Friday, September 30, 2011

abhott who?

Bought choco chip frappe from Starbucks today. The barista gave me a good laugh with what she wrote on my drink. Anoba, ate! Since when did I become Abhott? At nakapagdecide ka pa talaga lagyan ng "h" ah. Hahaha! Salamat sa tawa. :)))

chocolate chip cream frappe for Abhott! :P


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

style crush: lauren conrad

I first found her back when my red Forever 21 skirt was new. Haha! I was trying to look for tops that will perfectly match my new red skirt and among all the Google images, the picture below caught my attention.

I then researched who the girl is.. and tadaaa! She is no other than Lauren Conrad, a TV personality, author and fashion designer. Now that explains. Kaya pala ka-level ko sya magdala! Hahaha!

I especially love her casual ensembles. Nothing overboard. Not so runway looking. Diggin' them a lot. ♥

this made me want an orange skirt

can't get enough of florals, eh?

have the same shade of body-con skirt
soon, I'll be posting my version {as if} :P

still gorgeous in tsinelasthe world is unfair, really
Goodnight, world! Bukas, kasing gorgeous ko na sya. Hahaha! :)))


Saturday, September 24, 2011

things i love: september

Today, i write again. Charot! Nagpupumiling Patty Laurel lang. :P

Anyway, I terribly missed blogging. I've been gone for almost two months now. Blogging Hiatus? Writer's Block? Na-ah, let's just call it laziness. Haha! :P But really, aside from the fact that I didn't have a life for almost two months, it was just all laziness. Kill me now. I am such an irresponsible blogger.

Now let's get down to business. Obviously, this is a "things I love" post, September {and August?} edition. Basically to share what I've been doing for the last couple of months. Like anyone is interested, huh? Hold tight, fasten your seat beeelts.. this is going to beeee.. BORING! Hahaha! :))

First off, I've been eating chocolates! Yep, you read that right! My addiction is definitely back. And I don't think it has plans of leaving again anytime soon. So just in case you are aware of any cure, please do let me know. You wouldn't want me to die of Diabetes, would you? :P

Coeur de Suisse
swiss chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your bag hahaha
it never melts, I swear! only that it gets softer, of course

Ritter Sport
in minis.. because I can't decide what to get
and my wallet can't afford to get 'em all in regular sizes

my new favorite ♥

Next, I've been reading books. Mitch Alboms' to be specific. One day, I only got bored waiting for a friend so I dropped by National Bookstore and got Tuesdays with Morrie. Next thing I know, I have his four books. I'm done with Tuesdays with Morrie and For One More Day. Currently reading Five People You'll Meet in Heaven. Kelan pa ko naging bookworm? Since I lost my social life. Hahaha!

Tuesdays with Morrie was borrowed by a friend
hello friend, can I have my book back na? :P

Third on the list is watching movies. I've been downloading movies and buying DVDs. I have my new favorite movie, Everybody's Fine starring Robert De Niro. It was so touching {or utterly depressing?}. I cried yet again. It was a family drama, what can I do? Ehem, excuses.

Everybody's Fine

Having said movies, mawawala ba si Ms. Aniston? Haha! I just finished The Switch last night. What's in queue? The Break-Up and Marley & Me. Someone help me download puhlease, andami pa niyang movies sabi ni pareng Wikipedia. :S

And a "Things I Love" list is never without shopping. I have few purchases here and there. It maybe my first love but it's definitely not the apple of my eye today. Maybe tomorrow na lang ulet? Haha! Ano daw?

Lastly, my promotion. Naglevel up ang lola mo from Senior to Analyst Programmer. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting it. Though performance wise I think I deserve it {ahem ahem, ubo ubo}, tenure wise {if ever there's such term} I just think it's early. Nevertheless, it happened. It's God's love, really. ♥

So there. That was my anti-social way of spending two months of my life. I'll be back to regular programming as soon as I get my life back. Hahaha! Last week was a good start. I have Ace Water Spa aka girl bonding story for you guys! That's up next. So stay tuned. Meanwhile, let's all have a goodnight sleep.

most pictures were taken using my super high end camera phone
bear with me. :D