Sunday, March 30, 2014

the happiness project: january (part 2 of 2)

I highly suggest you read the linked post first. Trust me, it's for your own good. Heehee! So were done with the physical aspects of energy -- Go to Sleep Earlier and Exercise Better. Now let's move on to the mental aspects. Ika nga ni mareng Gretchen, outer order would bring inner peace. With that said, can you imagine how critical this part is for the mentally challenged obsessive-compulsive freaks such as myself? Di ko alam kung magegets nyo 'to o lalo kayong mababaliwan sa 'kin pero.. I really can't seem to focus when there's clutter or chaos around me. It's a must that my OCness approves of my surroundings before I can work, study or even blog! Minsan pa nga, I can't concentrate on my instagram-ing just because my OCness didn't give a thumbs up to where I'm situated. Ganun kalala! Hayy, why did the OC life chose me? Why???! Hahaha! :)


Although I can say that I have mastered the art of dealing with my OCness, a little help now and then wouldn't hurt. And I swear I tried to stop myself from spoiling the book for you but I really can't help it! Gretchen's words are undeniably too perf not to document. #Sorrynotsorry, my OCness manifests in documentation too! Inhale, exhaleee, let's begin now!

Clutter comes in distinct varieties. (1) Nostalgic Clutter, made up of relics we cling to. Who's guilty of keeping receipts, movie tickets and tons of keychains as remembrances? Raise your hands! Me, me, me!! Taas na mga kamay at paa sa sobrang pagkaguilty. Hahaha! My ability to keep garbage is no joke! I actually kept all my books, binders and Cattleyas from college for sooo long. Hehehe! I only let them go after two or three years of working when I realized I need their space for my growing collection of shoesies. Oops! But up until now, my registrations cards, class cards and enrollment receipts are carefully kept in a plastic sheet folder. Also, I keep two more boxes of relics. One holds letters & stuff from grade school to college and the other holds cards & gifts from work -- keychains, phone holders, little stuff toys among others. I also have a couple of paper bags keeping my old stationery collection and two huge scrapbooks showcasing the highlights of my life. Aguyy! I had to stop after college 'cause my social media accounts displaced scrapbooking. Personally, I'd say it's okay to cling to SOME nostalgic clutter as long as they are well-kept. Take it from the master basurera!

(2) Conservation Clutter, made up of things we keep because they can be useful, although useless at the moment. I'd plea guilty again, pero medyo lang! Hehe! I used to keep so many paper bags until I decided to let go of some -- the ugly ones, oddly-sized, etc. I was able to cut down the clutter but I, err the family, still have enough for mini vacays or outings. I guess the key is to be logical. Will this be useful? Yes! But not in a hundred years. Nyee, to the trash can it goes!

(3) Bargain Clutter, results from buying unnecessary things because they're cheap or on sale and the related (4) Freebie Clutter, from hand-me-downs and giveaways. Bargain clutter.. a little guilty! I have a lot of unused accessories 'cause sometime last year, we discovered this cheap online shop of accessories and other trinkets. Of course I hoarded but sadly, they no longer appeal to me after a few months. The sister and I are thinking of starting an online preloved shop and I'm positive I'll be able to get rid of all my bargain clutter. On the other hand, I don't suffer from freebie clutter. Yayy!

(5) Crutch Clutter, the things we use but we shouldn't. Gretchen used her horrible sweatshirt as an example; I'll be using my rotten nighties. And with rotten, I really mean tattered and torn, full of holes big and small. But will all honesty, I don't consider them as clutter because I actually use them;  and even if everyone's been telling me they're better off as basahan, I still don't give a damn. So please, just let this stubborn little girl keep her three rotten nighties. Please? :)

(6) Aspiration Clutter, the things we own but only aspire to use. Not guilty with this! Although a little guilty with its flip side, (7) Outgrown Clutter. Boyyy, I seriously need to let go of my old cross stitch kit! Hahaha! Remind me when I do my next round of general cleaning, okay?

Lastly, (8) Buyer's Remorse Clutter. This happens when we keep things instead of admitting that we made a bad purchase. Come on guyss, we all make bad purchases. The best we can do is to admit it to our ourselves and do something about it. I've sorted my clothes and rearranged my closet a couple of times already and the result? a storage bag full of clothes that are ready for giving away or selling. I actually gave away a lot when Typhoon Haiyan hit the country. Again, for my remaining buyer's remorse clutter, I'm hoping to dispose them off as soon as possible.

Wheww! Did you evaluate your stuff? Tell me you did! Tell meee! Hehehe! I know it's not easy but really, the first step to minimizing clutter is to decide what needs to be tossed, given away and kept well. Practice good judgment and be definite with your decisions. You can't always get back what you've given away just because you changed your mind, remember that! Saka, dyahe yun noh! Hahaha!

Okaay, according to Gretchen, the festering heart of household clutter is none other than.. our own closets! She's right!! Well, she's always right but this time, I'm nodding my head in total agreement. And I'm sure my mom would agree too. It's not just once or twice that I heard her complain about clothes. Now if only I can convince them to clean up their closets as often as I do. Okay, maybe not THAT often, but once at least once in a while. Can you picture the amount of clutter the family will be able to get rid of? Nostalgic clutter, bargain clutter, crutch clutter, buyer's remorse clutter.. almost all types of clutter that Gretchen identified are hiding inside our cabinets. The brighter side? It's easy to ditch the mess! Again, identify what needs to be tossed, given away or sold, and kept. In the end, it's as if your have MORE to wear because everything in your closet are pieces that you actually wear. Trust me on this! This is what I felt exactly after my major closet clean up.

Last on this topic, I promise! You'll love these tips. :) In line with one of the commandments she made which is "Do it now", she came up with the "one-minute rule". Never postpone any task that could be done in less than one minute -- put away the things you've just used like notepads, markers, scissors; return your chocolate mug to the pantry; throw your snack wrappers; put your dirty clothes in the hamper; hang your towel. See? They're quick and easy but their impact's impressive.

Now, "evening tidy-up". Allot ten minutes or so before bed to do simple tidying. Make your bed and your room ready for the next day and generally have a better morning. Since I instilled this tip into myself, I no longer wake up with accessories on my bedside table, or a bag beside me on my bed, or a pair of shoes wandering on the floor. Just like the one-minute rule, this works wonders too! No more excuses, even when you're dead tired!


Gahh, who doesn't hate long-delayed chores?!! I hate them so, sooo much, you have no idea. And yes, even if I'm a bum, I have a long list of things to do. But Gretchen's right yet again.. "Sometimes, the more difficult part of doing a task was just deciding to do it." Apparently, human beings tend to delay tasks for no definite reason. Wala lang, ayaw pa lang gawin. I used to be like that too thinking I have endless tomorrows since like I said, I'm a bum. These days though, I'm a procrastinator no more! Back to my old self, finally. Hehehe! I check my to-do list every day and pick out the most appealing task to me, depending on my mood and the amount of time I have in my hands. But unlike when I was working, I try not be so hard on myself this time. Although, of course, I try my best to accomplish something on a daily basis. I acknowledge the fact that my to-do list is actually a never ending list, but a long one will forever make me restless. Backlogs are ugly as heck! Pffft!


So were done with the mental aspects of energy too -- Toss, Restore, Organize and Tackle a Nagging Task. Now the fifth and last subtopic for the month of January is another "Gretchen Commandment", "act the way I want to feel." Although we presume that we act because of the way we feel, in fact it's the other way around.. we often feel because of the way we act. It's simple, "fake it till you feel it!"

This has been so helpful too me especially now that I'm vulnerable to the feeling of being down and low. This is a little embarrassing but I'll share it to you anyway if you promise not to make fun of me. You promise? Pinky swear? Okay, here yah gooo! Everytime I wake up feeling sluggish, I'll get out of bed really fast and make these weird sounds as if I'm trying to frighten or shock myself. Hehehe! Ginugulat ko yung sarili ko, dahil sino naman ibang gugulat sa 'kin dba? I know I'm such a weirdo but it has been my way of shaking off the ugly feeling. Or sometimes I tap my dude YouTube for help. We sing, dance, watch funny videos together. My other pal, Tumblr, keeps me company too. We go senti and emo emo together and it's surprisingly therapeutic. I like it that way.. cheering myself up so I won't need other people to do it for me. If the more normal ones go out with friends when feeling sad, ako, etooo, pinapasaya lang ang sarili. Hahaha! Kidding aside, it works for me most of the time. It makes me feel lighter and of course, happier. Exactly Gretchen Rubin's purpose. Thanks, girl! Hehehe! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

everyone, meet xana ❤

Guys??! Are you ready for today's big revelation? BADUMM TSHH! Hehe! That's drums and cymbals if you didn't get it! :P As promised, here's Mara Susana Isabel or XANA! ❤ She's a giant baby at 8.7 lbs! And right now, I am at a loss for words to express just how adorable she issss! She's so flufeeeh, my goodness! I can't wait for the day when I can hug her sooo tight and pinch, pinch, pinch her chubby cheeks! Sobrang nakakagigil, pwera usog! Hehe! Ohh, lawayan nyo yung paa, ha! :)

*photo stolen from her mommeh's Facebook account

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

not just another farm story

Fine, let's take a break from my The Happiness Project obsession. I seriously hope I am not boring you with it but just in case, here's a breather. :) So my sissy and I spent half of last week in the farm looking after our little warrior, Marcus. His mom just gave birth to a super fluffehh baby girl and although they have a helper, they wanted us to be around. You see, our little boy has very special needs and there's just no way they'd risk his welfare. In spite of this, I said yes without hesitation. Eheem! I've always loved kids and more often than not, they return the favor. Ang balita ko kasi, kids are more likely to trust pretty faces. Hehehe! Wala na kong ibang sinabi ah!

Day 1

Kuya Marvin and Teigs fetched us from SM Fairview late afternoon of Saturday. It was a long day actually. I'm done with my stuff early morning and ready to go a little past lunchtime. Anit {my sister} and I had to wait for a couple of hours 'cause the farm service malfunctioned or somethin. And when they were finally at the meeting place, it was their turn to wait 'cause we had to run errands with mom. Luckily, Marcus was busy in the play place when we arrived. A little chika chika then off we go.

On our way to Rivercreek, we had to stop at Max's 'cause Marcus was throwing tantrums already. Lesson #1: Never starve the little boy. Got that, sir! Hehe! We were in the farm at around 9pm and we immediately began bugging our nephew. That's when we met Josa too, Koi's nanny. She seemed so serious and medyo scary pa nga at first but boyyy, we were wrong! She made our stay super fun. If it weren't for my nephew, I'm pretty sure we took her home. She was THAT funny!! She came from a remote coast in Samar and she's never been to Manila before. They even shared this hilarious incident of her when they went out once but I don't wanna embarrass her. Pero nakooo, sobrang nakakatawa talaga!

Marcus Peter.. Jose ❤
decided to keep his name tag from the play place in my wallet :)

Day 2

Teigs' schedule was moved from early morning to afternoon of Sunday so they had ample time to prepare lists and to give us reminders. Josa was assigned to prepare meals, kuya Marvin taught Anit all about the switches, and I was handed Marcus' cancer-busting program. It was intimidating at first but I was glad that I had the entire morning to watch them prepare his juices and meds. Later on, I realized that it wasn't as difficult as I thought. You just have to get used to it.

Sunday went on like a breeze. I was so surprised to find out that taking care of Marcus is actually easy. First, he loves to run back and forth in the porch. All we had to do was watch over him -- make sure he doesn't climb up the railings, go down the stairs or throw anything down. He loves to victimize the empty mineral water containers, by the way! Poor containersss, down yah gooo! Bwahaha! 

someone's serious with his morning ritual

Second, whenever he wants to drink his juice, he'll lead us to the fridge and hand us his coconut water jar. We had to be watchful though 'cause he does this even if he's not yet done with his current bottle. We refill only if we won't be changing the meds that we mix. Also, it's important for the kid to have his me-time. Watch out, here's another introvert in the making! Hehe! Whenever it's his meme time, he'd either run to their room and close the door, or lie on his rubber mats in the living room's floor. If it's the latter, it's okay to mess with him. But if it's the first, nakooo, he shoos us away. So we leave right after we have turned on his fan and air filter.
Hmm.. Third, he loves to play in his playroom slash Josa's room. It's where all his toys are kept, from huge trucks down to the tiny rubber letters and just like any other kid, he loves biting them. It's impossible to let him play alone! We take turns in looking after him or sometimes when Anit's working and I'm tinkering with their desktop, we'd shout to each other 'nanjan na syaaa' meaning alert alert, it's your turn to watch over the kid. Hahaha! One time I was editing photos and I was silently wishing for our nephew to stay with my sister. Hehehe! I never told you I am perfect, or did I?

From one to surprise to another, he quickly fell asleep during the first night that her mama and deedee weren't around. On a normal day, he'd sleep on his deedee's chest. But for three days, he had to be patient with our chests. Tyaga tyaga muna! Our first real challenge was when he woke up in the middle of the night and started crying. It took more than an hour before Josa succeeded in making him sleep again. I, on the other hand, wasn't able to go back to sleep. Sa sobrang antok ko, I even tweeted that I'll pass on the mommy life. What was I thinking??!

Day 3

The next day, his parents were no longer there to guide us. I'd say this was the most difficult out of the several days that we were there. It started just fine, eto nga't may paaraw araw pa ko, but then our little Kokoi refused to eat! His breakfast and lunch according to our sacred list was supposed to be rice porridge but he didn't like it. We had no choice but to feed him with the leftovers from the day before, banana pancakes and kamote fries. He finished his breakfast but ate so little for lunch and dinner. Our only consolation was that he still seemed to be happy, after all.

getting some tan.. err, vitamin D!

Speaking of being happy, do you know what makes him happy the most? Well aside from food.. it's bath time!! Ewan ko ba why I chose to edit  an emo {did I really just use that word??} photo for this day but there's one more down below that shows how his batya and a little water can make him jump up and down out of joy. Oopss, no peeking!! Hehehe! The most hilarious blooper among all his bloopers also happened during his bath time! Can you guess??! I have no prize to offer but please guess? :) We let him play longer in his batya and then all of a sudden, we noticed these brown thingamajigsss floating! Hahahaha! Yes, he pooped! Josa was quick to take him out of the water but our LOLing time was the complete opposite. It took a long while before we were able to move on. One day I'll use this story and the supporting photos to blackmail my nephew and make him buy me pasalubong. Nahhh, kidding! :)

Day 4

Among the three whole days {Sunday, Monday & Tuesday} that we spent there, I must say the last one's my favorite. Our alaga ate and slept well; no bath time boo-boos too! And although it was the first time that he cried during daytime, it turned out to be for the better 'cause we had an excuse to walk through the rice fields. He threw stones just like when he's with mama and deedee. And mind you, he knows exactly what to do! He remains to be a smart boy despite his condition. ❤ And fret not folks, we washed his hands after. :)

didn't I tell you? bath times are happy times! :))

And oh, everyone, meet the super hilarious Josaaa! Don't get fooled by her antics though, there's more to her than meets the eye. Naks! But seriously, I didn't expect her to be that observant and resourceful. I immediately noticed how she'd watch me every time I prepare Koi's drink and meds. But one time, she didn't catch what medicine bottle I picked out.. Guess what? She asked me! It wasn't expected of her, but still. Nakakatuwa lang isipin that she genuinely cares for my nephew, and to think it's only been a month since they got her. And yes I mentioned resourceful too. Naloka lang kami when she surprised us with a jar of an alternative juice after Koi's coconut water  has run out. No coconut, no problem! Hehehe!

Day 5

At first, the thought of staying in the farm for five freakin days seemed so longgg. But when our farm stint was almost ever, it came to me that it really wasn't. Walang kainip inip at all! Of course it's given that my nephew {and let's not forget Josa} keep me entertained, then there's Instagram, but more than anything.. it was my book, few leaves of my mom's yellow blue pad, and my pen that made the heaviest impact! Cool na cool ako sa pagdadraft ng posts, while my nephew runs back and forth in the veranda. I guess it's the vibe of the farm that makes it easier for me to think and be creative. Nakoo, torn na 'ko between the beach and the farm! San ko na ilalagay yung rest house ko nitooo?!! Mehehe. :3

gotta love this photo the most
be still, my heart ❤

Obviously, we didn't let our farm stint be over without a little pictorial. Just please don't notice my not-so-little outfit boo-boo! :P I loved how our photos turned out to the point I had to literally stop my self from posting yet another one on Instagram. Scroll, scroll and please tell me you love them as much as I do! :)

love thissss

and thissss too! :P

And finally, afternoon of Wednesday, kuya Marvin and his friend sent us home. Josa and Koi hopped on board too! From East Ave, we insisted on taking a cab 'cause we wanted kuya to be home earlier for Teigs and Xana. And speaking of Xana, I have yet to steal a photo of her. And I promise you, the wait is worth her cutenessss. ❤

Saturday, March 15, 2014

the happiness project: january (part 1 of 2)

I'm sure I've mentioned a bajillion times already how much of an OC freak I am. But if you haven't digested that fact yet, I am telling you again --! Got that now? It's not clinical though, so nothing to worry about.

Why am I telling you this? Because The Happiness Project's focus for the month of January is Boost Energy and of course, organization is a vital part of it. Ang galing talaga nitong si mareng Gretchen eh, alam na alam kung paano ako mahu-hook. And yes, feeling ko sinulat nya 'to para sa 'kin. Haha! Ang kapal ko.

Sige na nga, let's get a little serious. According to the book, research shows that having more energy makes it easier for a person to engage in activities. In return those activities, say socializing or exercise, boost happiness. On the other hand, when a person is constantly feeling tired, everything seems to be overwhelming. Sobrang nakakatamad bumangon, much more prepare for work or for school {hello, baby girl!}. In my case, a bum for more than a year already, it's so dragging to help with household chores, edit photos & blog, or go out with friends. Lahat yan mahirap, all because you're not energetic! And if you're still not convinced that being energetic is important consider this: feeling energetic rises self-esteem. Ohh, gusto nyo 'yun dba? So were settled, the first step to genuine and overflowing happiness is to be energetic.

She tackled both physical and mental aspects. Physical: sleep and enough exercise. Mental: tackle apartment & office and clear metaphorical clutter {crossing off tasks from your to-do list}. Lastly, she added "act the way I want to feel." You'll find out more about it as we continue.


You still with me? Yes, yes?? Good! This one's simple, go to sleep early and have enough of it.  The book didn't exactly say how many hours of sleep a person needs but I've been reading it's 7 to 9 hours for adults. {Update 03.30.2014 My bad. She mentioned somewhere, it's 7 to 8 pala.} Going back, study revealed that along with tight work deadlines {eww}, a bad night's sleep was one of the top two factors that upset daily mood. So dapat pala, magbiro ka na sa lasing wag lang sa puyat. Acheche! Hehehe! Lame, noh? One more point, although people adjust to feeling sleepy, sleep deprivation impairs memory, weakens the immune system, slows metabolism and might foster weight gain. So even if we're okay with 5 to 6 hours of sleep, still, it silently damages us. We may not feel the consequences instantly but in the long run, we will.

Of course, it isn't fair to tell you that you need to sleep early and not share Gretchen's tips on how you can do so. Brace yourselves. (1) Get ready for bed BEFORE bedtime. We all have to agree with this one: It's the prebed work that makes us prefer staying up over sleeping. Aminin natin, when we're too tired, we tend to procrastinate on our night rituals -- taking out contact lenses, freeing our face from makeup, brushing our teeth and taking a shower. So if we do all these earlier than our actual bedtime, nothing can delay us from jumping right into our beds. (2) Near your bedtime, don't do any work that requires alert thinking. (3) Keep your bedroom slightly chilly. (4) Do a few prebed stretches. (5) Keep your light low around bedtime and make sure your room is very dark when the lights are out. But to be honest, I didn't give this part much attention because I never had a problem sleeping. I can sleep whenever, wherever I want to. My family and friends can attest to that. Ha! Take that insomniacs! ✌

Okaaay, I was kidding. :) Here are more tips for when you wake up in the middle of the night. (1) Breathe deeply and slowly until you couldn't stand it anymore. (2) When your mind is swamped with things to do,write everything down. It will give a clearer picture of how much you really have on your plate and how you can accomplish them the next day. (3) Pretend as if you have to wake up in a few minutes. You'll end up savoring your last few tick tocks before your morning rituals.

Once you're able to improve your sleeping habits, you'll notice that (1) You're more energetic and cheerful. (2) You won't have the urge to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. (3) Getting out of bed is no longer a torture and you wake up early naturally. Personally, whenever I wake up early and given I made the most out of the morning {you know, accomplished lotsa things} I become lighthearted. Yung tipong parang walang problema ang mundo at nakamtam na natin ang world peace. Hehehe! Please tell me you get the feeling I was trying to get across.


I bet we all know that the better half of sleep is exercise. Believe it or not, regular exercise boosts energy, especially in sedentary people. Whutt people?? Sedentary people, or in layman's term, couch potatoes. Bato, bato sa langit! Arayy, natamaan ako. Hahaha! :P Just by exercising twenty minutes a day three days a week for six weeks, persistently tired people boosted their energy. So I've decided, starting on Monday, I'll go back to working out regularly. The thing is, I can get too obsessed with working out {aero kae bo or zumba, whatever I feel like doing} to the point I'll tire myself everyday, or I won't completely. There's nothing in between. Now I have to have the discipline to follow what's recommended. Wish me luck?

Again, I highlighted {as in literally} a couple of lines that made an impact to me. Walking; the repetitive activity of walking, studies show, triggers the body's relaxation response and so helps reduce stress. Even a quick ten-minute walk provides an immediate energy boost and improves mood. Unfortunately, from where I live now, there's no convenient place where I can walk or jog. And right now, I am judging myself as to why I never used the treadmill in my then condo. Ugh!! Must live in Eastwood again when I get back to work. Hehe, saying that as if sa Eastwood lang may treadmill. :P

Strength training; lifting weights increases muscle mass, strengthens bones, firms the core, and improves shape. People who work out with weights maintain more muscle and gain less fat as they age. My sister already told me about that last line -- the more muscles you have in a particular part of your body, the more difficult for that part to get fat. It was a kaya pala moment. That explains why everytime I get fat, it is more evident in my tummy. While I never had abs, my arms on the other hand are more 'toned'. I have these muscles in my biceps and I don't even have an idea where they came from. Hehehe! Now I'm seriously considering borrowing mommy's ab rocket. Hmm. Let's see.

Lastly, the importance of light, err, sunlight. Light deprivation is one reason that people feel tired. Even five minutes of daylight stimulates production of serotonin and dopamine, brain chemicals that improve mood. Kaya naman from now on, I'll see it to that I get enough sunlight and Vitamin D.Wait guyss, magpapaaraw lang ako. Haha! ✌

to be continued..

Friday, March 14, 2014

baby you're so classic

About to hunt for new songs and realized I cannot let go of these two, might as well share them to all of yahhh! Tell me what you think?


Hey! Where's the drum?

Ooh girl you're shining
Like a 5th avenue diamond
And they don't make you like they used to
You're never going out of style

Ooh pretty baby
This world might have gone crazy
The way you saved me,
Who could blame me
When I just wanna make you smile

I wanna thrill you like Michael
I wanna kiss you like Prince
Let's get it on like Marvin Gaye
Like Hathaway write a song for you like this

You're over my head
I'm out of my mind
Thinking I was born in the wrong time
One of a kind, living in a world gone plastic
Baby you're so classic
Baby you're so classic
Baby you,
Baby you're so classic

Four dozen of roses
Anything for you to notice
All the way to serenade you
Doing it Sinatra style

Ima pick you up in a Cadillac
Like a gentleman bringin' glamor back
Keep it real to real in the way I feel
I could walk you down the aisle

I wanna thrill you like Michael
I wanna kiss you like Prince
Let's get it on like Marvin Gaye
Like Hathaway write a song for you like this

You're over my head
I'm out of my mind
Thinking I was born in the wrong time
Let's start the rewind, everything is so throwback age (I kinda like it like it)
Out of my league
Old school chic
Like a movie star
From the silver screen
One of a kind living in a world gone plastic
Baby you're so classic
Baby you're so classic
Baby you're so classic

Baby you're class and baby you're sick
I never met a girl like you ever til we met
A star in the 40's, centerfold in the 50's
Got me tripping out like the sixties
Hippies Queen of the discotheque
A 70's dream and an 80's best
Hepburn, Beyoncé, Marilyn Manson
Girl you're timeless, just so classic

You're over my head I'm out of my mind
Thinking I was born in the wrong time
Let's start the rewind, everything is so throwback age (I kinda like it like it)
Out of my league
Old school chic
Like a movie star
From the silver screen
You're one of a kind living in a world gone plastic
Baby you're so classic
Baby you're so classic
Baby you're so classic


I'm a little sun shy when the sun shines on the wrong day
And I believe my bed is a constant bearer of these sun shades
Cuz I'm a little sun shy when the sun light beckons I wake up
Oh, I wont wake up

I make my days my nights thats when my heart gets pumpin
I'll take you for a ride, my nights only just started
Show me some place I'd like, make me feel like I'm dreamin
Oh and I wont wake up

Though I dont know where I go
Light it never done much for me
But lead me down a lonely road
Hit the lights so I can see
That I'm a little sun shy la da da da da
I'm a little sun shy
I'm a little sun shy la da da da da
I'm a little sun shy

Why are your eyes still closed, cant do much when we're sleepin'
I'll wake you up and show the night is where my heart is
We dont need daylight to feel right come close to me
And we'll stay up

Though I dont know where I go
Light it never done much for me
But lead me down a lonely road
Hit the lights so I can see
That you and me are company
Enough to make the sun explode
We'll lose the lights and harmony
In the night I'll have control
Cuz I'm a little sun shy la da da da da
I'm a little sun shy
I'm a little sun shy la da da da da
I'm a little sun shy

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

never gets old

'Sup, guys?! I'm currently babysitting my nephew here in Rivercreek and while he's asleep, I'm giving you my attention, albeit divided. So.. Remember I told you I have more stories re: papi's birthday? Here it is!

The next day, we did what we originally planned and that's to visit our favorite church -- Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. It will never, ever get old for us, I swear! I can't exactly tell what's so special with that church. Maybe it's the childhood memories, maybe the seclusion, maybe the calm no other church has, maybe the fact that it makes a good backdrop, or maybe it's simply one of the glues that stick our family together. I'll never know. But whatever that reason maybe, I'm pretty sure it's here to stay. And we're gonna be infinite. Okayyy, maybe that last line didn't make any sense at all. Haha! Just let me get away with it. :P

#annoyingselfie #sorrynotsorry

We got there around dinner time. Yess, that late! We quickly took photos outside 'cause it's already getting dark. We then proceeded inside the church to say our prayers and of course, thank the big Guy up there for papi's another year. He's already 64, by the way, and I know you will all agree when I say he doesn't look like it. Parang 63 lang noh? Hahaha! Kidding! We didn't stay long inside, well, as usual, 'cause papi never had enough patience to wait for a mass and actually finish it. Praying has always been enough of him. I'm sure He understands how non-conformist my father is. 

After church, we were supposed to head home and prepare a nice dinner when I {okaay, my brother and I} thought of a bright idea. We brought them to a 'posh' carinderia near the church. I've been there last year with my best friend and my brother frequents the place with his barkada. We assured them that their food is good but my mom was sooo hesitant. She was so funny; her interrogation was FBI-worthy. Haha! Nevertheless, we were able to convince her.

As soon as we got there, mama said the place was fine. Whew! Thank God there weren't boozing groups then or else, we could have backed out. We were also impressed with their menu. I didn't get to see it last time 'cause I was sick and the best friend ordered for me. It was her treat din kasi. But the ultimate reason why it passed my parents' standards was the fact that their food is good. Syempre naman noh, yun ang ipinunta namin dun eh! And I already said they like lutong bahay, right? I'm certain we will visit the place again. Like really soon.

Before we went home, we checked out the name of the place and it was.. Da Best! Hahaha! Medyo korni. But at least, the mystery of the century was finally revealed. Anyway, if you're near Grotto, check out Da Best. Hehehe. The best talaga sya. Haha! :P


Friday, March 7, 2014

first of march

Can you guess what's so special with the first day of March? Anymore guesses? Yep yep! It's my father's birthday! ❤ He also happens to share the same birth date with my cousin so that makes the day a lot more special.

March 1st was a Saturday and my brother had a school commitment so we planned to celebrate the next day. Nothing grand, just a visit to our favorite church and probably a nice dinner at home. But mommy {my cousin's wife} was unstoppable as usual. She's done baking three cakes and tons of cupcakes by Friday night. Saturday morning, Dana and I were forced to help in making icing and designing papi's cake. My niece joined too so it was triple the riot. Haha! Mine and Dana's cake turned out looking like a wedding cake and Faye's, a Valentine's cake. Heehee! Only mommy's designs were decent enough for a birthday celebration. 'Nuff said!

We really didn't have the chance to sit down and eat together like a happy family celebrating a birthday. Mommy and daddy had visitors but we didn't bother joining them. Each had their own businesses -- Gigi and Anit {my brother and sister, respectively} went out of the house, Dana {another sister} was busy looking for papi's old photos, and I.. I was busy trying to give my eyebrows a good shape. Hahaha! Of all days, sa birthday pa ng tatay ko! I'm the bombbb, yeah!

I was about to leave the house and meet Jhov when they suddenly thought of taking photos, and eating too of course. I knew I was in trouble 'cause they didn't know I was leaving. Hehehe. I managed to join for a couple of photos and taste uhmm.. nanay's {mommy's mom} lumpiang shanghai and the pancit malabon they ordered from idunnowhere. I had to escape when Jhov was already turning into a mad monster. ✌
teenagering couple #1 :P

teenagering couple #2 :P

I was Jhov's personal shopping assistant, yet again. Check out these posts from September, December and January. There's actually one more that I wasn't able to 'document' 'cause we were in a hurry. This time, we made the most out of the midnight sale and she literally shopped til we both dropped. As in pagod na pagod kami and even after stuffing our tummies, di pa rin namin kaya tumayo. Hahaha! It was worth it though, she gave me this gift card she got from work {supposedly her Christmas gift for me but was forgotten countless times :P} and I got myself a knuckle ring. Woohoo! I'm scared this will start a new obsession but whatever.. Thanks Jhov!

I still have more stories re: papi's birthday but that would have to wait til my next post. I knew it! This month's gonna be amazinggg. ❤

Saturday, March 1, 2014

the happiness project: getting started

Hiyaa! Been living under a rock for days now 'cause my laptop is freakin' buhrokenn. Finally thought of squatting downstairs, in our good ol' desktop, to accomplish a little something for ze blog today. 

I digress. Let's talk about this awesome book I'm currently reading -- The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. If it sounded like a self help book, that's because it is, actually. I bought it back in 2012 {surprise, surprise!} when I was having a li'l life drama. Heehee! I finished a single chapter and left the rest hanging, just like that! Anyare sa "I loathe unfinished businesses" ko? Haha! Oh well.. It was a tough time back then. At least I finally got to pick it up again, thanks to my recent visit to the doctor. I couldn't have survived the morning waiting game without it.

Let's start off with how Gretchen {sorry guysss, first name basis na kami} got the idea of writing the book. She had an epiphany one rainy afternoon in a city bus, no less, that the days are long but the years are short. She felt like time is passing and that she's not focusing on the things that really matter. In a flash, she decided to dedicate a year to her happiness project. She chronicled her adventures during the twelve months she spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific research and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier. ❤

I was hooked, yet again, the moment I started reading it. She began by giving a general picture of her life -- her husband & two kids, her work, where they leave, her parents & sisters, her friends.. She knew exactly that she has so much to be happy about yet admitted to feel dissatisfied at times. She said.. "I had everything I could possibly want -- yet I was failing to appreciate it."  Sapul ka? Ako rin eh! That line alone, I knew the book will help me realize all the good in this life.

Here's another line that hit me like a moving truck.. "When life was taking its ordinary course, it was hard to remember what really mattered." Just.So.True!! There are a lot of things that I failed to take into consideration back when I was too busy making a living. For one, I forgot that I needed to take care of my health. Kung hindi pa ko napompyang ni Lord, malamang, nagpapakamatay pa rin ako sa pagtatrabaho. I may not be the best person to give you an earful, but at least listen to this, STOP FOR A MOMENT AND THINK. What do I really want? What are the things that really matter to me? Let's drop for a second that we're trying to outlast everyone else. It'll make a huge difference.

Here's one more.. "Just because I wasn't depressed didn't mean that I couldn't benefit from trying to be happier." I believe it's a wrong connotation that when one reads books like this, that person isn't happy or worst, depressed altogether. The way I see it, that person is only wise enough to prevent a difficulty that can possibly come. Gretchen said.. "I didn't want to wait for a crisis to remake my life." True, true and true! Why didn't I think of those words first? Hahaha! Asa naman ako!?
She also shared her resources, greatest minds from Plato to Oprah! She also has these lists, Twelve Commandments and Secrets of Adulthood. I have yet to appreciate all of them as they get applied in her monthly journey. I'm sooo psyched to share more of the book. Ha! I've almost memorized the things she wrote for January. :P

Also, HELLO MARCH! Something tells me this is gonna be a fun month! Starting off with my father's and cousin's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!! This psycho loves you! ❤