Tuesday, November 26, 2013

it's always a good time

We don't even have to try. It's always a good time! Woah-oh-oh-oh. Woah-oh-oh-oh. It's always a good time! ♫♪♪ Yes, I am singing! Be glad you can't here my song over this blog, you'll regret it!

What's with the song? I just feel it's the perfect theme when I'm with a certain group of friends - Foursome. I love that we're the no muss, no fuss type. Don't you just love a drama free environment? I know you do. ;) And on top of that, we're effortlessly fun together. Nakaupo lang sa damo, hindi pa bermuda, okay na. Wala lang sandalan sa van yung isa, tawang tawa na.

Two Saturdays ago, we celebrated Tiny's birthday at their home in Bulacan. It's not even the part of Bulacan that's near our house; I had to travel all the way to Cubao to meet them and finally travel to Sta. Maria all together. Wheeww! But as expected, it was worth the long transit. 

The afternoon started with an impressive lunch. It was too much for six people - the four of us plus Tiny's mom and sister. Too bad I made the mistake of drinking soda, tumbling ang tiyan ko the whole day. Hyperacidity, remember? Still, I made it a point to try every dish to compensate tita's pag-aalaga. She's the epitome of a hospitable mom. It made me so grateful.

Tiny and Job's concert followed, then an attempt to watch a movie. Finally at late afternoon, we went out of the house. And with Tiny's DLSR in tow, alam na!

# ootd

Yet again, Monique was the main subject. Job usually puts up a good fight but he was not his usual self that day. And me? Humility aside but I have the biggest role. Hide under the shade!! Ohaaa! Kaya nyo yuuun! Wala pala kayo eh! Hahaha!

Job's new phone kept me company though. Aba, kung nakakaganda ang camera, selfie na yaaan! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a copy of our photos. Keeping my fingers crossed that I really look decent in them. Alam naman natin na mataas ang haggard tendencies ko. Hehehe.

huli sa aktong pagseselfie :P

Tummy ache and all, we strolled around the village. The trees, lawns and vacant lots were breathers from the hustle and bustle of the cities. We stayed at a grassland the longest and I really loved how we just sat there while catching up. As much as I love adventures, I appreciate quiet times too, a lot as a matter of fact.

the birthday boy

Monique's photography skillzz

chillin like villains

Here's a funny story. See the collage below? Tiny posted the upper left photo on Facebook with the caption 'Spread the Love." I honestly didn't like the idea because for one, I'm cynical about love and second, people might actually believe it. But being the anti-drama person that I am, I did not make a big deal out of it. Eff!! I regret not asking Tiny to delete it early on 'cause some vulnerable souls  actually believed it and started asking me, one even asked my sister. More asked Monique in the office. I couldn't care less, people, I couldn't care less.

spread the.. uhmm..

foursome ♥

Moving on, snack welcomed us when we got back to their house. Few hours after, dinner naman! We also had so much food for the night. We were so spoiled by Tiny's mom, you have no idea. Sa sobrang hiya ko, parang gusto ko nang maghugas ng pinggan. Hahaha!

Even on our way home, there was no dull moment. Monique and I had endless chismisan on the bus. We were even laughing and singing loudly to the point lolo Job had to stare at us like a true blue lolo. The three of us had to part ways in Cubao and lolo Job made it up to Monique and me by accompanying us in catching our rides. Sweet, like a true blue lolo. I kid, I kid! :P Thanks again, guys!

*photos from Tiny, edited by yours truly

Thursday, November 21, 2013

after all these years

If there's one person I'm thankful for during my college years, that would be Tin. I cannot imagine going through hell for five years without her. I mean, I'm a self-proclaimed brainy so academically, I should say things were under control. But still, it's different when you have a constant companion - seatmate, groupmate, partner in crime, shopping buddy, breakfast/lunch/dinner date, shoulder to cry sleep on, kachismisan, katawanan hanggang sumakit ang tiyan. With her around, sorrow divides and JOY DOUBLES - literally though 'cause I'm Apple Joy and she's Kristine Joy. Hehehe. #sorrynotsorry

Five years after college, she's still a reason for gratitude. We've gone different paths, yes, but the genuine friendship remains. We no longer see each other everyday nor do we communicate often, but once we're together, we pick up where we left off - back to the crazy duo we once were.

and we call each other 'shoms' :P

Few days ago, she invited me for dinner. She wanted me to go to Makati but unfortunately, my limited street knowledge can only take me as far Boni. We had to settle with Megamall. You're welcome, Henry Sy. :P And because it was her treat, we had to satisfy her cravings - pizza and pasta! Sinubukan ko pang kumontra pero wala talaga. Better luck next time, dear self.

Guess what came next after dinner? You have your guesses? Yes?? Oh, Good! Now, if you whispered to yourself CAMWHORING then you're absolutely right. Ang galing mo! Apir! But truth be told, I'm not really a big cam whore {wehh?}. I just find it fun when you have someone to look silly with. Damay damay naaa!

fave ❤

We had to leave early 'cause Tin has work the next day. No amount of bribe stopped her. Mabuhay ka Tin, isa kang dakilang empleyado! Hahaha! ✌ On a more serious note, the night may be bitin but it's still darn worthy of travelling all the way from our rural village. It made me realize more how blessed I am with friends, not just because of their endless treats but more of the fact that they actually want to be with me. Akalain nyo yun!

Monday, November 11, 2013


I'm finally sporting a shorter do after what felt like forever. Plus it's straight again. Thanks to Monique for tagging me along. I was with her last year too so I guess it's official, I found my vanity buddy. Yayyy!!

I already posted the details of the salon here and here; feel free to check 'em out. You can either go for Lito or Lance. Trust me! They are both nice and fun. Just bring out your own kakulitan and it won't be a boring salon sesh for sure.

On to my hairstyle, it's the shortest possible with my hair condition - dyed, dry, brittle. Hehe. Although it was close to one of my options, just a little longer. I was considering pixie cut too but Lance was honest enough to tell me that it'll only look good at first but it'll be really, really bad as soon as my hair starts to grow. I completely ditched the idea when he told me I might look like a mushroom when that happens. Hahaha! Picture short and poofy hair. Oo nga naman.

I hate how my hair is half black and half brown but I still have to wait for two months before I can dye it again. Oh well papel. Lance suggested medium golden blonde for my next hair color but I have yet to think about it. Me? Blonde? Whuutt?!!

After hours and hours of rebonding torture at the salon, Monique and I chilled at Jamba Juice - her treat! What did I do to deserve all these treats? Enlighten me! Anyway, she got banana berry while I got strawberries wild. We tried both and I liked mine better. She liked hers better too. Good choices, mademoiselles.

get your brain freeze on!

I am guessing this would knock down my Starbucks addiction. Especially now that another doctor told me I shouldn't be taking in caffeine in any form, emphasis on soda and coffee. #SMH

Sunday, November 10, 2013

never lose the child in you

That's right! Even if you're about to be a bridesmaid - or  a bride. You see, my best friend will tie the knot this coming December and that, obviously, will make me a bridesmaid in a month's time. Juskoday!!

So late last month, I went to their house to have my fats, bulges and short limbs measured for my gown. It was a heartbreaking encounter with the dressmaker. As you all know, my tummy is impossibly huge nowadays. It's embarrassing! And again, heartbreakinggg. 

BFF bonding came right after. She got us shakes and a dozen of donuts only to finish just two. Pasimpleng diet. :P Of course the afternoon was all about wedding stuff - prenup themes and outfits, save the date vids, wedding songs, reception gimiks and last but most definitely not the least, the scary gastos that comes with all the getting-married thing. It made me more cynical. Hahaha!

Speaking of prenup, her shoot was just few days away when we met and she was still friggin' unprepared. She had ideas on what to wear but nothing definite yet. I was the one panicking for her 'cause I'm the type who'd prepare {and even write down, goodness gracious} my outfit plans a week before a big day, sometimes even for small ones and most especially for travels. I am such an OC freaakkk, don't remind me.

Anyway, I pressured her of preparing that instant so my supposedly sukat-lang-pwede-magpambahay day became another trip to the most convenient mall eveerr, SM Fairview. I'm so glad I opted to wear a decent outfit instead of my rotten pambahay clothes, or else. And with rotten, I really mean the sobrang nipis, butas butas pa kind. Hehe.

We scored a belt that will match her available white dress for her casual look, then silver shoesies for her red dress for another theme. She's considering using the same shoes for her wedding because it was that elegant, not to mention pricey. Blame it on me!

After our grown-up errands, it was time to relive our inner child. We started with the energy-draining shooting. She made a whopping score of 124 points and was stepping on my ego with "anong nangyari sa 'yo best?". The next round, I made sure I beat her. Sweat, blood and tears! Haha! I finished with 144 points and it put my self-esteem back to pedestal. Hahaha! I kid, I kid.


We also wasted quite a number of tokens playing pachinko. It's super addicting!! It's a gambling device, what do you expect? We didn't effin' win, not even once. Oh well, loseerss.

you win some, you learn some hahaha

To cheer ourselves up, we surrendered our tickets at the booth for some candies. Yeeyy! We even divided the candies like we all used to do when we were kids, one for youuu, one for meeee, one for Appleee.. Hahaha! Madugas na bata! Although, we ended up sharing the candies as we strolled the mall a little more.


We ended the night with literally sizzling plates. Her treat again!! I wonder when will I be able to give back to all these friends who have been treating me to just about anything left and right. As much as I'm enjoying being this spoiled to friends, I also cannot wait to make it up to them. Insert conscience's voice: "Magtrabaho ka na kaseee."

thank you, best! :*

Having mentioned going back to work, hope I can finally lift my butt this month to do so. It's about time, little miss.

*excuse the blurry mobile photos

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

birthdays and photographs

Fitting for the holidays recently concluded, here's a post on our Holy Cross {Manila Memorial now but we're all used to calling it as that} stint mid last month. It was a celebration of lola Taas's and Tits's birthday. Tits is our aunt from papi's side, who by the way left us just 3 years ago, and lola taas is our grandmother from mama's side. Let's make this clear, lola Taas is very much alive and kickin'. Mahirap na, magkalituhan pa. :P They share exactly the same birth dates. Awesomesauce.

I don't know if I've said this before but I'll say it anyway, all of our days out as a family begin with photo ops. We won't leave the house unless we've taken photos. Ganun ka-oa!! It's usually either in our living room or Yags's, but this time lumevel up kami.. sa labas na ng bahay! Hahaha! But seriously, I've always taken pride of how my family turns the simplest things to something really fun. Picture picture lang, solb na!

la familia ♥

It's not entirely a different story the moment we arrive to our destination. Take this occasion for example, all we did was smile, pose and emote for the camera. Yes we brought nothing else but my camera to the cemetery but that shouldn't make us worthy of boredom. No freakin' way! Phbbtt!! But of course, just like in real pictorials, merong mas mataas ang billing than the others. Hahaha! Without a doubt, that would be my niece. Don't be deceived by her pretty face, she's hilarious!! Must be the genes, huh?


There's no beating my crazy niece in the craziness department but I'd say we put up a good fight, Dana especially when it comes to dumb-looking poses. Dana and Faye even have this equally dumb-looking dance moves. Hahaha! Sobrang tawang tawa ako the first time I saw it. I'll sneak a video of it one day, you like that?


Wait! Before you think na baliw-baliwan lang ang kaya namin, kaya din namin magpa-tweetums noh?!! Well, except for granny. She'd always say.. "wag na akooo, matanda na akooo". But eventually, she'd give in to our demands. Yung lang, she looks annoyed in the photos. Hahaha!

with ze annoyed birthday girl ♥

girlaloos minus mommy

outnumbered boys :P

Mommy on the other hand is a special case 'cause she feels ugly being preggo. Nauto lang namin sya with the photo below when we said Faye will hug her tummy bulge. Galing namiinnn!

After an hour or two, off we went to our second destination. Teneneeeenn, Grotto Church!! Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday and they didn't have a mass. We just sat there for a good 20 minutes or so to say our prayers then we hurriedly left the place. It was starting to get dark then and Yags did what he does best.. manakot! Hahaha!

By the way, here's a video of Faye walking towards the church. Feeling ko, ang artistic ng ginawa ko. Hahahah! Para eto lang, nagpumiling na naman ako when we got home. I kept on saying na pwede nang pang-indie film. Hahaha! Kapaaaal!!

Waiting for us at home was uhmm, food? Haha! Mommy's spaghetti was superb plus I surprisingly liked the non-chocolate cake. We also forced lola to blow her birthday candles. Yet another alibadbad moment for granny.

Capping this post with an OOTD photo. Yes, outfit shot at the cemetery. Ibahin nyo 'ko! Hahaha! Thanks baby girl for lending me your shoesieesss. Mine na lang? :D

Sunday, November 3, 2013

our little warrior ♥

Have you heard of Neuroblastoma? I'd totally understand if you haven't because me too, I only found out about it when my nephew Marcus acquired the freakin' cancer almost a year back.

I wish I can give you a blow-by-blow account of the disease and how my nephew is fighting it but sadly I am not capable of doing that. I was {and still is} fighting my own illnesses when it all started so I wasn't able to participate at all. For many months, I can only go as far as secondhand information - mostly from my sisters, some more from my cousin and his wife.

But just now, I decided to feed my depleting brain cells with a better understanding of the said disease. It's a rare cancer that occurs in infants and young children. My nephew is three, by the way.

Neuroblastoma happens when these special nerve cells called Neuroblasts fail to mature into functioning ones. They become cancer cells and form tumors instead. Mga palpak na nerve cells kayoo!! As far as I know, my nephew's tumors have decreased and only the ones in his head are left.

It is said that the signs of this disease can mimic those of other common childhood illnesses so it's difficult to be diagnosed early. I remember my cousin {his mother} once thought it was Autism because he has difficulty interacting. Turned out those are symptoms of Neuroblastoma. That and many more.

I am not aware of each and every test my nephew has undergone, nor his treatments, but I do know that he had completed several chemotherapy sessions. Imagine all the pain? 

But God is still good for he blessed our little warrior with boundless courage and unimaginable resilience. He seemed so strong, happy even, when we visited him at NKTI last month. Happier every time his mom blows bubbles for him. It was such a relief seeing him like that.

a video of him while watching the bubbles
not even close to his happiest

It's just sad that he won't let me or Dana carry him. I wanna hug him so tight pa naman and pinch pinch pinch his cute face. PS, he looks like me daw. Hahaha! 

Going back to the villain that is Neuroblastoma, I read that with the treatments nowadays, children have a good chance of survival. Growth and developmental delays may occur but personally, if I were the parent, I'd rather take care of a child with special conditions than lose him/her altogether.

On the brighter side, Dana and I got to see Teigs {our cousin, Marcus's mom} again. She used to live in our compound and we literally grew up with her so we definitely miss having her around. Oh well, at least we finally got to visit them. ♥

we missed you, teeiggsss :*

Forgive the heavy post but I'm not done just yet. Here's a candid OOTD shot showing off my fats here and there, my eyes sans eyeliner, my curly hurrr, an all black arm party and a rare print-less outfit. Whooaaa!

pray for him too? :)