Friday, September 27, 2013

our little ball of crazy

I just thought I'd let everyone know I'm still alive. My last post is all sorts of ugly, remember? Ugh. But fret no! I'm feeling better now. I'm just going through soda, coffee & junk food withdrawals. Hehehe.  

Perfect for the uplifting that this blog needs, the next item in my drafts is a post dedicated to my niece - a photo dump of her actually. We had some sort of photo shoot in my room 'cause she just won't stop changing clothes, my clothes! Hahaha!

It made me realize I have a growing number of her photos already and it's high time that I share them here. I've been uploading them on Facebook non-stop though. I'm a stage aunt, I know.

Okay, let's begin with photos from the said photo shoot..

she insisted that the hanging string is a strap
she only saw one string though

so we went to the kitchen and she found her favorite
TUYO.. no less!

Let's move on to photos from our day to day craziness. I swear she's extra kulit when I'm around. I'm guilty of tolerating her, on the other hand. Self-confessed kunsintidor. :P 

messing up with the calamari I'm preparing
Aside from being cray cray with me, she loves messing up with my stuff too. From my clothes and accessories to my makeups and gadgets. Everything! Lahat ng akin, kanya rin. How can I ever say no to this young fella?

tinkering with my laptop while wearing my dress pa whuuut

She loves playing in my window too! I remember playing there too with my cousins when I was a kid. We'd eat there, sleep there, hide there. Lahat na! Ang saya-saya sa bintana ko. Hahaha!

seating by my window while playing in my phone

sleeping for real in my window
Speaking of sleeping, here are some photos of her sleeping in my bed with her paraphernalia - meme {bottle of milk}, pier {pacifier} and cow {her favorite pillow}.  She'd say when she's sleepy, "meme, pier, cooow". Hehehe. Bossy like that but still too adorbs. ♥

Let's cap this post with some photos of our recent day out. The Zagu she's holding? That's mine! Hahaha! Lahat na lang talaga! Made me always kid around na ikakabit ko na sya sa pwet ko. Hehehe.

puurty baby ♥

Anyway, thanks for the words of concern blogger friends. I'll be dropping by your blogs after my lunchieee. I miss the blogging world. Ahuuuh, ahuuhh!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

sick yet again

I'm sick again! Whuddafuuddgge!! I was brought to the doctor the other day because I was puking and poopin' non-stop. I even threw up at the clinic while waiting for my turn. Hehehe. Dyahe! Apparently, it was hyper acidity. The culprit? All the coffee and soda I ingested. It's official, no more soda, no more coffee. Mom has decided too, no more junk foods. KILL ME NOOOWW!!

This brings me to another point. I got sick THRICE already since I left my job! This hyper acidity being the third. That doesn't even include the usual cough-colds-fever combo.  Di naman ako masyadong sakitin, noh? :P

Back in April, Chikungunya pestered our family. Came out, there have been breakouts in different cities and provinces in our country. I read somewhere too that there was {not sure if there still is} a breakout in Africa. I'll leave it up to Wikipedia to give you a clear understanding of the said disease. Personally though, I had fever, rashes and joint pains. Despite how awful I felt, I chose not to get confined. Mas lalo pa akong mamamatay sa injection. Hahaha! My mom and our youngest got confined on the other hand.

Let me show you how my arm looked like.. Tingin pa lang, ang kati na. Gross, sorry! :)

My second casualty was back in June. I was rushed to the hospital because I fainted in our kitchen. I hurt my shoulders and arms, broke my lips and chin, and as I regained consciousness, I started crying. I'm not only scared of injections and the likes, I'm scared of blood too. Patalunin nyo na ko sa bangin, wag lang ako kuhanan ng dugo, seriously. 

The funny part of that incident was how my sister reacted. She was the one who saw me on the floor, face full of blood and crying. She began crying too with lines "ateeee ateee". Imagine the scenes in local movies or TV shows when someone just died? Kulang na lang sabihin nya na "ateee ateeee!! bat mo kami iniwan?" Hahaha! As soon as I felt better, we began making fun of the incident.

And oh, I fainted because I didn't eat the night before and I woke up really late. I was in the kitchen to prepare my food when I got dizzy. I didn't make a big deal out of it because I get dizzy all the time. Turned out, it was worse than the usual. Meeh. I should have seated or something when I felt it. 

And now, I'm on my third battle this time against hyper acidity. I need all the luck in the world. I'd die without coffee and soda. Then again, I might be exaggerating. Kasing OA ng mga pagkakasakit ko this year. Shizz.

Update  o9.23.2o13
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

percy jackson kinda night

Good morning! ☀ It's Mama Mary's birthday today. Happy birthday to the greatest mother of all. Thank you for all the blessings. On another note, it's grandparent's day today too so we will be visiting our lolo later. He's in heaven now and as much as I want to visit him there, sa sementeryo ko lang kaya dumalaw. Hehehe. ✌ I miss lolo so so bad, you have no idea.

Besides all that, Jhov's birthday is approaching too. This time I prefer not to be my usual gorgeously messed up self so I'll be blogging now our day out last month. Last month?? Ayy, late pa rin pala. Hahaha! Ano ba yan.

It's a shopping slash dinner slash movie date. The last two were both her treat. Dinner and movieee?? Yes, ganon na kayaman ang friend ko. Hahaha! That was a private joke, you guys!

shopping slash dinner slash movie date ♥

Anyway, we've both been used to the idea that whenever she needs to go shopping ako talaga ang PA nya. PA meaning personal assistant or in a much simpler way of saying it - alalay. Ganun sya kalakas sa akin. On the other hand, she sure knows how to compensate even without me asking. GIVE AND TAKE. That's how every friendship {or any relationship at that matter} should go.

Her shopping hauls were from Uniqlo, F&H and Celine. Andami talagaaa. Shhh! I?? What did I buy? Hehehe. Just a simple shirt from Charlie. I'm jobless, remember? Speaking of Charlie, I looovvee the brand. I'm actually contemplating a blog post about it but I have yet to take outfit shots wearing them. 

Moving on, we took out dinner from Wendy's. It's the only fast food restaurant that isn't crowded so we really didn't have a choice, well, sort of. My favorite's the bacon mushroom melt. Hehe. Just had to say that.

The movie we watched? Percy Jackson!! It's a good movie. I even posted its trailer on this blog because I wanted to share it. It also made me appreciate Logan Lerman to the point that I stalked him with the friend of my good friend, Google. Hahaha! Thanks again dude!

blizzarrdd ♥

To cap off the night, I treated her to an M&M Blizzard. Another favorite! We only stayed there for a short while though 'cause it's late already. It was a long day but definitely fun. Thanks again, girl! ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wuuuvv youuu!! :*

*Blabbed this morning. Unfortunately, I lost internet connection just.before.I.hit.publish. Did I hear you say tragic?


Thursday, September 5, 2013

wetpooh once again

Few days after my birthday, I met up with one of my closest group back in college - Wetpooh. Did you just raise your eyebrows with what I said? Yes, Wetpooh! Hahaha! I was lucky with my block mates in college 'cause we were really bonded. At one point the groups called themselves Wetpaint, Wetsaks, Wetpaks and of course us, Wetpooh. Sobrang korni if you think about it but at that time tuwang tuwa kami sa mga sarili namin. Hahaha!

Anyway, we really didn't plan this get together but when Lia greeted me on my birthday, she gave the idea of seeing each other. Being the kaladkarins that we are, go naman kami. We went to Eastwood again. Apparently most of us are comfortable with the place. I once lived there while Lia and Tricia once worked there. Yeah, that's how I remember it.

Tin was the first one to arrive and I was next. We roamed around Eastwood while waiting for the two. We even saw Chito with Neri and then Sam. Since we haven't decided where to eat, Tin and I stayed at Starbucks first. 

When Lia and Tricia arrived, we stayed at Starbucks for a while to start catching up. Funny how when Tin and I were telling the two about Sam, Tricia suddenly saw Sam arrive in the coffee shop. Speaking of the devil moment. Only that it was a good looking one. Hehe. :)

Need I say what happened next? Syempre, nagpapicture kami. It was actually my first time to ask for a photo from a celebrity. Nadala lang ako sa kilig ni Lia. Hahaha! After that, I kind of like Sam already 'cause he seemed nice. Fan girl bigla?

fan girl moment ♥

We then decided to have dinner at Friday's. I have to be honest, it was a bit difficult to make the conversation going. I guess because we didn't see each other for a really long time. It's true what they say, the more you talk to each, the more you'll never run out of things to talk about. We are the exact opposite, that explains.

Despite that, I'd say we were still able to catch up - a little about love life and a lot about work. At our age, we are supposed to be talking about kids and building our own home but apparently we aren't. Is it just us o di na talaga uso mag-asawa ng maaga? Haha!

on nom nom
love the dessert ♥

By the way, here's an OOTD. Maisingit lang. Hahaha! It was few minutes of fun taking our parting photos. Andaming bloopers.

Tin - Tricia - Apple

Tin - Lia - Apple

After our Friday's stint, we dropped by J.CO to buy pasalubong. I even almost lost my phone there 'cause I left it in the wash room. I went out ahead of Tin and I left it in the sink. Jusmio! Good thing we still have good Samaritans and someone told Tin I left my phone.Whoever that girl is, God bless her. :)

As we head home, Lia dropped Tin and Tricia to where they'll catch their ride home. On the other hand, Lia and I had extended kwentuhan 'cause she sent me home. Thank you so much, Bullie! :* We call each other that by the way. Another college ka-kornihan.

Thanks again, girls! 'Til next time. :)