Thursday, April 21, 2011

one year starts tomorrow

Urgh! I'm getting sad. Silina is about to leave tomorrow. She'll be flying somewhere else for work. Darn work, panira ng friendship. But no, don't think I am unhappy about this whole thing. I am more than glad for her, she deserves it. It's just that.. uhhm.. i'll miss her. =( Ok enough, ang arte ko na! >:p

Rewind. Rewind. Since the day we found out they'll be sending her onshore, we've been thinking of our lasts - last activities, last trips, last treats. And with last I mean before she leaves. Clear? Teehee. More to come when she comes back, of course.

For her "last" treat {which really didn't happen to be the last}, we had lunch at Shakey's. The three of us as always - Apple, Sheena and Silina. =) We had pasta, mojos, chocolate shakes, endless stories, good laughs. How can you not miss that?

first of the "lasts"



Silina ♥ Apple ♥  Sheena

Moving on. Remember we went to Sagada? That almost didn't push through as everyone was half hearted. But since Silina is about to leave, we just had to go somewhere, anywhere honestly. Luck was on us, natuloy rin naman sya. Click on the links for our last-trip-for-now stories.

And this blog entry's highlight, our Enchanted Kingdom adventure. We went there last April 3 - Apple, Sheena, Silina, Dwin and Joel. That's my most sulit EK trip to date. No stressful loooong lines, just the sun's scorching heat. OMG, I was sun-kissed.

And since I'm on a rush today.. photo dump ahead. Haha! Btw, thanks much to Joel for the KFC treat and to Silina for the DQ treat. Lalo ko kayong mamimiss dahil sa mga treat nyo. >:p

at the souvenir shop

me loves Dodgem


the uber fun Bump  'n Splash

showing then at Rialto: Happy Feet

Anchor's Away
may bachelor's degree na ata ako sa pagsakay dito =P

Flying Fiesta

first Space Shuttle experience

all time finale.. Rio Grande Rapids

then 'twas time to go home
had so much fuunn :))

Ooops.. one last! We also went to Banchetto for dinner - Apple, Sheena, Silina and Jigs. Puro kwentong lovelife, both fiction and non-fiction. Hahaha! =))) Then we gave our little something to Silina, a cute frame with pictures of our trips. I told her she must bring it with her to be placed in her new workstation. Demanding much? And sad to say, we didn't have pictures that night. Kung kelan pa last na for real. I guess I'd have to wait for another year.  Countdown starts tomorrow. See you soon, teh. :*

Thanks Joel and Dwin for the EK Pics.

Imma go back preparing my things. I'll spend the rest of the Holy Week elsewhere. Yay! ;)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it could have been fun..

..if only I was able to make it. >:p

Ok no one understands. I'm referring to Hyundai Run for A Cause last April o2. My college friend slash roommate Aane first told me about this. She registered along with another college friend, Ef. The run doesn't have registration free {which made us wonder how come it's for a cause??} and they'll give you singlets for free pa. Amazing offer I wasn't able to resist. So I also told my office batchmates, Tsina and Silin, about it. Silina was busy then, only Tsina and I were able to register. Done with the registration. Marked in my planner. So looking forward.

Fast forward few days before the run, Tsina told me she won't be able to make it for work related reasons. Being the understanding friend that I am {#choslang}, I just told Aane and Ef that I'll go with them since Tsina can't make it. Change of plans. I'll go with my college friends.

Even if Tsina can't make it anymore, she still accompanied me in getting my race kit. Oh well, she got hers too! The organizers didn't have any idea after all. Phhhbt!

thanks so much, Hyundai

Then the night of April o1 came. I arrived home late and I saw Aane's stuff already prepared. I went on preparing my own stuff. My running shoes was out of it's box once again after a long time {when I say long, that's roughly three months. teehee} and my singlet and short shorts was hanged by the bedside. I was sooo ready, or I thought I was.

And then the pasaway in me decided to check the cyberworld first before sending myself to sleep. Facebook, Twitter and this blog. Haay, we just can't get enough diba? 

I posted this on Facebook that night
aminado much?
So to make the now-getting-long story short, I slept late and wasn't able to get up as early as needed. The same happened to Aane. Ef called her up too late. The 1oK run has started. In about an hour, the 5K run will start. We didn't bother to get up and prepare. We opted to sleep the morning away. Haha!

Though disappointed, we just made jokes out of it. We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. Marami pang run na susunod. Hindi na ko magpupuyat ulit! This I promise you, Hyundai.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

for his special day, carbonara

I'm baaaack! I missed my blog! I have stories. Medyo bulok ng onts pero pwede pa naman! :P

So here it goes. Papi {referring to my biological father :D} turned a year older last month. I was really looking forward to that day because I wanted to cook for him. You read that right, COOK. =) And since my carbonara last New Year failed, I decided to try again. So for my father's special day, CARBONARA.

But before that, let me give you a glimpse of my failed carbonara last New Year. Burnt bacon and sauce that tasted like condensed milk. Failed yun pag ganun dba? =))

excited one moment, disappointed the next

spot those burnt bacon

Moving on to my father’s birthday, I opted to use instant gourmet sauce. Daya much? Del Monte carbonara sauce has a recipe at the back. We just bought what's written there. Make life easy! phhbtt!

because I won't list them down

TADDAAAA! Carbonara that tasted like uhmm.. real carbonara! Goal #4. Give cooking a shot. CHECK!!

it's yummeehh this time, believe it or not

And oh, my cousin share the same birth date with my father. So his wifey also prepared something. We also had Graham Mango Float courtesy of my brother, ice cream and black forest cake. All set! Instant birthday celebration.

our labor of love

the birthday boooyyss..

maisingit lang ang picture ko :P

AND AND.. let me just boast some more. Papi also had his celebration at the barangay hall. Thanks to those who continuously support and love him. Walang iwanan. Group Huuuug! HAHAHA!

cheers to the birthday boooyy!!

Plugs. Plugs. Thank you for your comments. ^__^