Wednesday, March 11, 2015

starting over

UGH! This has got to be the most difficult part of going on a hiatus.. STARTING OVER. You know? Welcoming yourself back, composing your opening line, thinking of your first word. Should be grand ideally, right? But after all the words that I typed, deleted and retyped, I settled with UGH. Pasensya naman. You have to understand that this is difficult for me, okay? Hehehe! :P

You might be wondering what went wrong. To be honest, I myself can't put a finger on the culprit. Let's backtrack instead, what do you think? Fine with you? Okay, let's do this.

I  had a pretty good first half of 2014. Yup, that's until June to be exact. And since I wasn't able to do a rundown of the year that was, let me do the honor of making this post rain with links. Let's see.. So last year, we got to visit the farm in Bulacan for the first time. Not ours, trust me! Then, the overdue catching up with college friends happened. Of course, the family days too and my father's birthday celebration. And then our mini vacay at the farm. Add here too my defunct The Happiness Project series {1, 2, 3}. I'll try to revive it for my ego's sake. Haha! Then to end the quarter, I took my niece's first ever moving- up day too seriously. More.Family.Daysss. Song addictions that I'm too lazy to link up, sorry! Again, my niece's Kiddie Crew stint. IKR? I'm a stage aunt, there's no point in denying. :P My bohemian transition, long way to go though. Foursome times a traumatic incident -- canine incident to be exact. Two doses of TFIOS {read: two trips to the cinema}. Then end of quarter. Let's say this altogether, WHEEW!

And then July came. My birth month, and ironically, it's a consistently blah month. I never really liked celebrating my own birthday -- or at least because I'm not used to it, IDK. But for the month to be a total bore is a bit too much. I'm not directly saying that it was the reason why I "hid" for a while but maybe it was a factor. I kind of wanted to be away. You get what I mean? Am I still making sense? Hehe! So there, I did almost nothing for two months. If you're still on track with my nonsense, you'll know I'm referring to July and August. Two months, those two! I blogged sparsely though. I made it through two recaps -- OOTDs and a midyear dump of baby photos. Oh, I was contemplating a haircut at this point too. Three months after, a PIXIE! ;)

So what happened in September? Wait, Twitter against memory validation. Hehe! So yeah, I remember it right. One, I decluttered; Two, I initiated the family's garage sale; And three, I started my online business. I named it No Biggie at first because I was selling my preloved stuff and obviously at 5', -- okay fine, 4'9"-- I'm NO BIGGIE. Hehehe! It kept me busy for a good three months but now I've rebranded to Teepee. I'll talk more about it on the coming days; Not that you're interested but yeah, I will. :P For the meantime, please do me a huge favor and follow this Instagram account -- @shopteepee. Thank you, thank you! And shusshh, don't tell them it's me behind Teepee. Hahaha!

Moving on, November was pretty special. Heyy, it's not just the haircut. Come on, you think I'm that shallow? Hahaha! But yeah, I must admit the dream haircut was kind of a big thing. You have no idea how liberating it was. I had it chopped off and I felt so fuh-reeee! Hahaha! No, seriously! It meant so much. Just let me know if you want me to talk more about it 'cause I still have so many things to say. Yes, about the friggin' haircut.

Let's leave the haircut alone, November and December were about some other wonderful things too. I'll let the collages speak for themselves now but I'll be back to tell you more stories. I can't afford to let them go just like that. Nakakahiya naman sa favorite tag line kong "I have a penchant for documenting life". Hehehe!


Altogether again, WHEEW! Finally, I'm over and done with the hardest part of resurrecting. I have to say I missed blogging big time. It's been a part of me for four years {started late 2010} and somehow not blogging felt wrong. I'm just so happy to be back. Matter of factly, I'm hearing Pharrell's Happy in my head. Hahaha! Once a weirdo, always a weirdo. Anyways, 'til here! Let me know you missed me through the comment box. Haha! I'm fishing here, pagbigyan nyo na 'ko oh! :P