Saturday, May 28, 2011

come rain or shine

Please welcome me back as I continue my series of summer-ish posts. xD Last May 8, we had our project summer outing at Virgin Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan Batangas. It's exactly the week storm 'Bebeng' was here so it was raining almost non-stop that day. I was honestly pissed off because 1) I am a part of the organizing team and I was worried all our efforts to make it happen would go to waste. 2) Who would ever want a rainy summer outing, after all {member or not of the organizing team}?

As planned, the participants will be given 30 minutes to rest or freshen up and then we will proceed with the games. Obviously, what was intended to happen never did. We opted to let them stay in the dining parasols as we waited for our lunch. Some still chose to brave the rain, which by the way isn't so hard at that time, and went swimming. Personally, I chose to stay in our shelter.

me and my sister having the time of our lives in the cottage
and please don't mention our matching outfits

We requested for our lunch to be served early since most of us had nothing else to do but try to get ourselves out of boredom in the parasols.

On the brighter side, what was supposed to be just 'packed lunch' became a buffet. They didn't bother to explain why. But yeah, Virgin Beach, thanks a lot!

buuurrppp! :P

Heavens must have felt pity on us and soon the heavy rain turned into drizzle. In a moment, we found ourselves enjoying Laiya's big waves. What made the whole trip fun were those waves, actually. Everyone was acting silly playing with them.

While most of the time we'd ride the waves and let them bring us back to the shore, I experimented a bit and tried jumping over them. One time I made a mistake of jumping too early and I landed the water the exact moment the wave has come. Nagpagulong-gulong ako literally. And I have paparazzi shots to support my story. 

'twas a lot of work washing off the sand from my hair :|

Of course, there's no way we'd miss the 'pictorial' part of every trip. The credit goes to teh Pholet and her Bebe Glam {camera with a name, yet again}.

with my sis and teh Pholet's sis, Donna

Day trips btw is from 8am to 5pm only. So at around 5pm, we were ready to leave the place. Our official photographer, Jabey was finally in action to take our obligatory group shots.

my immediate team, ku-yu-ey

the entire project

I'd say the summer outing wasn't an epic success, but it's not a total mess either. Some efforts may have been wasted {planning for games and all} but still we had fun and I guess that matters the most.

Now who's looking forward to next year's summer outing?

Virgin Beach Resort
Day Tour Package, Inclusive of Lunch
Adults .................. P 850.00/day
Kids (2-10 years old). .. P 525.00/day
Dining Parasol .......... P 1350.00/day (capacity of 12, max 15, extra person, P130.00)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

crazy is as crazy as it can get

Allow me to take a break from my summer stories as something not so summer-ish but of great importance made it between my beach trips. Obviously, I am such an OC that I want to post things in chronological order. Just bear with me, will you? :D

Anyhoo, my mom had her 5oth birthday last April. Over IM, me and my sister were thinking of how we're going to spend it. I suggested that we celebrate it in a KTV. I felt like it was a light bulb moment. Haha! Yet again, because of my bucket list.

..AND RECORD IT! hahaha! I find this funny, and well, kind of shallow slash disturbing slash challenging. Because you know what? I have NEVER sang in the videoke in my entire life {in my 24 years of existence, major major, hahaha}. Not that I don't sing completely, but I have never sang with a microphone. I know how my voice can get so high-pitched, that's why! But because I can no longer think of anything else {realistic enough} to include in this I-wanna-try-everything project, I thought of simple things I have never done. Frankly, I also remember I haven't drunk beer in my entire life but that one, I need to think about gazillion times {until I get tired of thinking and decide not to try it at all} *wink*. Anyway, I'll be needing a lotta help here. I'll set a schedule with the sisters, we'll have fun and we'll look STUPID. Don't you just love the idea?

ang tweenhearts

their kiddos

So there, we celebrated my mom's birthday at Elyong's, a KTV and resto bar at Regalado. It's the most affordable KTV I've been to. They only charge 100 per hour for the room, most KTVs would charge per person per hour. Minimum food order is as low as 600. We really didn't mind as we know we'd consume more than that.

We had the group meal good for 10 persons, reasonably priced at around 2 thousand. The group meal includes Sinigang na Maya-Maya, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Chicken Barbecue, served with rice, drinks and Leche Flan. Good enough for a KTV.

dinner time

After we had dinner, the party started. I had a hard time selecting my piece. Kay gulo-gulo naman kasi ng songbook. After a while, I got accustomed to it that I became the official song picker. I suggest songs for everyone and key them in when they agree. For Papi though, Anit would always joke "mas luma pa dyan". Haha!

Mama sang her national anthem, "Top of the World". Ate Tin was Kim Chiu in her own rights. Papi was Barry Manilow. Kuya Ga and Gigi shared "Multong Bakla", "Martyr Nyebera" among others. Dana and I shouted at each other with "Complicated". And Anit being the singer that she is, sang countless songs.

wag ka daw mag-sing daddy, nakakainiiisss!

But the highlight of the night was the girls' "Waka-Waka" song and dance number. We even sang it twice because we weren't able to take a video of our first performance {or maybe because we enjoyed it so much we had to do it again. XD}

Now I demand, you watch the video and see for yourself how crazy we can get. Goal #22. Sing in the videoke. - CHECK!! It was more than just singing actually. Go waaaatccheeett!

apologies for the low quality and for looking all haggard :P

Before the night was over, I FB statused how much I feel blessed for having such an awesome family. I can never thank the good Lord enough. One may have countless friends, the sweetest partner, or the perfect career, but having a tight-bonded family is the best gift one could ever have. How I wish everyone is as blessed.

indeed blessed ♥


Friday, May 20, 2011

day 3: capones island - short side trip before we hurry home

day 2: anawangin - lazeh beach bumming day

Third day. I can almost hear Manila calling us back but we had to ignore it for a while to make way for a short Capones Island side trip.

We were up so early hence the chinky eyes in the photo below. We only had quick breakfast - bread and instant noodles. We didn't want to spend too much time preparing breakfast 'cos we need to get back to Manila as Lex still had to report for work at night. Boo! Work has always been, and will always be, a party pooper!

singkit-singkitan sa umaga

It took time before we were able to break our camp. It's no easy to pack up - tents, groundsheets, cooksets, utensils plus personal stuff. Most importantly, never leave the place with traces. We may have left garbage and other recyclables but they were neatly kept. The caretakers would simply pick them up for disposal or re-use.

Just as were ready, we asked our boatman to take our 'real' group picture. We no longer had the luxury of time so we were off.

credits to kuyang bangkero

In Capones, our main activity was to climb up the lighthouse. It's as if we didn't get enough from climbing a mountain. :| Again, it was soooooo hot. Number of o's equate to how hot it was. Hahaha! Jef and I were joking of 'ang greasy mo lines'. Kasi naman, ang init talaga!

the lighthouse

When we reached the lighthouse, I realized that the view is worth all the whining and the sweat. The lighthouse showcases the beautiful island of Capones and it is way more breathtaking than Anawangin. I have never seen the sky and the sea so blue. I can stand there and stare for hours {On second thought, mainit pala. So 'wag na lang. =p}

Ok, I concede. mas maganda ang view

The entire time we were in the lighthouse, we were just taking pictures. I wonder why we never get tired of posing and smiling for the camera. Care to guess?

Even when we were about to leave the lighthouse already, we managed to sneak with some pictures on our way down to the shore.

with Jigs, the official Capones photographer

just before leaving this side of the island

From how I understand, the side of the island where we stopped for the lighthouse trip is not suitable for swimming so we transferred to another spot for a short swim. Ma-feel man lang ang tubig ng Capones.

But the ever maarte spirit in me decided to just make use of whatever time remaining for photo-ops. Aside from that, I also didn't want to feel all icky with salt water on our way to the boatman's house where we'd take our bath. So there, another good excuse. =p

And that's the last installment of my Holy Week get-away. Whheew! More summer escapades and one silly videoke night, upnext. Let's all waste time here, kk? :D


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

day 2: anawangin - lazeh beach bumming day

day 1: mt.pundaquit trek - the hard way to get to anawangin

Second day of our Holy Week get-away was solely spent in Anawangin. I loved that it was a lazeh beach bumming day 'cos strict itineraries tend to be tiring and stressful. Aren't trips supposed to make you feel relaxed and carefree?

Tin and I started the day with photo-ops, next to morning rituals of course. She brought me to a place where a 'lake' used to reside. Yeah, she calls it a lake but I'm doubting what body of water it really was.  Probably it is, after all. =p

outfit of the day much?
tube top by Forever 21 ♥

When we return, they were just bumming around our picnic table. Maybe I was in the most-bum-mode so I flopped myself to the hammock. Believe me when I say I really didn't intend to sleep, but yeah, admittedly the hammock sent me to a quick nap. Sandal-tulog eh.

good morning, Anawangin

And then for breakfast we had hotdogs and nothing else I can remember. It's getting obvious I didn't help preparing. Teehee. Lazy girl. But at least, I helped cleaning the dishes. No sink, no faucet. What can you expect?

and then it's time for breakfast

maghugas ay di biro, maghapong nakayukoo ♪♫ ♪

We also didn't miss to take group pictures before finally exploring Anawangin's pristine beach. It was 'the guys' and 'the gals' group picture because we had no one to take our real group picture and we were that poor to not have a tripod.

buff like that

damn all these beautiful girls ♪♫ ♪

Of course we spent hours by the beach. Good excuse for being negra these days. Haha! We also had Naphy and Mikmik to take our most precious beach moments. By the way they are cameras.. with names.. what's going on with the world people? Anyway, look at how goofy our boys are. As we try to look all sweet and sexy(?), there they go, goofing around. Ang goofy nyoooo. Haha!

beach shots of the sweet girls and goofy guys

AND THEN.. drum roll please!! My obligatory swimsuit shot. Hahaha! Goal #24. Pull off a two piece swimsuit. - CHECK!

And oh, I'm getting addicted to swimsuits. I bought three new pairs just for this season. You'd have to wait for my Laiya and Galera posts to see the other two {like you want to see them, duh}. Pangalanan ko din kaya sila? Hahaha! :)))

ang arte lang? may smiley paa phhbbt!

After we were tired from swimming {in my case, pictorial}, we went back to our campsite and then bullied Jun to buy us halo-halo. It was actually Jef that we were teasing at first but he had no heart for us. Buti na lang may pasikat na bumili ng mahal na halo-halo para sa lahat. {peace, kada. >:p}

For lunch, we had corned beef and bangus while for dinner, we had adobo. Nah, we didn't cook adobo there. It was prepared by Nad back in Manila. And then there's the famous soup, cream of mushroom and crab and corn? I am guessing. Can't exactly remember, again. Bleeh!

took this shot, don't expect much =P

And yes, I am skipping the most difficult part of this whole camping experience, taking a bath! Again, it was camping. No one should expect decent comfort rooms, right? The very reason I was half-hearted to join this trip. Enough said. I am skipping.

This very night, I also learned how to slice tomatoes and play poker. Why, thank you teacher Honey and teacher Jigs. ;)

konting arte pa before bed tent time

And then it was time to call it a day. Lights out please!! :))


Saturday, May 14, 2011

day 1: mt.pundaquit trek - the hard way to get to anawangin

day 3: capones island - short side trip before we hurry home

Before the details of my Holy Week get-away totally escape my mind, I might as well blog about it.

To start it off, I spent the Holy Week living an old school life in Anawangin together with my college friends. We were there from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. That's three days and two nights of deprivation. Pwede ng penitensya. But before I divulge more of our camping experience, let me first share how we get there, THE HARD WAY.

We met at around 5am in Victory Liner Terminal somewhere in Caloocan. We took the bus bound to Iba, Zambales for P265. Can't exactly remember how long the drive was. All I know is that somewhere between our naps, Tin and I got bored and took vain shots using Lex's 12 mega pickles {inside joke. =p} mobile phone camera. See sample shots below.

the now famous semi-cute and semi-rock pose

After several sleep-wake-up cycles and seeing bloody people undergoing penitence through beating, we finally arrived at San Antonio, Zambales. We bought our supplies and had early lunch there. After enough rest and catching up, we went on. We took a tryc to Brgy. Pundaquit, the jump-off point of Mt. Pundaquit, for P30 per person. Yes, we chose to get to Anawangin by trekking Mt.Pundaquit. To be honest, the moment I got tired, I wondered why we ever chose to trek a mountain over simply riding a pumpboat. Haha! Lazeh.

Anyway, as we got off the tryc, we spent 30 minutes or so at the jump-off point just to gear up. Armwarmers, jackets, longsleeve shirts, caps and sunblock. Apply sunblock or die of skin cancer, you choose. =) At that time, the boatmen were also there getting our excess things. Excess, meaning those outside of our trekking bags. They brought our things to Anawangin with their boats. They're paid of course. Also, the leader of our pack, Nad {whom I fondly call SF}, sought for a guide. We paid him P100 per person, his only job was to lead the way. Ang mahal, huh?

And then the trek begun. It was a sandy trail at the start. I get pissed off every now and then because sand gets into my footwear. It so happened that instead of my trusty trekking shoes, I used some sort of Crocs sneakers. Not really a good choice, if you'd ask.

look at how fresh we are at the start of the trek

the sandy part of the trail (duh, like you can see in the picture}

As we went along, the trail was no longer covered with sand. I really didn't enjoy that relief since I still had the heat of the sun to battle with. We passed by grasslands, dry river beds and some steep slopes while enduring our thirst and tiredness.

dry river bed, I assume

Considering how easy the trail is, I only have the heat to blame for feeling so drained. Oh well, all of us were THAT tired. We had countless rests along the way. Every time we saw trees or whatever form of shade, we rest. Fortunately, I get my energy back easily so I always initiate to take pictures. Or was I making an excuse to hush up my love for such? ;)

I asked kuyang tour guide to take our group picture
nasan ang initiative kuya?

one of the many rests that we had


The midpoint of the trail is the summit of Mt. Pundaquit. We were dead tired when we reached the summit. Most of us just sat there for quite a long while before finally having the strength to take pictures again. But the boys, being the boys that they are, still went to a point higher.

that's Anawangin down there

After getting the rest we all deserve, we started to descend to Anawangin. We trekked down as fast we can, few breaks, few picture taking. I guess we were all thinking of just getting there. Pasasaan ba't makakarating rin.

looks who's taking a power nap

Finally, We were able to get to Anawangin. Just in time before the sun sets. We had ample time to freshen up, set-up our tents and prepare for dinner. We had fried chicken {prepared in Manila}, fried eggplants and mangoes. Decent enough for camping.

where have all the girls gone?

The rest of the night basically was for taking a bath, dinner and poker. Fun way to end a tiring day.

**pictures of the Anawangin series mostly from naphy and some stolen from mikmik. 


Monday, May 2, 2011

something darn frustrating

In my attempt to complete Goal #2. Learn how to ride a bike, I invited {or forced would be more appropriate?} my dear sisters to go biking at Quezon City Circle. But my chubby-wobbly sister, Anit, had errands of her own that day so we were able to meet pretty late. We set foot in QC Circle at around 7PM. Yes, that late! To think we also committed to visit our cousins leaving near the area. Too much for a night, I know.

one day the sisterettes went biking

So there, I only had an hour to learn biking that night. Good excuse for not learning. Hahaha! All I got are bruises. Around 10 of them, would you believe? I didn't even fall of the bike in that case. What more kung sumemplang ako? Well, the time of the month is coming then so I guess that explains.

And because I assumed that I'll learn that night, I insisted for blog-worthy shots from my sister. I kept on posing and smiling for the camera while trying my best to balance myself for at least a few seconds.

ayan kasi, inuuna pa ang picture

He didn't give me my heart's desire that night. Maybe he wants me to try harder, or to develop patience, or to learn how to handle frustration.  And speaking of, I can remember the darn feeling. I almost didn't want to leave the place because I felt like a loser. I hate losing, I hate failures and I totally abhor quitting. So I swear before this blog, I'll learn how to do it in time. AJA, fight! Hahaha! =)))

Since I had no choice but to stop trying that night, we opted to leave the place at around 8PM and visited our cousins as promised. First stop was Marcus' crib. Marcus being the first born of Tegs and Kuya Marvin and the last addition to our growing family. Look how adorable he is.

Choi Choi ♥

We also visited Ate Shell and Kuya Weng's compound. To our surprise, Ate Grace and her cute li'l angel, Dennise, were also there. It was a lot of fun being surrounded by little kids. They are all equally cute and makulit. Go see for yourself more of my adorable niece and nephews.   

aunties with Ayex and Kuya Poch

mother and child
Ate Grace and Denise

with my sisters and cousins, Ate Jo, Ate Shell and Ate Grace

Fun way to end a frustrating night don't you think?


Sunday, May 1, 2011

on watching movies and fondue party

Just so you know, awesome is what comes to my mind when I think of the people I get to work with everyday. We are literally one of the best, if not really the best team. But no, don't think I am about to share work related stories. That would be too much. 5days a week, 9hrs a day, if you know what I mean. :|

I just wanna share how our awesomeness extends from the four corners of our cubes to outside the many floors of our building. You see, our onshore lead just got back from the US. She was able to get a unit from a condo only few steps from our office. Instant chillax spot for us. Ain't we lucky?

To start with, we had a fondue party. Aside from the ever reliable default food {you guessed it right, pizza}, we also had mallows, wafer and fruits to dip to our chocolate fondue.

pizza looove

fondue parteeey

We also watched Black Swan that night. It stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a ballerina who's completely consumed with her passion and who often hallucinates and end up hurting herself. The movie is a bloody psycho-drama which made me us shriek and cover our faces from time to time.

Black Swan

Before calling it a day, we camwhored using our lead's MacBook webcam. Yeah, when vanity strikes there's no stopping it. Haha!

After the fondue party slash black swan night, we went there again to celebrate a teammates birthday. Tanduay Ice, chips and dips made the night.

And as if it's becoming a habit, we watched a movie again, Taken this time. Pretty much a new movie huh? It stars Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, a retired agent of the CIA. The story revolved around how he saved his daughter, Kim, who was kidnapped by an Albanian gang of human traffickers. And per the birthday girl, the lesson of the story is to never idolize a rock band. Anobeee, akala ko pa naman "Don't talk to strangers".

happy birthday teh Pholeeet!!


We also had so much fun recording videos of ourselves lip syncing ala Moymoy Palaboy. It was crazy fun night especially when we were watching our videos na. I wish I can share but I can't. It's humiliating. Hahaha! :))

prior to our Moymoy Palaboy stint

Aaannnndd speaking of movies, lemme just boast that I was able to watch Kimmy Dora finally. Hahaha! Loser much? But yeah, I was able to watch it only recently. Home alone by my apartment. Bursting into tears laughing all by myself. Felt Silly. But then again, I really am. =)))

Kimmy Dora 

Next Attraction: My QC Circle Biking Experience Frustration
Coming Soon: Our Mt.Pundaquit-Anawangin-Capones Get Away

Stay Tuned. ♥