Sunday, July 29, 2012

simple joys ♥

Have I said that the very reason I feel blessed is having an a-awesome family? A million times already I bet. So here I am again feeling grateful for simple things shared with my loved-ones on our {mine and the second sister's} special day.

With simple things, I mean visiting our favorite church and eating pigging-out. But before that, me and my youngest sister had a long preparation because we wanted to sport aztec nails. We were successful. I assume. :D

not bad for first timers, eh?

We also had "guests" that special day. My cousin Kuya Ge and our granny were with us. Our extended family just got extended even more. The more the manier.. I mean merrier. :P

Cesar Montano turned Mr. v

So just like the old times in Grotto, we paid respect to the big guy up there first, then roamed around the place. We went to the Stations of the Cross and Rosary Hill but only up to a little past the entrance. Haha! Alam nyo na, hindi nakapag-flanax ang mga lolo at lola nyo. :)

granny goose with the girls

our baby - having the time of her life

random shots of the church

Just in time for dinner, we headed to SM Fairview.  We ate like there's tomorrow in Racks and the big winner was Kuya Ga. Big winner meaning the last man eating. Hahaha! Still, he wasn't able to finish everything. We took out our leftovers for the "dog". Pero chos lang, we ate them the next morning. Haha!

my piggies about to pig out

baby baaaack

My cousins also bought cake and ice cream to make our tummies even happier. We went home so full making fun of our empachos.
thanks kuya Ga and kuya Ge

Till our next birthday celebration! Meanwhile, allow me to edit more pictures for my next blog post. Let's all combat backlogs. xD


Saturday, July 21, 2012

thank God it's friday

Yep, definitely not today. I meant when I celebrated my birthday with my teammates. So that was a Friday and we ate at Friday's. We're rich like that yah know. Haha! #conyoproblems

Below is my outfit for the day. I'm tryin' to go boho lately so please bear with me. It still looks a little trying hard but I'm gettin' there. One day I'll turn completely bohemian. Yung tipong mukhang manghuhula na. "Hindi hawak ng bituin ang ating kapalaran, gabay lamang itoMeron tayong free willgamitin natin 'to." Hahaha! 

ootd :')

Good thing I'm not the only July celebrator. I had Kerol to share the burden with :P. Ms. Ana also brought us cake while we gave her a card since she's a July celebrator too. Ain't we sweet?

those who turned a year older wiser :P

Can't exactly remember what we had but it was a feast. Good for me since I've been trying to gain wait. Only that it's bad for my pocket. Meh, could have been for shopping. Haha! I love you guys though. :*

Friday feast

Update 11.06.2013
And thank you everyone for our fun birthday song. ♥

Let's move on to our obligatory group photo which by the way became a trend on our Facebook accounts. We were making fun of how our dark-skinned {is there even a nicer way to say that?} teammates almost didn't show up on the photo below. It was a 4 versus 6, lamang ang pwersa ng kadiliman. Tell me you know where I belong. Hahaha! :))

you can see me right? xP

I also got another cake from the project that day. Sweets overload, literally and figuratively. ♥ :)

thanks for all the luuurve ♥

More birthday stories soon. For the meantime, I'll prepare to go for a swim. #lifeineastwood :')


Monday, July 16, 2012

summer never ends

Oweeem. Backloooogs. So many things to write about. I've been really busy lately - o yeah, the usual excuse of bloggers who went on hiatus. Haha! For one, I just moved to my Eastwood Condooow. I am renting though, it's not mine. :P More on that when I find time. Next, I've been busy with work. It's getting the life of me, really. I just moved up with my role. So far, so good. You know me, kina-career ko lahat! Choz! Sooo.. I'm done with my excuses. Let's move on to my 'summer never ends' story. Shall we? :)

Last June {oo June pa toh! So?}, I went to Pamarta Bali in Bataan along with my forever travel buddies, Dwin and Sheena. We were supposed to meet in Genesis Terminal in Taft at 6am but Sheena and I woke up late. Not really sure if Dwin made it that early but we're pretty sure he waited long because we arrived there at 10am. 4 hours difference with the scheduled meet up time. Now who wants to be friends with me? Hahaha! 

We took the bus going to Balanga, Bataan. It left the terminal at around 11am  and we reached Balanga at around 3pm. It was butt-numbing but nothing compares to our 13-hr travel to Sagada. So keri lang ang inip at antok this time. By the way fare is around 200php. 210 ata? Hehe. Here goes my short term memory again. From Balanga, we took a mini bus going to Morong. Fare is 70php. And can I just emphasize how uncomfortable the ride was? I was seated in the left side, the one which according to them is good for three persons. Lokohan ata yun. I can't count how many times I almost fell since I was seating beside the aisle. When we arrived in Morong, I found out Sheena has the same story. Oh yeah, we were not seated next to each other. Kanya-kanyang hirap in that mini bus for around 1 and a half hours.

From where the mini-bus dropped us off, we still had to ride a tricycle to Pamarta Bali. But since we were already hungry and tired {and pissed off too?} we took our snack {or early dinner, whateves} in Lhine's Burger and Snack Haus. We also bought our supplies from the market.  

finally, in Morong :)

Then finally we took the tryc going to Pamarta Bali. It was worth 50php for the three of us. They only had few guests that night, probably because of the bad weather. We had the place all for ourselves most of the time. What's sulit mama? Hehe. :)

let the endless photo-ops begin

And indeed, it started with an endless photo-ops. I had my dear pana-pana while Dwin had his SLR too. We may had good cameras but we lack in photography skills. Aminin mo Dwin, ikaw rin. :D

our so called photography skillzz :P

I just love this stolen shot :')

When it's about to turn dark, Dwin left us to begin cooking our dinner. Sheena and I were lucky like that. As we continue to enjoy our infinity pool dream, hayun si Dwin nagluluto. :P

Sheena and Apple, unstoppable

Dwin just called us for dinner. He prepared steak daw pero mukhang adobo lang naman. Idk, I know nothing 'bout cooking. Haha! The dinner was good enough but what's better is that we got to catch-up with each other - work, love life and everything else under the sun. I came to realize {only now though} that we're lucky enough to have built such friendship considering I only got to be with them for a month in our office bench. The magic of friendship and Lord's blessing. Nagreflect na ang birthday girl, aysus. :)

dinner time, thanks Dwin :)

The next morning, Sheena and I continued with our endless photo-ops. Endless nga kasi. :) And guess what Dwin was doing while we were enjoying? Cooking our breakfast! Haha! Now, who wants Dwin for a friend? 

more infinity pool shots

my fave, taken by the great photog Sheena :P

Then it was time for brekky. Hotdog, egg and sinangag. We felt really at home. If we can only stay longer. 


After breakfast, we rushed to OUR pool again for more swim. Kasi nga dba, marunong na kong lumangoy? Choz! :P

 by OUR pool :P

Then Sheena and I headed to the beach for more photo-ops. It was drizzling then and Dwin didn't want to bring out his DSLR. Sariling sikap kame ni Sheena using my cam. You know us, mailipit lang ang gusto. :P We also had cray-cray moments in the shore while jumping over the waves. We were laughing and screaming like cuhhhrazy.

not so impressive shore

By 12 noon we had to check out from the resort. We decided to drop by the Pawikan Conservation Center. We paid 20php for the entrance fee. Too bad they don't have eggs and baby turtles. I want to see baby turtle so baaaadd. :( We only got to see Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Green Turtle. Ohmigad, this is so educational. Haha!


We took the same way going back to Manila. It was a more comfortable ride going home. We were back at around 7pm. Happier Kids with a shorter list of goals. :D :D

Goal #19. Luxurious infinity pool experience. CHECK!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

better late than never

Better post this entry late than not posting it at all.
Better learn how to swim late than not learning at all. 
Thank you. I heard you say right. :)

So here I am trying to remember how to blog because I have so many delayed stories already. I actually lost the excitement of sharing this because my whole world already knows but for the love of my 2012 goals posted on my sidebar I am forcing myself.  Yes I am that weird. I do things I don't enjoy when I know I have to. But that would be another story. :D

Going back, we had a two-week swimming lessons back in summer in Grotto Vista. Oh yes Oh yes! Swimming lesssooonss! Just please imagine me telling this to you with so much excitement. Haha! We paid two thousand bucks for ten sessions. Definitely not bad in exchange of freestyle, floating and crawling techniques. Just please don't ask me about treading. Deal?

first day funk

And what else do you expect from three girls who dress up and get out of the house almost everyday? Endless pictorial, of course! We were excited when we first got our hair caps so we did a mini photo shoot in my room not minding at all that we look like cancer patients rather than swimmers.

cray cray moments

And mind you, the pictorials did not end at the doorstep of our home. We just had to extend it to Grotto Vista. That is if were not rushing to show up to our coach. We were buzzer beaters most of the time and terribly late for once. Filipino time is Filipino time. Walang basagan ng trip! :P

profile pic worthy shots
I'm in love with this set ♥

another short photo shoot

For our supposedly last day, we tagged along our mother to take photos of us in action. We also brought pizza and drinks for our instructors. Too bad heavy rain poured that day so our last session was cancelled. After that I had one more session while my sisters got two more. We were spoiled students, I know.

bubbles and kick
that's all our mother was able to capture

pizza parteeey

With that, please allow me to tick off my goal since forever, Goal #2 Learn how to swim. CHECK! Isang malaking check ng pink na ballpen talaga. Hahaha! :))