Sunday, April 29, 2012

ootd photo dump and some secrets revealed

Oh yes! Oh yes! I have some little secrets to reveal today. You ready? Yes? Ok, good. ;)

Did you know that I made it a goal to be able to come up with four blog posts a month? Hahaha! I know it's silly to set a goal like that 'cos you shouldn't really be forcing yourself for something that's supposed to be just an outlet.. a past time.. But oh well, silly people do silly things, sooo.. ♥ And obviously this is just my third post for the month so cramming ang lola nyo. Let's make this quick because aside from the fact that I haven't eaten my lunch, this post is just an OOTD photo dump.

don't you just love my animal print scarf?

 wearing my favorite blue floral cardigan.♥


animal print yet again
and then some floral top
lastly, the kid at heart wearing bo bob =)

I know I said "secrets". Secret in its plural form, meaning more than one. Hahaha! Grammar lessons, anyone? xD Anyway, have I told you I created a Tumblr account? That little island in cyberspace will no longer be a big secret because I'm revealing it today. The universe {oo, universe talaga} can see it now 'cos I seem to be reblogging happy stuff now. Goodbye, emo girl na ko. So presenting, ladies and gentleman {drum roll please}.. my tumblr account!! I'd love it if you can stalk me more over thuuurr. ♥ :) Got to go, tumbling muna ko sa kusina namin. ;)

Update 07.12.2013
Tumblr URL changed. Secret for now. I'm crazy, I knooow. :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

long day for walkway

Rise and shine, everyone. ☀ What are you up to today? I bet this is just another office or school day for you. POOR YOU! *evil laugh* Because if you'd ask me what I'm up to today, I'd say I'm spending my third day as a bum. Oh yeeess, dear. I just said BUM. How I love to hear the word. But no, please don't think I lost my job. I just asked for a two-week vacation leave because.. uhmm.. I'm going through some personal dramas. This life is driving me insane for no specific reasons I can pin point. Insane, indeed. :P

So for my third day bumming, I decided to face my blogger duties again. I have a loooonng {yes, that long really} list of back logs. Inspite the life dramas, there's still a lot going on. I honestly don't know how I managed to still go out with people when all I really want is to bury myself under my comforter. But no worries, friends. I AM FINE NOW. I promise. :*

Anyway, first on my list is my not-so-ordinary Holy Week. Sure dear, you can count how long has the Holy Week been over. Haha! So moving on, I {or we, whatever} didn't have the usual Visita Iglesia. Instead, we visited Walkway 2012 at Bonifacio High Street. And guess what? We arrived at BCG (Bonifacio Global City) at around 12noon. Yung tipong sukdulan ang init ng araw. And if you have an idea of the place you'd know why 12noon is not the perfect time to roam around Walkway and visit the stations of the cross. Sooo.. fasten your seat belts as I make kwento of our long day just to wait for Walkway. Ooh, that ryhmed. :P

First stop. Lunch at Tokyo Tokyo, Market Market. Ano ba, paulet-ulet? paulet-ulet? Hahaha! :)) We stayed there for quite a long time. Perfect for catching up with life stories. If I haven't mentioned {obvious ba, miss?} I was with my sister and a friend whom I didn't see for months. Kwentuhan, daldalan, picturan. Pero camera shy si friend, so sa picturan part kami lang ng froglette sister ko. :D

pinagbiyak na ilong :P
Next stop. Timezooneee! I missed shooting so much. Masamang magcompare, pero mas namiss ko pa ang shooting kesa sa friend ko. Charot. You know I love you, Jhov! :* We were beating each other out. Luckily this is my blog, so I'm declaring myself as the winner. Woot Woot! Better luck next time, losers. L-)

the kind of  'fun' that's worth all the sweat

And because we got tired.. next stop.. Starbucks. You know, conyos like us usually kill time at Starbucks just chillin'. You know, like, uhmmm.. Hahaha! At ayun nga, dahil conyo kami, wala kaming iPad at naglaro na lang kame ng SOS. Haha! I truly believe that only boring people get bored. I thank you, bow. :P

please don't think she's hiding because of legal cases

Oops. We're not yet over. Our last stop before finally visiting Walkway, the movie house for Hunger Games. Have you seen the movie? If no, go buy a pirated DVD. You have to see it. It's nice. I didn't read the book so I have no expectations. The movie alone got me interested in the whole story I ended up researching about it at home. Haha!

may the odds be ever in your favor
photos {except for the tix} from Google

AND FINALLY!! Walkway 2012.

Walkway is an interactive stations of the cross put up by Church Simplified. There are 14 stations each explaining what Christ had to endure to save us. Towards the end of each station there is an "Act" part where you'll really get to reflect on your actions especially towards other people. I have to admit I am not that religious but visiting Walkway somehow made me feel lighter and on a cleaner slate. It was just a matter of how you participated in the entire activity. As for me, I took it by heart seriously. ♥

the not-so-usual stations of the cross

It was indeed a long, not to mention expensive, day-out but it was worth it. Christ is worth it. Do I get an Amen? ♥

Sunday, April 15, 2012

another spur-of-the-moment kind of thing

Quick update for everyone. x) Just because I  realized it's already mid of April and I haven't blogged yet. So here's a photo dump of our random family swimming at Grotto Vista. We got bored one Sunday afternoon and decided to go night swim swim. ♥ I'm telling you, masama kami mainip. :P

kiddos at heart ♥

oh yes.. the same spot from day to night. phhbbt!

basang sisiws

bored no more?

And heeey, before I forget. I have some good news for yah. I finally learned how to float. Hahaha! Dreams do come true. ♥

patay lang ang peg ;)

Lastly, here's an OOTD. I'm loving outfit shots lately so please bear with me. And don't say I didn't warn you. Haha! :))

Hafta gooo.. Goodnight everyone. I miss your blogs. Tell me you miss my visits too. :*