Sunday, November 25, 2012

day1: i left my heart in calaguas

I left my heart in Calaguas. ♥ Not literally though because if so, I would have died. Haha! Here goes my pathetic humor again. Moving on, I went there last month with my forever travel buddies - Sheena and Dwin, my classmate back in college - Jun, and my projectmates - Monica and Ruel. Stop wondering why everyone is related to me. I arranged this trip, that's why. But as Sheena said, I didn't have a hard time planning for this since all I had to do is to contact Melvic of Calaguas Hullabaloo Island Tours. 

Initially, we planned to avail the 3 days, 2 nights package for P3700 each. It was just unfortunate that there's typhoon in Bicol so we had to resort to the shorter package, 2 days, 1 night for P3200. We already paid P1850 each (half of 3700 supposedly) prior to the trip, so in the last day we only paid Melvic P1350. 

By the way, the package includes almost everything except for breakfast in day1 and dinner in day2 (technically the first and last meals). To list down the inclusions - round trip fare Manila-Daet-Manila (DLTB bus), land and boat transfers, tent accommodation, environmental fees, camp meals and complimentary drinks.

We chose Cubao as our pick up point. We were there at around 8PM but the bus left at around 9PM. Good thing we left Manila during the night, it made sleeping in the bus easier. Imagine being wide awake for 12 to 13 hours while traveling. Juskoday, diba? We arrived in Daet at around 7AM. They dropped us at Jollibee just in time for breakfast. At around 8AM, they picked us up again then dropped us off somewhere to transfer to a jeepney. It was a quick land transfer and at around 8:30AM, we were in the port.

just left the port

It took a while before we left the port as we had to sign waivers and wait for the others to arrive. We were the first group to ride the boat hence we were able to choose good seats. True enough, those who were seated in both ends of the boat got wet even before reaching Calaguas. Madiskarte travel tips from yours truly. ;)

Our boat had some technical difficulties few minutes after leaving the port. We weren't informed of what happened nevertheless we didn't mind. What was supposedly 2-hour boat ride became around 4 hours not just because of the technical difficulty but because of the waves too. The waves were crazy perhaps because of the typhoon. We reached Calaguas at around 1PM. Lo and behold, the island was worth it!
my first shot of the island

By the time we arrived, the tents are not yet prepared. Surprisingly, there are cottages in the island where we put our stuff first. After we have settled, you know what's next. Endleeesss, picture taking!

outfit to Calaguas. can I just say i love my vest? :)

We chose to rest first before trying the Calaguas waters. We were also starving at that time since it's past lunch time already. Good thing friends never run out of things to do and matters to talk about. :D Life, love, career and everything else under the sun. Friends got them all covered. I know you all agree. :)

Can't exactly remember when our lunch was served but one thing's for sure, it was a late lunch. Meeeh, I hate it when I get hungry but you're forgiven, guys! By the way, it was a buffet with two viands, rice of course, dessert and free flowing water. :P The food may not be the best, but they're not bad either. Remember, it's a trip for less than five thousand. Know what you deserve.

bonding by the beach

After our tummies got full, we headed to the beach. I swear it's the best beach I've been to so far. It's not only about the perfect blue skies, clear waters and fine sand.. It's more of the relaxed vibe of the place. Perfect for beach bumming, reflecting, forgetting about the rest of the world. If you find me exaggerating, I suggest you see it for yourself. And I suggest you tag me along. :)

my sexaaay back

By late afternoon, our guides invited us to trek up the mountain to see the island from above. Everyone from our group went along except for Dwin. He chose to finish his work of art in the sand. Whatever, Dwin! :P However, Sheena and Monique being the wimpy kids that they are, surrendered after reaching the first hill. I still love you though, my wimpy girls. Haha! So there, only Ruel, Jun and I went on. It was nice seeing Calaguas' full view from the mountain. It was worth my few hundreds baby steps. Hingal kabayo man, may picture naman.

overlooking Calaguas

As night time approaches, we prepared for the socials. Although there is a makeshift bathroom we opted to take a bath by the poso and only change clothes in the bathroom. Of the entire trip, this is the most difficult part for me. I am not the sensitive type when it comes to restrooms but a makeshift one is entirely different. Then again, I overheard Melvic's planning to renovate that so it must not be a worry for future Calaguas visitors.

As soon as we were ready we hit the mobile bar. The drinks were free but as usual, I did not get to avail the said perk. I don't drink nor smoke. Read that, mother? :) I am still your most obedient daughter. Haha! 

gimik ala Calaguas

Before calling it a night, Jun, Sheena and I had some sort of heart to heart talk while the rest got first dibs on our tents. 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

me don't likey!

My pegs for the upcoming wedding I have to attend. You won't believe me when I say I hate dressing up for formal occasions but I really do. I'm your resident casual chic if you still haven't noticed. Several more days and I'll be forced to look as decent as the girls in the photos below. Me don't likey! :S

images from Google

Friday, November 9, 2012

swimsuit hunting in this time of the year, really

All the while I thought my next blog post would be our Calaguas Trip. Meeh, I was wrong. Rather, I'll be sharing photos of swimsuits I've been gushing about the whole day. You won't believe how addicted I am.  There are three brands I'm currently stalking - Anemone from Nothing But Water, Soak and Nudo.

Let's begin with Anemone. This is my favorite brand so far. They have the prettiest prints and styles. Only that it's the most expensive among the three. Good quality definitely comes with a price. 

My dream swimsuit.  It costs around P2800 for the pair. Expensive, I know. I almost bought it the first time we went to Nothing But Water, Galleria. Good thing I was able to control myself because at it's price, it's something I really should think about. 

Monica's bet. Posting it as well because I somehow kinda like it too. P2600 for a pair. Who thinks we should get them? Help us decide. :)

Moving on, next to Anemone is Soak . Cool styles for a lower price. I haven't seen their store but we are scheduled to do so as soon as our payroll accounts get replenished. I can't wait, seriously. 

Sailor Bandeau for P1800. Unfortunately, 'Small' is their smallest size. I can only hope and pray it fits me well. I'll find out few days from now. Can you guys cross your fingers for me? 

Costa del Sol Ribbon High Waist for P1650. Just because I want to give high waist swimsuits a try. I love its colors too but my evil sister said it reminds her so much of Hulk. Whatever! 

Tory Ruffled Bandeau for P1750. Perfect for flat chested girls like me. Ruffled tops tend to make your chest seem busy that they will no longer notice your lack of.. uhmm.. gift up there. Haha! 

Lastly, Nudo. I've been checking out their Facebook account but none has caught my fancy yet. We also planned to visit their boutique come payday. Swimsuit hunting in November. A little difficult but nevertheless fun.

BORACAY, here we come!! :))

Robinson's Galleria, 3rd Floor
TriNoma, Level M2

CABANA, 2nd floor of Nail Spa, 109 Gamboa St. Legaspi Village, Makati (5 min. walk from Greenbelt 1)
Retail Lab, 2nd fl. Archaeology Wing, Powerplant Mall Makati (beside happy lemon)

Robinson's Galleria, 3rd Floor
Greenhills, 3rd Floor

*All photos grabbed from their accounts


just the usual day out

Nothing really special aside from the fact that I found the photos below too cute not to share. Please tell me you agree. Because really, you have no choice. :)

Anyway, these were taken at SM Fairview.. again! You have to understand, when we get bored we just throw whatever shirts and shorts outfit then we go to the nearest mall. I honestly don't think I can live somewhere far from the city. I actually once thought of challenging myself to live in the province for a month just for a change. As obvious as it is, my work couldn't allow it. 

Going back to our day out, the highlight was when Fey played in the ball pit. My sister Dana accompanied her and I died of envy. Hahaha! Never in my childhood days have I played in a ball pit. Meron na ba nun some N years back? :P

seeing double?

is it just me or this really looks like a napkin ad?

my photography skillz

Before going home, we bought our niece her then dream toy, cash register. She cried for it many times and her dad totally hates it when she cries for whatever she wants. Being the kunsintidor aunt that I am, I helped the little girl ask for it. I can never see myself disciplining kids. Meeehh, now you know my weakness.

thanks, dadeeh

Speaking of weakness, I also get weak when I don't get to eat dinner. I have this bad habit of not eating on time and it's only when I hear my stomach growl that I'm reminded I haven't eaten. What's the point, you may ask. E kasi hindi pa ko kumakain at nagugutom na ko! Bakit nga ba nagpaligoy ligoy pa ko? :P Hahaha! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

yet another fun teambuilding

Good morning Universe! :) I unintentionally woke up early today and while I'm still too lazy to crawl out of my bed, blogging is the only productive thing I can do. 

Last month {yeeess, one month ago na lang ang backlog ko}, we had our teambuilding in Antipolo with our previous teammates. What happened was, our team had to ramp down because of budget issues. Only four of us were left to suffer.. oops, i mean to continue with the upcoming releases. :) The others either transferred to another team or to another project. Good thing we still have the budget for everyone, we were able to afford an out of town teambuilding. 

M & O were the organizers. They found 3B Resort in Antipolo as the most feasible venue, affordable and accessible. I'll update you guys with the rates and whatnots tomorrow night. As obvious as it is, I know nothing since I'm not the organizer. When I'm not the organizer you really can't expect me to care. Hahaha! :)))

the team plus our ampon

We hired a van going to Antipolo so we managed to bring dinner and tons of chips and drinks. We had spaghetti and pancit malabon from Ambers, pizza from Pizza Hut and as I've said tons of chips and dips. That night was a night of alcohol and MSG. That's healthy living as it's finest. 

To keep the night from being boring, we played Taboo and Guesstures. Taboo before swimming and Guesstures after. They also boozed in between. Take note, I said THEY. :) Funny how private people share almost everything about their life when drunk. On the other hand, makulit ones multiply their kakulitan about ten times when drunk. One puked endlessly, one had aching stomach, one slept just about anywhere. I love you guys. :* 

gutom na gutom na gutom :P

playing Taboo

don't drink and swim :P

Playing Guesstures

We slept for like 2 to 3 hours only then we had to checkout from the resort. We were dropped at Eastwood, ate breakfast at Jollibee, travelled home and probably zoned out as soon as we hit our beds. 

good morning, Antipolo

Another one for the books. No matter where life takes me, I am definite I'll never forget this team. And yes, I speak like I have plans of leaving.

Breakfast na tayo? :)


Friday, November 2, 2012

sweet seventeen

Rushing for this blog post because in a bit we're off to the cemetery. My list of backlogs {or drafts with only titles in them} gets longer and longer and with my Calaguas trip on the queue, I am determined to finish them all. 

So here's my sisters birthday celebration which happened back in September. Two months ago, yes! I am such a responsible blogger. Haha! Like the usual, we went to the nearby mall to dine out. We chose Racks and had Surf n Turf again. Lightning strikes twice. I bet you already know.

Apparently, mommy has a new sofa set then. So before hitting the mall, we took turns for photographs. In months time, I'm pretty sure the little kid had messed it up. Not that it's something I wish, but heeeyy, no one knows our baby like we do. 

family photos & the birthday girl
And what else do we do while waiting for the food? Do I really have to say? Haha! My niece will forever be our star. Look at her making pa-cute smile here and there. ♥

isn't she the cutest?
{have i asked this before?}

family bamily ♥

We didn't have time to stroll some more after eating because it's late already. After all, SM Fairview is konting kebot away lang.

goin' home

Meanwhile, allow me to rummage my closet for the perfect undas outfit. :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

such a steal

I was patiently waiting for payday because supposedly, I'll get myself a new pair of shoes from People are people. Plans changed when Monique and I dropped by at Aldo. Look what my new babies are.. BAGSSS! The caramel one is originally priced at P2695 while the beige one is at P1775. I got them for P800 and P550, respectively. They're really such a steal. ♥

adorable new babies

Drop by at Eastwood Mall, 2nd floor if I'm not mistaken. Aldo has a temporary stall there with lots of good finds at marked-down prices. If sales are good, they will make it their boutique. What are you waiting for? Help me help them be a success. Hurry to Aldo.