

Sunday dresses 'cause we're so girly

Hafta go malling now! Blog hopping will follow later in the day, okay? :)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

prelude to summer

No more throwback posts this time, I promise. Just in time that I finished my throwback series, I got a copy of the photos I've been waiting for. JUST IN TIME. It's always like that with me and the big Guy above. :)

So anyway, here's my early summer treat for myself back in February - a trip to Republic Wakepark, Nuvali with the Badjaos.

First things first, ootd!! I've always wanted a matching blazer and floral shorts outfit. I even have that on my peg board. Having said all those, who can blame me for savoring the moment? I almost didn't change to my wakeboarding clothes. Hahaha! I had an excuse though 'cause it was also the time of the month. I had a pretty long decision-making time.

We got there at around 9 am sans breakfast. Hungry and all, we registered first. We chose the 4-hour package for P595 each. We also deposited P600 each for the life vest, helmet and digital wrist tag for time tracking. We got the 600 peso deposit back when we returned the said safety gears. They also took our individual photos and an ID; one for the group may do.

Right after the registration, we proceeded to their cafeteria. I had grilled ham and cheese sandwich for P150. By the way, bringing of food is prohibited. I was able to snuck chocolates and sour candies though. 

We did not get to finish our breakfast because we they were so ecstatic to begin wakeboarding. I fought the urge to join them for about an hour. Aside from the fact that I am making the most out of my outfit, the thought of my monthly visitor freaked me out. Eventually, I gave up. It was a tough battle inside my head, you have no idea.

My first try was a good one. Unfortunately, only few of my next tries were better. It was darn difficult!! I guess it has something to do with my lack of balance (can't ride a bike, remember?). Then again, I learned to surf. I really wonder who or what is to blame. Haha! Kelangan may masisi lang? :P On a more positive note, I am not the only one who sucked at it. Ohai, guys!!

They are implementing a 12 to 1 pm lunch break so we had no choice but to go on break too. I had pork mami for P150 and it's the worst I've tasted. Sobrang walang lasa. I asked for fish sauce and they did not have it. My 150 bucks went to waste just like that. 

We were on a wakeboarding spree until around 3pm. Freshening up took a while because three of us were girls. And with girls, I do not mean average maintenance ones. Ang aarte namin. I just had to be honest. :P It took forever before we left the shower room. Sorry boys!

Of course we had to take more photos before we leave. Admit it, taking photos nowadays is just as essential as making memories. Photos can document in detail what our minds may only vaguely remember or possibly forget altogether. 

Lastly for dinner, we had pizza, pasta and chicken at Shakey's Paseo. It was my time to catch up with everyone after a month of not seeing them. To date, it's been three months since I left my job. Perhaps I miss my work, but I know for sure I miss these people more. Lakwacha, soon?

Listing down my expenses just in case I got you interested. :) No reservations needed. Simply go there, have fun and look silly. :P


Goal #12 Wakeboarding - CHECK!