Tuesday, June 6, 2017

goodnight, a taste of apple

*written August last year

I saw thing coming -- the day I'd say goodbye to A Taste of Apple. And let me tell you, making the decision wasn't easy. This has been my home since late 2010 and I love this little island in cyberspace. Six years ain't no joke, man! But I haven't been a good blogger since forever the second half of 2014. I had sporadic updates until October but after that I was completely gone. It's only until March of 2015 that I finally decided to resurrect the blog. I realized that life was picking up and I didn't want the blog to miss up on the wonderful memories. So I played catch-up. Check out the CATCHING UP SERIES here. I made detailed posts for the second half of 2014 and the entire 2015.

Aside from the fact that I've been neglecting the blog, another reason for this goodbye would be the fact that life lately is all about new beginnings. I know I've said this numerous times already but I'll mention it again for the last time here. I had to stop working for exactly 3 years and 3 months {because I was sick and not because I only want to -- you got that?}. That's from February 2013 to April 2016. Imagine that! But God remains to be good. Come May 2016, I finally got myself a new job. I can't say I completely got my good health back but at least I'm well enough to go to work again 5 times a week.

Another milestone would be me turning 30 last July. Yuck dba? Hahaha! As much as I hate the idea, we all don't have a choice when it comes to aging. So I'm embracing it with open arms. I am considering August 2016 as a new beginning. Fresh start, bagong simula! I'll write more about this milestone soon. Hindi pwedeng hindi because I feel like I have gained so much wisdom from the 3-year break that I took. Ang daming life lessons, ang daming realizations. So I really have to write about it. I honestly can't wait to do just that, if only I have enough time in my hands.

So with all that's been happening, I thought to myself, heyyy, my blog needs to be revamped. I was thinking of changing the layout, probably come up with more precise categories and make it feel edgy {because fashion-wise I bid farewell to my girly self already}. But the thing is, I love A Taste of Apple so much that I can't get myself to touch it. It was a war in my head. I wanted a fresh start yet I can't let go of what I have now. So I made a decision -- I'm preserving A Taste of Apple. I'm preserving the template, the layout, the pages, everything! Including the goals that I never got to do. Dito lang sila. Even if it's embarrassing that I never got to do a lot of things that I wanted to do, okay lang. I still plan to accomplish them in time pag naayos ko na ng tuluyan yung buhay ko but for the meantime, dito lang sila. Utang ko muna sa sarili ko. Hehehe.

Another decision that I made? Adopt a new island in cyberspace. That's how it goes right? Goodbyes come hand in hand with new beginnings. I decided to preserve and say goodbye to A Taste of Apple but I'll give life to borbonita.com soon. See? I even bought a domain this time. And I vow to be a better blogger. I also vow to keep loving life and staying inspired so I won't have to go through another hiatus. I generally feel good about everything right now and I'm so grateful.

So pano? Til Borbonita.com is up! :)


Sunday, July 10, 2016

catching up series: faye's school activities

Guess where I'm at? Sirit? Sabihan ko na? Hehehe! In the office! Yep, yep! In the office! I'm back to work, folks! After three friggin' years, I'm back to work. I'll be spilling more details next time but for now just let me work on the next item on the back burner -- a compilation of my niece's school activities. This is actually the last item on my catching up series. After this, it's officially goodbye 2015 on this blog. Funny that it's already halfway through 2016 but whatever! I'll find a way to put everything in this blog by hook or by crook.

Since I've been a bum for so long, I was able to witness Faye's school activities from her first year in grade school. I was there every single time! Snapping photos, taking videos, clapping, cheering for my niece. You already know that I'm a stage aunt, right?

First, Nutrition Month! The Grade One students presented a play and she bagged the lead role of a girl who prefers gummy bears over fruits and veggies. Of course there's a moral lesson from the story and the girl later on realized that it's important to have a healthy diet. And they sang.. Makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulayyyy! Hahaha! Too bad their school doesn't have a very good sound system and you can barely hear what they're saying.

Next, Linggo ng Wika! They sang Ako ay Pilipino, costumes and all. And this rarely happens BUTTT I lost the photos that I took from that day. It's so weird that I only got to save the video below. Oh well. At least I got to savage something.

And then, Christmas Concert! Once again, she was the lead singer. While everyone was wearing yellow, there she was, in an all red standout outfit. I mean, how can you not be proud? She's just six for crying out loud and yet, she has done this and that. I can definitely tell we have a future over-achiever in her. No pressure though, kid! :P

She also joined their school's pageant, Mr. and Ms. OLOMS. I know, right? Lahat na talaga! They had a pre-pageant where they showcased their talent and then of course, the question and answer. She sang Let It Go while donned in an Elsa gown. It was a very good performance, I'd dare say, 'cause she won Best in Talent. O dba? Sadly for the question and answer, she was asked a difficult question in deep tagalog so she wasn't able to answer very well. We asked her afterwards and indeed,  she wasn't able to comprehend the question. Weird that I got hurt for my niece. Yung tipong kung may magagawa ka lang to save her from the difficult situation. But life's like that, you can't always win.

The pageant was a money contest so we had to sell tickets. In the end, she was the fourth place. Not so bad because we really didn't exert much effort in selling tickets. What's important for us was that she got to experience joining the pageant. And what an experience it was! She sang again as she was the best in talent. She delivered a good rendition of Reflection this time. On top of everything, there was cotillion too! Eh ako nga, I never got to dance in a cotillion everr! Indeed so many experiences at a very young age.

And then, she also showcased her singing prowess in another school. It was actually a talent contest but only three contestants showed up. Two groups danced and then she was the only one who sang. Hehe. They ended up picking one of the dance group but my niece still went home with cold cash worth P500 -- her very first hard-earned moolah. Hahaha!

Lastly, her Moving Up day! And I tell you, hindi lang sya singer! She's an academic achiever too! She was the second honor in their section, and fifth overall. She was also the Best in English, Best in MAPEH, Most Attentive, Most Helpful, Most Obedient and of course, Most Talented! I really hope she gets to keep her interest in everything that she does right now. It's early to tell because uhmm.. she's just Grade 1 but it'll be really cool if she remains that way til her high school years. Frustration ko kasi yung maging cool kid growing up. Hehehe.

And I just realized that I won't be able to do the same in her Second Grade because I have work already. Boo! I'll demand to the parents that they take my role so that at least I can watch in videos. I'd really love to witness them grow up. And more than just witnessing, I'd love to participate in making them better human beings. Hayy. I love my nieces so much it's crazy.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

catching up series: 2015 baby photo dump

Here's the thing: 2015 was the year that my cousin's family moved out of our compound. In other words, it was the year that Faye and I separated homes. If you've been following this blog, you'd know just how close I am to my niece. Since I resigned, she's been my constant companion. I even once said that she's my only social life because there was a time that I refused to go out with friends. There was a point that I was feeling all depressed and I can confidently say that my niece was the one who saved my sanity. There are times before that I refused to go out of my room, or worse get out of my bed, and she's the only one who would knock and can make me open the door. It was that bad at some point.

I don't mean to ruin this post with drama but since we'll be talking about my nieces here, I thought I would emphasize just how precious they are to me. Late 2013, Avie came -- Faye's sister. And in 2014, we had Mithy -- my brother's daughter. But as I said, Faye and Avie moved out last year. It could have been devastating if we do not have Mithy. You get my point? Mithy filled the void. Yes, she was unexpected {'cause her parents are unwed} but she came with a purpose. She's indeed a blessing to our family. And although two families had to go through trouble because of her, I would dare say that now, both families wouldn't have it any other way. We'd choose having her over and over again.

Now enough of sappy things. Pagpasenyahan nyo na ang overly sentimental na tiyahin. Hahaha! It's just that my heart is full of love lately and I have to express it. After all, blog ko naman 'to. Haha! Kidding. So anyway, most photos below are of Mithy's because as I've said, Faye and Avie no longer live with us. But just to point out, we visit them every week. Sometimes, even twice a week. You see, I'm making the most out of my remaining bum days. I'm positive I'll be going back to work soon. Very soon, hopefully.

Andami kong pasakalye, ano baaa, hahaha! ANYWAYYY, I decided to make collages of Mithy with ate Faye and ate Avie's special participations. Of course for the first few months, her routine was to eat, sleep, cry, pee and poop. Hehe! But Mithy's a chill baby. She loved to sleep in my kili-kili when she was so little. I would sing Home on the range and I'll make her hele and that's it! I actually learned how to carry a baby because of her. I waited five months to carry Faye and Avie but with Mithy, I carried her as young as one month. Minsan nga naiisip ko pwede na ko mag-asawa. Charot! Walang jowa! Hahaha!

We tried to always have something for her monthly but I kind of regret not making her every month extra special. I mean, she always had cake or ice cream or both but I have this weird feeling that we could have done more. Like when I made her balloons on her 3rd month birthday or when I made her a banner on her sixth month. Ganun sana ka-special monthly. I can only imagine if I have work and moolah! Nakoo!

Mithy's first official days out include ate Avie's birthday {few weeks old!}, Papito's birthday {at 3 months} and ate Xana's birthday at the farm {at 4 months}. And since she turned 5 months, we would frequently bring her to the mall for photo ops. I just love dressing her up especially now that she's older. I'm actually claiming that I'm her stylist and photographer while her mama is her personal assistant aka julalay. Hehehe! Just messing up with her mama. 

Anyway, the first time that the three really got together since Faye and Avie moved out was during my birthday last year. We were so entertained while watching Avie and Mithy interact. They would hold each other's faces and laugh and smile at each other. We were laughing hilariously while watching them.

The last three months were my favorite from last year. For Halloween, we dressed her up as Wonder Woman, although was mistaken as Darna a couple of times. Hehe! She got to attend two trick or treats. First, at her dada's office then second, with ate Faye and ate Avie at SM Fairview. Her ates were dressed as fairies donning beautiful gowns.

November was pretty busy with ate Faye's birthday and of course, Mithy's baptism and birthday too! Wrote about them HERE and HERE. And finally for December was ate Avie's birthday and then the holiday season. Check them out HERE, HERE and HERE. I feel such a responsible blogger for completing everything. Yayyy! Come on guys, I'd love a pat on the back. Hehehe!

Wheww! That was a lot of baby photos. I honestly can't wait to share what I've collected so far from 2016. I just love, loveee, taking snaps of the little ones. What can I do, I'm a smitten aunt.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

catching up series: new year + first sunday

We're done with Christmas and now it's New Year on the blog. If we spent Christmas in my cousin's house, for New Year, they were the ones to visit us. See? There's just no way we'd spend special occasions separately. 

As usual, we had a longer NYE than Christmas Eve. Kuya Ga just wouldn't give up his traditional fireworks display. Even if life is a little more difficult now, at ang mahal ng fireworks, he really sees to it that we have a little something for New Year. One funny thing while we were watching the fireworks this year, we suddenly can't find my niece, Faye. I kept on looking for her while taking the video. Turned out, tumawid sa kapitbahay. Haha! She's not allowed to do that just yet so we panicked. But it's adorable how she wants to make friends with our neighbors. At such a young age, we can tell that she's into socializing. Napaka-friendly nya! I even saw one of her drawings featuring two young girls with the caption, "Be a friendly girl". I know, right? She's only six!

Oops, wait! What are we talking about again? Hahaha! I got a little carried away sharing how nice and sociable my niece is. Stage aunt forever. Hahaha! Anyway, let's go back. After watching the fireworks, it was time for Media Noche. Everything was traditional, actually. Including our food. I am actually looking forward to the next holiday season because we are planning to spend it differently -- probably stay in a hotel or go out of town. Maiba naman! We've been spending the holiday season traditionally since forever. Check these out: Christmas 2011 - New Year 2012, Christmas 2012 - New Year 2013, Christmas 2013 - New Year 2014, Christmas 2014 - New Year 2015, and finally, Christmas 2015. Woww! So nice to be able to look back to all those years through this blog. I really should say that although blogging is tedious, it's so rewarding whenever you browse through your own blog and look back. Nakakatuwa lang talaga. As my line goes, I have a penchant for documenting life. :)

What's nice about this New Year is that we got to take photos. Unlike during Christmas na nagkainisan kami ng nanay ko. Hahaha! And now Mithy's bigger. She was just a tiny baby with no reactions whatsoever last New Year and now, she gets to devour lumpia all by herself. Hehehe! Plus I have to say that it's so entertaining to watch Avie and Mithy interact. Avie is two while Mithy is one so they're really playmates. Checkout the photo below where Mithy tried to take Avie's pacifier so Avie bit the pier hard. Gigil na gigil sya sa pagkagat just so wag maagaw. Hahaha!

waiting for midnight

ate Faye's new found friend

Mithy versus lumpia hahaha!

pito and the kiddos ❤️

ate Faye was the first to doze off

the photo I've been telling about
this is just so cute in my eyesss ❤️

MIA: the fatsoo sister

Sucks though that this is the first New Year that we're not complete 'cause the fat sister decided not to show up. She was MIA too when we attended the year's first Sunday mass. Even Dana wasn't able to make it 'cause she had to go back to her dorm for school responsibilities. School sucks! Hehehe! Kidding, of course not. 

So we visited Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto to say our thanks for blessing us with another year to spend with each other as a family. We're extra grateful for having Mithy with us now. Iba talaga when you have a baby in your family. I'm sure you will all agree. They bring so much positivity and joy without them even knowing. Hayy.  As usual, we had to cap off the day with taking photos. Mithy was just learning to stand on her own then so I was extra giddy to take photos of her by herself. We were lucky to chance upon my mom's students too so we had a bonus family photo. Hehehe! Even that is a blessing by itself. God's simple surprises. ❤️

lookie, she's on her own!

cover photo worthy ❤️

always extra excited with their first apo ❤️

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