Tuesday, October 29, 2013

'cause j.co's too mainstream

Photos from early this month at Krispy Kreme while resting from Dana's tiring birthday shopping. She blurted out while we were eating.. "may caption na 'ko" referring to the caption she'll use when she posts photos on Instagram, then said.. "cause j.co's too mainstream". Funny how she was trying to claim the line 'cause few months back, we thought of the same Facebook album title without telling each other or talking about it. So when she saw the album I published, she came a-running upstairs to tell me she thought of it too. Really now, baby girl. 

Going back to the photo caption she told me while eating, inunahan ko lang naman sya. Hahaha! Then she was like, "magnanakaw ng ideaaaa" to which I responded "wala kang ebidensyaaaa". Hahaha! Little things. ❤


baby girl bachoy ♥

Saturday, October 26, 2013

style crush: jen dang (and then some)

Obsessing with yet another fashion blog - Skirt the Rules by Jen Dang. I went hysterical the first time I saw it. Alam nyo naman ako, reyna ng hysteria. Hahaha!

You might have scrolled through the photos already and as you can see, her style is so wearable. As much as I hate saying this, I've grown tired of our famous fashion bloggers. Most of the time, they look too complicated.. tons of accessories, multi-level layers of clothes, sky high heels, heavy makeup. That's over the top for commoners like us. O nandadamay lang ako? :P

Anyway, before you even think of ditching this blog {and me}, here's a rundown on why I'm totally diggin' her style.

SHE HAS A GREAT DEAL OF SKIRTS. A-line skirts, pencil cuts, hi-lows, printed, textured, leather.. name it, she's got it. Abso-freakin-lutely giving justice to her blog title. Claps for her!!

It's also easy to notice that SHE KEEPS CLOTHES ON ROTATION. She maximizes everything - from her clothes to her accessories, down to her shoes and bags. Talagang most of them you'll see more than once. Because really, all you need is a talent on mixing and matching. You don't have to have new clothes to don a different look. I may not be a fashion expert but I know that for sure.

SHE LOVES DRESSES TOO, floral ones at that. Lalo na akong naloka. You know I'm a sucker for anything floral. Case in point, this blog's layout. And oh, have you seen my twitter account?

Also, SHE HAS A VARIETY OF CARDIGANS AND BLAZERS. I've been keeping quite a number of them too kaso lang with our weather, it's difficult to score a chance to wear them. Nakakaiyak ng uhhmm.. Dyahe, wag na nga. :P

Moving on, HER CASUAL OUTFITS ARE THE BOMB! Yes, bomb talaga para intense na intense. :P I'm cray over her outfit on the left. I'm not just a sucker for florals, I'm a sucker for animal prints too.

That makes the photo below my favorite amongst these. Inggit na inggit ako sa top nya. Ang inggitera ko. Hahaha! I already scored a leopard print blazer for myself but I have yet to break it in. Perfect chance, come sooner please?

And since we're already talking about animal prints, below are photos I snagged from Elle John of The High Feather. I was looking for pegs for my leopard print blazer and the photo on the left of the collage took my attention. Full attention actually 'cause few minutes after, I was turning her blog upside down. Gaaah, I love her animal print dress too.

I have other style crushes on queue but this will do for now. I figured you'd say thanks for sharing, so.. YOU'RE WELCOME. :)

*photos from their blogs


Thursday, October 24, 2013

up now: stunts page

(click on the above link)

After two freakin' months, my second is page is up. Say whuut?!! Ang tamad ko! :P Anyway, on this page are photos from my adventures since 2010. So why call it 'Stunts Page' instead of 'Adventures Page'? Head on to the said page to find out! Ano daw? Page, page, page, page!! Hahaha!

Please tell me I'm awesome. ✌


Monday, October 21, 2013

once in a blue moon

Here's a truth I've always been proud of but rarely, rarely tell other people about: ako ang taya everytime our family goes out. Believe it or not, galante ako. :P I guess it came from the way our parents raised us. We were spoiled kids growing up especially by my father. Mom (needs) + Dad (wants) = happy kids. Hala, ang corny ng equation ko. Hahaha! So anyway, when my salary became decent enough, I felt it's time to give back. I started with uhmm, how do I say this? Making their tummies happy? :)

My sister's working too {the one next to me, Anit} but I seldom ask for backup aka "hati tayo sa gastos" and most often than not hating unggoy pa. Hahaha! She's vying for the most kuripot anak ni papi award but Dana just won't give up easily. ✌

Did you slowly feel the connection of my post title with all these blabbering? Mmmkay, long story short, this time ako naman ang nailibre. I know, I know. I've been getting treats left and right, pero dude iba to! From a kuripot family member to. Haha! Papatayin na 'ko ng kapatid ko.

Late last month, Dana and I turned SM Fairview upside down looking for her perfect PE shoes - Anit's treat too. Ohaa, ohaa! We shortlisted her choices then roamed around some more while waiting for Anit. We also looked for the perfect white shirt while at it. And yes, kailangan perfect talaga lahat.

OOTD muna :P

Dana finally decided to get this brown sneaks from Fila. For the nth time that day we're back to the department store only to find out they no longer have her size. Heartbreaking eh?! Then they agreed to search online instead. Ganun talaga, dapat mag move on agad.

To battle the disappointment, Anit treated us to dinner! Woot woot! If I only knew that being purita will snag me all these treats, nakoo, dati ko pa ginawa. Hahaha! I kid, I kid.

We chose to dine at Chicken Savory. Dana and I chose what seemed to be their classic chicken plus fish fillet. I love their fish fillet, by the way. Anit on the other hand chose noodles, beef noodles if I'm not mistaken. The attendant warned her that its serving is good for 2-3 people but knowing she's a big noodle-eater, she ordered it anyway.

Then our food came. Taadaah, we were all shocked at the sight of the humongous bowl of noodles. We were laughing like crazy to the point that even the crew can't help but laugh. Andun na rin na we are three OA girls when it comes to laughing, PERO ang laki kasi talaga. Just blogging about it now makes me smile. Pass muna sa OA laughter 'cause it's past midnight already.

Anit couldn't take the humiliation that came with the huge-assed bowl so she ordered another meal same as ours. Kunwari share share na lang kami dun sa noodles. We did share but she still ended up eating more than Dana and I did. She then admitted she can finish it by herself. The bowl was just deceiving. Haha! I swear that noodles made the night.

noodles, anyone?

We went back to Charlie after dinner 'cause it's where we found the white shirt. Guess what? They don't have Dana's size again. Que horror! So pinasaya na lang namin ang mga sarili namin by taking selfies. Our youngest is the biggest camwhore though. Ughh. Teens nowadays.

bulaga! my huge eyes righ thurr

Before leaving the mall, we remembered our brother's bilin - carrot cake. That's his craving then so pag may aalis ng bahay, he'd always ask for carrot cake. Funny thing was, we've been looking for it everywhere only to find out that we missed it in the supermarket. It's right there, katabi ng lahat ng tinapay na nakita namin yet we failed to see it. An attendant in French Baker even took us literally to the point of showing a slice of cake with a carrot candy on top. Carrot cake nga naman yun. Hahaha!

the hunt for carrot cake is over

We hurried home after getting the famous carrot cake 'cause we have our family's dinner with us. When we got home, ayun tapos na sila kumain. So much for hurrying.

Post Script

Thursday, October 17, 2013

food trippin' with ze best friend

Gaaah! How do you hate it when you want to sleep already but you can't?? You just cant'! Yeaah, I hate it too. However, I have my blog to keep me company. Take this a sign, put up yours now. ✌

I digress. Last month, few days after my third major sickness this year, my best friend called me up out of nowhere inviting me for dinner. I was a bit hesitant 'cause 1) I'M SICK 2) it's late already and 3) I don't have anything to wear. Superficial like that! Hahaha! But as obvious as it is, I went with her anyway. 

It took us a while to decide where to go. From the gate of our village, it's either we turn left going to Quezon City or we turn right going to Bulacan. I live in Caloocan, by the way. The part of the city that's sandwiched between QC and Bulacan - right smack in the middle.

So anyway, we chose the latter. Bulacan, that is. It honestly felt a little weird looking for a place to eat. It's not that I'm totally clueless about the place, I mean, it's the direction going to my dad's favorite church so.. But not to dine out. 

Then I found out that my best friend and her fiancé frequent a place there - a carinderia of sorts but a notch more sosyal. I wish I noticed the name of the place but sadly, no. And the food? Not bad at all! I even finished mine, hyperacidity and all. Partida! We had sisig, sinigang, rice of course and their SERVICE WATER. Sinong takot sa sakit ng tyan? Definitely not me!!

excuse my sick fugly face

On our way looking for another place to settle to, my best friend thought of visiting her fiancé. He works in a Jollibee branch somewhere in Bulacan, manager if I'm not mistaken. Minutes of kamustahan after, we're off to go. He handed us free sundaes. Instant dessert, why yes?

Everything was a blur after that. You know how it goes? You refuse to part ways yet but you can't think of  a place to go to.  Plus it was late already. Tragic!

By {her nickname} finally thought of going to the gimikan part of Robinsons, Novaliches. I am more than a a hundred percent sure that if only the malls are open, we wouldn't even think of setting foot in that place. But we didn't have a choice, clearly. 

Now, guess what we did there? Here: Park the car, leave the air con working and finally eat our sundaes inside. Yes, ganun kami gumimik. Hahaha! But frankly, if not for my hyperacidity, I wouldn't mind drinking a bottle or two just to keep the night going. Mind you, I've only tasted alcohol four times in this life time. At TASTED lang talaga. Hella good person right here! Mom? Mom? Are you reading this? Hahaha!

Jollibee mainstays :P

Since our Robinsons stint didn't really work out, we transferred yet again. We found ourselves capping off the night with macaroni soup at another Jollibee branch, the one that's near SM Fairview. It's where we stayed the longest. Too long that we only left at around 1AM {or was that 2?} Unimaginable kwentuhan.

And before I go back to forcing myself to sleep, let me just boast around that EVERY SINGLE THING was her treat! Made me realize all the more that I'm indeed blessed with friends. I am thankful beyond words. ❤

Monday, October 14, 2013

grampa and gramma's day ♥

Okay, here's another late post for you guys! I mean, with my blog title you must have guessed already. E kelan pa ba kasi ang grandparent's day? Dba nung September 8 pa? Hahaha!

Anyway, my gramma, mom, our youngest and I went to Sanctuario de Paz to visit our grampa - lolo Macho. ❤ It's been six years since he was taken from us but it still pains me that he can't be with us during special occasions like this. No offense to the souls of our other loved ones but it's him I miss the most. I can't even tell why exactly.

My lolo succumbed to bone tuberculosis. Few months before he left, we already know that he's in bad condition and that he can be taken away from us anytime soon. I even remember my sister buying him all sorts of stuff just to make him feel better. Saka dba, it's natural for the  family to spoil a member who's facing a difficult time - much more if the person has a fatal condition. That's where I feel I lacked. 

At that time, I was in my senior year. I was busy as hell so I rarely went home. I was leaving in a boarding house then, by the way. One night, I came home and everybody's not in the house except for my cousin. He asked me if already knew what happened to lolo. That instant I knew what happened.

I cried buckets that night especially everytime I look at him in his casket. I cried all the more during his interment because I felt that I could have done more for him when he was still living. After the funeral rites, my friends who went with us told me that they cried too when then saw me cry. Apparently, I wasn't the type to cry easily. Another friend even rejoiced when he saw me cry the first time but that's a different story.

This one is as cliché as it can be but.. SHOW THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Trust me on this. I learned my lesson the hard way so I'm doing a better job now towards lola taas. Funny how we call them, lolo Macho because he's been thin all his life and lola taas 'cause it's a slightly uphill road to their house, a short walk from ours. Forgive our logic. Hahaha!

Moving away from the sadness that this story is, below are the photos from our short cemetery stint. Yes, we don't look sad at all but I know for sure there's regret and heartache behind those smiles. Did I just start with the drama again? Haha! Sorry!

But really, we had fun taking photos beside lolo's pit. I'm sure he'd understand. Mom and Dana were the crazy people that they are then asking me to take photos of them while walking. Duuh! My gramma on the other hand was like.. "hay, sige na nga" or "wag na ako, matanda na ako". Hahaha! Generation gap right there!

three generations

we love yaah, gramma. :*

Before heading home, mom treated us to dinner. That's one in a blue moon, if I may add. Hahaha! Peace, mom! Dana and I wanted to stroll 'round the mall more but the oldies were tired already so..

Saturday, October 12, 2013

treat after treat

How many times have I said I'm blessed with friends? Countless, you might have answered. I never realized that fact until I got tired of work, eventually resign and be a couch potato for nine long months {and counting}. When I left Eastwood and moved back to my parents, my plan was to hibernate. Hibernate?? What? Am I an animal now? Hehe. Seriously though, I was supposed to not meet friends, not update my social media accounts {which by the way happens to be a lot}.. I dunno, probably make my presence unfelt in general. It's weird I know and it's difficult to explain, but what the photo below says kind of sum it up.

via Tumblr

There! I hope it made sense 'cause that's exactly how I felt - just tired of everything. So I took the big leap and left the life I've lived for years. Ha! I felt so brave then. :P Most things after that were as expected, EXCEPT FOR ONE THING {felt the emphasis?} - my friendships here and there.

Supposedly, the point of this post is just to share the treats I got from two sets of friends the last time I visited Eastwood. Yes, that explains my blog title. Turned out, I have lots to say. My brain is puking words, might as well make the most out of it.

Going back, you might have wondered how I came to the realization that I'm blessed with friends. Or you might not have. Either way, here are my reasons in bullet form. Brace yourselves!

  • Back in February, I went with my former officemates to Nuvali. I was honestly surprised that I went with them. Why? Because I've always been incapable of carrying over friends from one phase to the next. You get what I mean? I have exactly one remaining friend from highschool and about five {seven the most :P} from college. Hahaha! Binilang ko talaga. :P I'm just bad at communicating and my social skills suck. Trust me. {post here: prelude to summer}

  • The next month, I met up with one of my few college friends - Tin. Please don't tell anyone that I told you but.. yes, she's the popular Vleague photographer. Hahaha! She hates it when I do this. :P Anyway, I got a treat from her from Holy Cow. It's a once in a life time treat 'cause she's extremely kuripot. Peace, Shoms. :* We call each other that, by the way. {post here: THE tin pe benito ✌}

  • Early April, I was having dilemmas. One day, I was all alone somewhere when I felt that I can no longer contain all the grudges. I sms-ed the best friend for rescue and after few hours we were together in Kangaroo Jack eating four cheese pizza and uhmm.. can't remember what pasta we had. Hehe. On top of everything, it was her treat. Didn't I tell you I am a lucky creature? {post here: best friend duties}

  • I really didn't get any treat the month of May but it is the best month by far. And why not, I went all the way to Ilocos then with my Foursome friends. They are what's left of my friends from where I resigned. I told you I am bad at keeping in touch. From around 10 {first bullet}, they're down to four. Looking at the bright side, it seems I can keep these three.{not yet blogged cause I haven't gotten a copy of our photos. halleluia!}

  • From my birthday month onwards, I met quite a lot of friends. Early July, I celebrated my birthday with four of my college friends. I share the same birth month with one of them so even if it wasn't our treat, we made them see us. Friends, papasaan ba't makakabawi din ako kami. :P {post here: birthday double up}

  • Towards the end of the month, I met with three more college friends - different set from the first ones I met. I am no longer THAT close to them but it was good that after years and years of not seeing each other, we finally decided to catch up. I had to be a bum lang pala. Hahaha! {post here: wetpooh once again}

  • Early August, I got another treat from one of the college friends I met back on my birthday month - Jhov. It was her late birthday treat for me, movie plus dinner. We were never close back in college but we surprisingly clicked when we got older. Life's surprises.♥ {post here: percy jackson kinda night}

Wheew! That was a lot! And as if all those are not enough, let's move on to what originally this post is all about - two separate treats I got from different set of friends in just a day. Yaaay!

August 31. It has long been planned that Sheena, Dwin and I will meet for dinner, their treat of course. Everyone's spoiling me. :D But few days after the said date, Mark from my Foursome friends {Mark, Job, Monique and myself} said that he's going to treat us because of his promotion. He chose a weekday originally but I requested for a weekend instead. I didn't want to go all the way to Eastwood for a quick lunch. Hell no! He agreed to have it on the coming Saturday but another conflict came in the form of my commitment with another set of friends - Sheena and Dwin. If I remember it right, we thought of meeting for lunch on the same day instead but we didn't have final plans.

Morning of August 31. I was having the time of my life tinkering with my laptop when Monique called reminding me that we'll meet for lunch. I was like.. whuutt?? I didn't know we'd push through. Hahaha! Imagine the horror! But with Monique's convincing powers.. by 2 pm I was with them in Eastwood. Voila!

We ate at Friday's. Yet again, I know. I swear the lunch was crazy. Andaming kwento, all the more tawa. Plus I really missed them 'cause they are the closest people to me before I resigned. Believe it or not, when I get to work again I want to go back in Eastwood. The place is just too familiar plus they are there. You get the point? :)

Foursome ♥

After lunch, we went to Mark's crib to chill. Made me miss tambay days all the more. I bet you know how it goes, kanya kanyang pwesto.. texting, might be instragramming too, pasulpot sulpot na kwento and tawa. Most of all, silence isn't awkward.  Need I elaborate how important is that?

Come night time, the boys went swimming while Monique and I stayed by the pool side for more chismis. Hehehe. I had to leave though when Sheena texted me that she's in Eastwood already. We waited for Dwin and then headed to Jack's Loft for my second treat for the day.

With these people, I'd say we've outgrown the riot kwentuhan. Must be because we've known each other since we were just starting in the corporate world, we now talk about more serious matters - career, investments, problems.. hahaha! Although I kind of miss our happy-go-lucky days. Travel dito, travel doon. Gastos dito, gastos doon. 
Sheena and Dwin ♥

After dinner, we moved to 711. Why in the world did we ditch Jack's Loft in favor of 711? I honestly can't remember. It was a short stint though. We had to leave earlier than expected cause everyone seemed to be tired already. Must be a sign of aging, huh? Uh-ooh!

have you seen my Selecta ad yet? :P

After this one long day of treats, I got more the following days. Honestly, what did I do to deserve all these? Gaawwd, I'm blessed! #TYL

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ooohh babieesss

I'll be bombarding you guys again with baby photos so please bear with me. Apparently, the month of August {hehe, two months ago pa :P} was all about babies - baby visitors and our resident baby, Faye. I've already posted Faye's photos so it's time to share the photos of our baby visitors - Princess Danerose, Prince Kyle and Khean. Princess and Kyle are my niece and nephew respectively while Khean is my brother's friend's baby.

The first one to visit our house was Princess. The last time I posted her photos was when she was still a tiny baby. She's a lot bigger now so I'm no longer scared to carry her. Nakakagigil especially her arms and legs na may gitling gitling {that's how the lines are called daw}. She's a happy baby too. It sucks though that I was lazy to take photos then. Ay nako, mood swings. 

Anyway, one more thing about her was that she seemed to be fond of her ate Faye. Kilig when she was touching ate Faye's hair and face. Haaay, babies melt my heart.

The next baby to visit us was Prince Kyle. Nakoo, ang sungit na bata! He cries whenever we take him from her mom. Being the insisting person that I am, he's annoyed with me the most. Hahaha! He's even more entertained with our cat than me. Ouch! But her mom said he's not like that when he's at home. We'll see when I visit him. Baka galit pa rin sa akin. :P             

sorry for making you cry, baby. :(

Towards the end of the month, Khean and his parents stayed in our house for a night because they didn't have electricity. You know how babies cry like it's the end of the world when they're uncomfortable? 

It was the first time I saw him so imagine my excitement. Add to that the fact that I can take him away from his parents without any sign of being afraid whatsoever. I even brought him upstairs in my room while his parents are having breakfast.

And oh, he makes faces too like Faye. Gigil overload! And speaking of Faye, I took photos of them together. At first it was okay for Faye that I take photos of the two of them. Minutes later, she wanted me to take photos of her, SOLO. Hehehe. There's no taking away limelight from her! I can only imagine the riot when their new baby comes out.

On a related news, I can't wait to see my other nephew this month. We'll be visiting him in their far away farm come Dana's sem break. I.really.can't.wait. Gah!