Tuesday, August 25, 2015

catching up series: triple baptism

So yeah. Three of my nephews got baptized sometime in February and as unbelievable as it is, my cousins trusted me with the responsibility of documenting such a monumental event in the lives of their kids. Ako? Talagang ako? To think, I've never made it to any baptismal ceremony and I already have about five goddaughters/godsons. Oops! Well, I bet they didn't know so trust me they did. Hehe! Kung alam lang nila

Knowing I had quite a big role, I took the occasion rather too seriously. I was at the parish way, wayyy ahead of time together with our ever punctual granny. We spent our waiting time over bread at a nearby Red Ribbon and since it was the first time I was out with the gramma, it felt special. Considering the usual lifestyle these days, spending alone time with the elders has become rare and precious. At least me thinks! And yes, that was a random thought! :P

ate's friend and her wonderful family 

ate's high school friends, another cousin Noemy and her pretty bebe

ate's hubby and his family

Anyway, I took the liberty of taking photos inside the church. Medyo dyahe 'cause while most of the guests were sitting down, ayun ako palakadlakad. Pero syempre push lang! Hahaha! I made sure to take photos of the actual baptism rite. First it was Moymoy, then Papao and lastly, Hael. Moymoy was hilarious as he was scared to lie there and get wet. Even the priest was coolly laughing at him. Papao was the most chill probably because he was the youngest and he had no idea of what's happening. Hehe! 




ate Jing and her panganay

Moymoy's mom, Mumay (their names, IKR?) and more of the family

hey that's me! finally an appearance :P

I was among the first ones to set foot in the reception venue too. I hurriedly took photos of the place and the food bago man lang magkagulo. Hehe! I felt like I was able to give the {photographer} role justice. Naks nemennn! Although when it was time to eat, uhm uhh, medyo nakalimutan ko yung role ko. Hahaha! Understandable right? Pagkain yun eh! Hehehe! Cordon bleu, for the win!

I have to say that the occasion perfectly served as the chance to finally see my nieces and nephews after ages. Three of them I haven't seen everrr! Of course it was also nice to see the cousins again but I was more excited about the kids. Hehe! Anong bago dun? I love my auntie status so much if that escaped you. Gahh! Kids, kids, kids!

PJ x Miyuki

kuya Jong, tita Emy, Neah and Princess

with MJ aka the other photographer :P

We spent the rest of the afternoon at their place but while the younger generation was having an after party of sorts, I stayed with the oldies for an oldie but goodie kwentuhan. Such a kill joy, Apple Joy! :P

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Friday, August 14, 2015

catching up series: holidate

Happy 2015!!! Hahaha! It's officially two-zero-one-five in this blog and I couldn't be any happier. I'm finally doing good in resurrecting my tiny share of the cyberspace and who knows, the ressurection of my life might just come next. Ha! Forever hopeful, you little one.

So I have here photos with the trio whom I sorely miss -- Silina, Sheena and Dwin. Last saw them on a holiday from the beginning of the year. Yep, ganun na katagal! We had dinner at Yabu then we spent the rest of the night at Cafe Benne, Eastwood. The spotlight was on Silina but I can't divulge how or why. Mahirap na baka mashompal ako. Hehe! Shotout also to Dwin for the impromptu joyride before calling it a day. Ang yaman sa gas! Hahaha!

Sheena's Yabu treat

Silina's Caffe Bene treat

bad case of puffy eyes :3

Out of the three, it's Silina whom I get to see {and talk to} more frequently. I flew to Eastwood solely for her twice already. Ganun ko sya kamiss. HAHA! JOKE! May kailangan kasi ako sa kanya. Pero syempre, miss ko din sya talaga. Hahaha! Hi, teh! :* Anyway, we've been negotiating my next visit but it wouldn't push through because I'm one hell of a lazy friend. Although if she would let me dip my toes in their condo pool, I'd gladly visit her again -- and in a heartbeat. It really isn't so difficult to bribe me, yeah? Hehe!

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