Friday, May 31, 2013

round 2 ♥

Here are the photos and stories I failed to share last time because of my hunger. :P Haha! Two weeks after our first boxing sesh, we went back for yet another round. I actually shared over Facebook how fascinated I am that with my fleeting interest with things, I'm still willing to go back for more. Can you  tell I'm hooked already?

Of course, pre-boxing vanity is a must especially for the younger ones. Look at them in the second photo making faces and all sorts of pagpapa-cute. Haha! Teenagers nowadays.

pre-boxing vanity

kayamot na kaartehan :P

Moving on, it was sad that Jake {Dana & Anit's previous trainer} is no longer with Elorde. Dana had a new trainer in the form of Marvin while Anit and I shared with my trainer. We were teasing Dana at first because her new trainer looked strict and she was acting all nervous. It turned out that she had the best session because Marvin was indeed serious and they were able to do a lot. The three of us on the other hand {Anit, Ellen and I} had so much kulitan just like the first time we were there. Although it wasn't really that bad because our routines were also added with uppercut and sidestepping. We'll be boxing pros soon. Haha! Kidding!

Dana & Marvin

Speaking for myself, our first boxing session was a lot more tiring; perhaps because I didn't have anyone to share my trainer with. Hopefully next time, we won't have to share trainers anymore. After all, the voucher says 'one-on-one boxing session'.

took this group photo. meeh.

If pre-boxing vanity is a must, so is post-boxing vanity. I just had to show everyone my oversized Mickey sweatshirt. Hehe. I decided just yesterday to pile on them in preparation for the rainy days. Uh-oh, a new addiction waiting to happen. 

post-boxing vanity

By the way, thanks heaps to everyone who's taking time to visit my blog and read on my stories. Just thought I'd let you know my appreciation. Much love, people. ♥


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

boxing sesh

If there's one thing I want to be known for, it would be that I'm the girl who strives to live to the fullest. Cliche', gasgas na, but that's just so true. I grew up as one obsessive compulsive kid - dying for order & perfection, fighting for academic victories, never resting cases. People around me have always known I'd succeed, but only through intellectual aspects. I've always been inadequate socially and physically. But for this post, let us skip my social skills - or the lack thereof. I am almost hopeless with that so I'd rather not waste both of our precious time. What I'll be boasting about is how my physical skills improved over the years. Magyayabang ako, so please bear with me. :)

If I'm not mistaken, I am almost malnourished growing up. Haha! I was always the smallest kid in class and mind you, not a year was missed. Aside from being small, I was also thin. I've always been picky with what I eat to the point they had to force me to eat. Even my water had to be sweetened for me to drink. Such a pain in the ass. Hahaha! With all those, I used to be so frail. I hated Physical Fitness since my pre-school days. It was only in my highschool years that I learned to play piko, while it was in my college days that I learned to play patintero. Loser!! Back in my freshman year, I remember just sitting under the basketball ring while everyone was playing. Ganun ako ka-loser physically. 

Thank goodness I looked a lot better through the years. Ang kumontra, sasapakin ko. :P I'm still the smallest 20-something Software Engineer you'll ever meet but at least, I no longer look fragile. Although I have to admit my development started from the outside. It's only until 2010, my favorite year to date, that I started improving my physical skills. I first dreamed of trekking and running, and since then there's just no physical activity that I won't dare try. I learned how to swim, I've tried surfing and wakeboarding, I've done wall climbing and spelunking.. and just recently, sandboarding {haven't blogged about it yet} and boxing. You have no idea how I love first time experiences. ♥

Having said that, let me share my first boxing experience. It all began when my sister saw a boxing deal from Elorde through Groupon, P99 instead of P250 for a one-on-one boxing session. She got 10 vouchers although we had no idea when and with whom to use all those. Apparently, we're both more comfortable with a bigger group to go boxing. Incidentally, a relative of our cousin's wife stayed in their house for vacay. We grabbed the chance for our boxing debut.

With Elena ♥

The nearest Elorde Boxing Gym to where we live is at Lagro, QC. It's only minimum fare-away from our home so we decided to head there wearing our boxing outfits already. No fuss, no hassle.

first things first

It's funny how we were so nervous at first only to find out that their trainers are really nice and that boxing is so much fun. As soon as we're done with the voucher thingamajigs and signing of waivers, we were assigned with our respective trainers. Elena got Robert, I got Rolcen while Anit and Dana were both under Jake. I guess they only had three trainers at that time.

The boxing sesh started with jogging. They said we had to run around the ring for 50 times but we didn't take it seriously. We stopped as soon as we got tired. Puro kame pagpapasaway at first. Stretching came next. Luckily, I know the routines already since I visited Accenture's gym twice or thrice before. I'm a little slow learner when it comes to stuff needing body coordination. Hehe. :P Then we had to jump rope. I was the only one who had to take it seriously since my trainer was strict. Talk about being malas sometimes.

The fun part started with the mitts. I honestly do not know why they call it as such when mitts mean gloves or something. I guess that's just the norm. Anyway, for our first session they taught us the basics - jab, straight and hook. The actual suntukan part was so fun, take it from me. 

We got to rest for a while when it was time for their sparring. After that, more mitts followed and then we capped off the session with ab exercises and more stretching. It was the kind of stretching wherein your trainer will literally stretch your body parts. Hahaha! We all screamed in pain.

our fun group plus a muay thai trainer

Lastly, I just thought I'd share these trainer & trainee photos. They were like friends in an instant because they were so nice, not to mention super funny too.

Robert  & Elena

Jake & Anit

Jake & Dana

lastly, ang mga bida - Roncel and Apple

I was supposed to add more photos and some more stories from our second boxing sesh but my tummy is growling already. I realized I haven't eaten lunch yet. Some things never change.. I still do not have the discipline for eating. But at least I no longer look malnourished. Ha!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

mt.pinatubo: itinerary, expenses and a link loving ♥

Here's our Mt. Pinatubo Itinerary and Expenses as promised. Please note that aside from the 888-peso deal we got from Nature Trip Travel and Tours through Metrodeal, we also availed of their van rentals for 700/pax, minimum of 10 people.  We had to deposit half of the total amount (P3500) for reservation.

itinerary from Nature Trip

Lastly, click on the link below for my Pinatubo disaster stories. :P

Nature Trip Travel Tours
0922-890-6380/ 0917-883-6363
0928-505-0764/ 455-4248

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

mt. pinatubo: a worthy disaster

Hiyaaa! Just got back from Ilocos. I have tons of photos to upload and stories to tell but let me continue first where I left off.. with our Pinatubo Trip!

I made it a goal last year to trek Mt. Pinatubo and see its majestic crater; but as you all know my 2012 was crazier than crazy {not saying it's completely bad, ha :P}. I decided not to give up on last year's dreams so I PUSHED for this trip. Emphasis on push 'cause I really got stressed, annoyed and pissed before, during and after the trip! Hahaha! I am not exaggerating, it was that bad!

It all started when I saw Metrodeal's Pinatubo Day Tour for P888 inclusive of  breakfast, 4x4 ride and tour coordinator. I immediately created a group conversation with my college friends {plus two former officemates} on Facebook. Only 8 confirmed but we had to buy 10 because it's in the fine print that every weekdays and Sundays, group of  5 persons is required per booking. Our target date was a Sunday. I shouldered the expenses first with one's promise that he'll help me fill the remaining slots. So far so good.

Then the expected happened. Yep yep, I said expected 'cause all the while I had a premonition that one of them will back out. See, I know my friends that well. On the brighter side, Jun  was able to tag along 3 people {a former classmate who is closer to him, a friend and a friend of the friend :P} so at that point, we're back to 10 in the group. Okay na naman ang lola nyo.

We were all set for March 10 only to find out that there was a landslide along Pinatubo's trail and all tour schedules until the 15th were cancelled. Nakakapikon. I had to communicate with everyone again just to find out our next common free day. We all agreed for April 7. It was a long wait made even worse by the fact that I haven't gotten back my money.

Few days prior to our new trip schedule, the friend who happened to promise he'll help me with things backed out. Of all people, dba? Imagine the horror! I find his reason lame so we had a little argument. Jun saved the day again by tagging along a friend of his friend's friend. True story. 

April 7 then came but Sheena was nowhere to be found. Our call time was 3 am and meeting place was McDo, Quezon Ave. We had to leave the place without her because we can't reach her - I am guessing her phone was in airplane mode at that time. :P We only got a text message at around 11 am telling us that she fell asleep. Oh joy!

Btw, our van service was from Nature Trip and Travel Tours also, the owner of the deal that we got from Metrodeal. It's priced for P700 each. They also offered lunch for P100 but we declined. You can reach them at these numbers: 
0922-890-6380/ 0917-883-6363/ 0928-505-0764/ 455-4248 or through

I can't remember the exact time we arrived at but most likely around 6 am as expected in our itinerary. We were served hotdogs, egg and rice for breakfast. And take note, hilaw yung kanin. It's as if the bad vibes given by  some irresponsible people around weren't enough. Haaay.

After breakfast, we signed waivers and paid the miscellaneous fees - P300 conservation fee, P100 DOT tour guide and P150 entrance fee for a total of P550 each. We still had to pay for 10 pax even though we were only 9 in the group 'cause that's what we committed prior to the trip.

early morning shots

tourism office, restroom and cafeteria at Sta. Juliana

The fun part started with the 4x4 ride. We were divided into two groups 'cause the 4x4 can only accommodate up to 5 people. I was with my sister, Jhov and kuya in one 4x4 while Dwin, Jun and his friends shared another 4x4. Our group was so energetic we kept on singing and fooling around with whatever catches our attention. We also played race with the other 4x4's. Good thing our driver and guide were both game. Ang saya lang!

We stopped by a vast open area for photo ops. We also saw Aetas selling bananas, chips and biscuits. We bought some bananas for the sole reason of helping.

the aetas ♥

our group's photo op with the big rock

Our next stop was where our 4x4 left us to start trekking. I missed trekking so bad that when our driver gave us options where to drop us off, I chose the longer walk. I cannot even wait to leave our ride!

all nine of us

and then the trekking began..

last three photos are Biege's photography

After ten minutes or so, we reached Crow Valley. It is the default drop-off point of the 4x4's {unless like me, you want to walk longer}. It was our opportunity to use the restroom and squeeze in some rest.

chillin' for a while

Few steps from where we rested is this famous signage. A Pinatubo trip is never without a photo of this. I should know, I've seen many blogs. Although what's written on it should not be believed in. It took us around 30 minutes to reach the crater. I honestly do not get the purpose.

the famous signage

Unlike the 4x4's trail which is a vast field of lahar, the trail after Crow Valley is more of a lush terrain. It has a lot of trees which provided us shade and made the trek more bearable. It has a lot of streams too but they had rocks where we stepped on. I made it a point not to get my sandals wet. I succeed. :P

lush terrain this time

Finally, we reached the crater. I was in awe with its beautiful turquoise hue. I must say it's worth all the stress I put myself into. Although I expected that I'll be marveling at something beautiful, it's entirely different when you finally see it up-close.

photos grabbed from Jhov

Few minutes after we reached the crater, we prepared for lunch. I didn't expect that there are some sort of cottages at the peak. Our guide helped us find a spot because there were a lot of guests at that time. Hello, it's summer!! By the way, we took out our lunch from the same cafeteria where we ate our breakfast. It's no longer part of the package and we had to pay for P100 for a grilled pork and rice meal. It's not good either but not as bad as our breakfast.

our spot for lunch

Here's another unfortunate truth: Instead of the usual 1:30 PM trek down, we had to start trekking down by 12:00 PM. We were told that there was a Balikatan Exercise being held and that the road back will be closed by 1:30 PM. I honestly read about the Balikatan prior to our trip but I didn't receive any formal email from Nature Trip about it. My bad that I didn't confirm further. 

We have no other choice but to make the most out of our remaining 5 minutes or so. Picture galore!!

had to crop you kuya, sorry :P

jumpshot anytime, anywhere

thank you still, Pinatubo

On our 4x4 ride back, they were teasing me.. something like kung anong ikina-ingay papunta, sya namang tulog pagbalik. Hihi! I was asleep almost from Crow Valley to some sort of a checkpoint where all 4x4 had to stop and wait for a go-signal before proceeding. It took a while before we left but we didn't go down anymore because we were tired already. 

On our way to Manila, we capped off the day by a dinner at Chowking. We were dropped off at Quezon Ave. again where everyone parted. 

Horrible things may have happened but I have no regrets. For one, I learned my lesson.. and that is not to trust people easily. Second, despite everything, it's still a goal ticked off from my bucket list. What's not to love about that?

I'll post our itinerary and expenses next so stay tuned! Much, love. ♥

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

more kids, more fun ♥

Just a photo diary from my niece's birthday celebration. Ash celebrated her special day at Patio Isabel with our family and her closest friends. I had so much fun because as I've said, I love having kids around. ♥

But before anything else.. here's my OOTD! If you haven't noticed yet, I am abusing my bagay to anything strappies. I just love how they match almost any outfit perfectly. I'll be in Ilocos next week and I am seriously fighting the urge to bring them with me. 

Moving on, here are photos of the kids at heart. Look at them goofing around with the fish they're supposed to be grilling. Take note, it's their idea, not mine!

And oh, did you notice baby Carin's different way of finger sucking? It's her rock on finger sucking! Haha!

Meanwhile, here's Faye in her favorite outfit lately - swimsuits. At home, she wears one anytime of the day. She'll even cry for it when her mom won't allow her to. Just too adorbs. ♥

And then here are Dana and Potch, my sister and nephew respectively. I can clearly remember how they used to be little kiddos actively joining activities like cake designing at Goldilocks.. or participating McDo's kiddie crew workshop.. or joining SM's trick or treat every November. How time flies, really. Now we have a new set of little kids - which reminds me I'm getting old. Ugghh.

Some more kids and kid at heart - my brother, another nephew Alex and his playmate. I know what you're thinking.. they can pass as siblings. Hahaha! I thought of that instantly when I saw them at the pool gutter so I insisted to take photos of them together. Ang sarap pagkukurutin ng pisngi! :P

Now here are Alex and Cait, bff slash cousins. It's so cute how they're always together despite the age difference. And mind you, both of them are so nice. Cait is such a sweet girl while Alex is such a gentle giant.

Lastly, here's the birthday girl with her friends. I enjoyed taking stolen photos of them, reminds me of the good old days when I was young and free. Hahaha! Although it's annoying how tall they are at such a young age. I am guessing one of them is almost 5'5''.. or just 5'3"? Shuuss, enough of my bitterness.

Thanks again to Ate Shell and Ash for spending that special day with us. ♥


Thursday, May 2, 2013

best friend duties

Tossing photos of an unplanned day out with the best friend. I was having a tough day then for bajillion reasons and the easiest escape I thought of was sms-ing the best friend for rescue. Thankfully she isn't called as such for nothing. Few hours later, I was venting non-stop to her. I kept on blabbing as she drove to our destination - of course with occasional reactions and sympathies here and there. I gave her five stars that day for multi-tasking. :P

best friend to the rescue ♥

everything is more fun with a little camwhoring

And what other way to cheer someone up? Libre, syempre!! Haha! She wasn't just my sponge that day for listening to my endless qualms but she was also my pasta and pizza dinner sponsor. She treated me to dinner at Kangaroo Jack. It was my first time there and I kinda loved their four cheese pizza. Like I'm craving for it right at this very moment? Hahaha! Kainis!

selfie selfie selfieee 'cause i'm vain like that

I went home that day feeling a lot better. Although at that point, nothing has changed yet, it's really of big help when you get to release things that are softly killing you inside. Agree? And if you read this and you happen to have a good heart and is somehow concerned, don't worry, I'll be alright. I've had enough of rest hence I made this month my "time to move"  month. Gusto mo yuuunn? In a matter of months, I'll have a new job, I have started my dream business and perhaps I am a lot happier. I am claiming it!