Friday, December 31, 2010

what I almost never finished

Remember Goal # 13 Read a book?

I said I'll be getting {and of course, reading} Nina Garcia's Style Strategy. I find it expensive, well it really is, but I was able to get it at a lower price. Now who's lucky? Haha! But it took a while before I was able to finish it. I've been hella busy and at night I always fell a sleep while trying to read.. blah blah blah.. but what I almost never finished is now, well FINISHED. Time to share what I learned..

The Style Strategy
a less-is-more approach to staying chic and shopping smart

Style Mantra: Shop smart, stay chic, and make it last

DNA of the Style Strategy:
What do I have?
What do I need?
What do I want

Basically, you just have to go through everything in your closet. You need to take inventory and then decide what to do with each of on them. Decide on what to keep, on what to let go, and on what needs to be altered.

So what should you keep? Everything you wear regularly and anything that makes you fabulous. Just remember to use them in different ways. Never wear the same top with the same skirt over and over again just because its flattering. I am guilty. Time for a change come 2o11. And according to Nina, when you do combine garments in a completely new way, it will feel like shopping without the guilt. I have yet to feel that.

What to let go? Old clothes that are no longer in good condition, like those with stained underarms already. Sounds gross? You should also part will ill-fitting clothes if you have no plans {or there is no way at all} of altering them. We all get a little fat as we age. Trust me, I know. You can either sell them {pre-loved clothes anyone?}, donate them or use them in a different way {I can only think of turning them into rags}.

After this first stage your closet should look fresh and you're inspired with what you have accomplished. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to squeeze in this activity with my remaining days free from work.

First, make a list of what has survived from your closet purge. Yes, a WRITTEN list. This will help you pinpoint what's missing from your wardrobe.

Second, create another list of your needs. Write down the basics missing from your closet. Again, BASICS. Because this is needs and not wants. Identify as well those basics that you need to save up for. Think long term.

And to guide us on how to identify what's missing from our wardrobes, Nina shared the garments she considers as basic. She loves shoes more than anything else so its "Shoes" and "The world beyond shoes".

• Knee High High-Heeled boots
• Riding boots
• Classic High-Heel Pumps
• Ballet flats
• Stilettos
• Sandals
• Espadrilles
• Sneakers

The last three need not be investment pieces. Also, she stresses on how important it is to buy your correct size. And to be able to do so, never fit shoes first thing in the morning, or after you've been on your feet all day.

The world beyond shoes
• Trench Coat
• Classic White Shirt
• Trousers
• Skirt
• Blazer
• Little Black Dress
• Cardigan/Turtleneck sweater
• Great bag
• Denim
• Lingerie

Obviously some are best used during winter. Although we do not have one, trench coats and turtlenecks can be used in the office. I should know, I'm kind of a turtleneck fan.

A good rule to follow:
Don't buy anything unless you have at least three items in your closet that it will go with.

According to Nina, she sometimes wake up with an irresistible desire to go shopping. She just wants something and it doesn't matter what it is. I feel that do, often actually. And RETAIL THERAPY is the only easy fix.

Since the goal is to shop smart and not to stop shopping altogether, you just have to do it towards the right direction. Moderation is the key. During times when you really can't afford to buy something significant for yourself,buy yourself a small treat {organic beauty product, makeup}.

Also you must PAMPER yourself frequently. Doing your beauty regimen at home, like facial, mani-pedi, bubble bath etc. can remove your shopping urges.

When shopping is inevitable, here's a list of garments that can add glitter to your basics.

• Knits
• Tank tops and camisoles
• Tights
• Fitted Tees
• Skirts
• Casual dresses
• Accessories

Other reminders include trying swap parties, checking out outlet malls and vintage shops and garment renovations which you can accomplish yourself or with the help of your tailor.

She also included a list of "Where to Buy", boutiques I hardly know. But then Forever 21 is included in the "Inexpensive and Trends" list. Imma get my fillers there after I figure out what's missing in my closet. That one last shopping {because I plan to save up next year} will be guided by what I learned from this book. I am excited.


Monday, December 27, 2010

resistance is futile

Resistance is futile. I can no longer remove blog reading and lookbook stalking in my system. This is bad. Ohnooees.. :S

Here's a list of blogs I've been stalking.

This blog inspired me to create a blog of my own. This is where I got the idea of making my own 25 before 25 list. If I'm not mistaken I found her link through girl talk. I am so thankful I bumped into this. My blog along with my 25 before 25 list is providing me so much direction. 

The 30 before 30 Project
This is Chronicles of Vanity's inspiration of her 25 before 25 list. I don't get to visit this blog as often because it's more of a travel blog and her goals are, well, still unreachable for me.

Lush Angel
I got addicted to her fashion posts. She's my favorite until I found Thirstythought.

Below are two of my favorite lush-cious outfits:

From the brainchild, Krystle Uy. I love the way she writes and I looooove her style. Thus, aside from her blog I've been stalking her lookbook too. Am I creepy? Hehe. I am almost done checking out all her lookbook posts. I need a new blog/lookbook to stalk. Any suggestions? 

See favorite looks below:

isn't she and her outfits lovely?

Been stalking Tricia Gosingtian's Tumblr and Lookbook too. This started when I found out she's one of Forever 21's brand ambassador. I don't like her style as much as Krystle's though. Probably because I am more for casual looks, not super trendy I-just-finished-fashion-show looks.  

Just because her tumblr is popular. But it has turned into a photo diary, hence the new blogsite I admire how her blog is different. Not so much of a fashion and beauty blog. Entries I can remember talk about her opinions on current events, her thoughts on famous personalities, her love for writing, among others.

Chos lang! Because Sheena is a friend. Hahaha! I kid. Because she writes well and.. because she's a friend. Have I said that already? Kidding aside, I love how her blog entries reflect how she truly feels {Despite lying that they're fiction}. Haha, peace CMD! =) Something I cannot and will never do with my blog. I cannot get as transparent. And I have no plans of being one.

So there.. I hope I didn't miss any.. I hafta go blog-hopping now! 

**photos taken from their respective blogs, hope they don't mind. hihi.. =)

Friday, December 24, 2010

they come in pink

Thank goodness gadgets come in pink too. I could not have developed any love for them if they don't. ♥

I am not so much of a techie person but I'd surely die without the basics. I first had my cellphone in second year highschool. While everyone was fine with their alcatel, philips, etc., I have my Nokia 3210. Haha! Sosyal. It stayed with me for years, which means I got left out when high end phones came out. Then I had Nokia 3530 in college. Mhog and I shared the same cellphone unit until mine was stolen. Stupidity I'd rather not share. Then I had Motorola L6. My first ever pink gadget. I still have it with me actually but its almost useless since it restarts from time to time when you're using it. I still would not let it go since it is where my old Smart SIM resides. They'll grow old and eventually die together. Sweet! Haha!

my poor Motorola L6

Now lemme share my set of pink gadgets and how I feel about them just now. Because While writing this, I realized I love 'em and I could have at least noted when I actually got them, aka their birthdays. So sad I wasn't able to do so.

Anyhoo, I first got my cam. The very reason I applied for a credit card. {Can I just take this opportunity to thank HSBC?} It's a Sony DSC-S930, nothing special honestly. It's just pink. I used to really love it then because before I bought it what we had are those cameras with films. I don't even know how to properly address them now. Old school huh? Sad to say, I cannot appreciate it as much now. Who would want to smile and pose for a low end digicam when DSLRs are just around the corner. Bitterness. But I don't want a DSLR for myself just now. Not until they come up with pink ones. =)

ang naaabusong digicam

Next, I got my phone. A pink Samsung Star, S5233W. I used to call it 'star ng buhay ko'. Haha! I find it funny then, now I find myself babaw. ;) I think I got it several months after I got my cam. I can't exactly remember when. I can dig on piles of important receipts back at home but this blog entry won't wait for that. Anyways, I love my phone because..

*Back when I wasn't living in an apartment yet and I had to travel 2 hours back and forth the mountains of Pangarap, a game in it called WiseStar kept my sanity.

*In relation with reason number one, long travel hours and unbelievable traffic taught me to listen to the radio, via my samsung star of course. Now I suddenly missed Chico and Del. RX fan here. =)

*I love the Memo. It is where I save important details like usernames and passwords, whether work related or not. Plus, you have an option to password protect them. Just be careful when deleting a memo, you might delete all. Then get crazy for days. Trust me, I should know.

*Free internet access whether via wi-fi or globe connection {I won't tell how, bleeh}. Free facebook. Free Twitter. How can you not love it?

*Obvious reasons like getting in touch with family & friends. <3

*Last but not the least, it's pink.

ang STAR ng buhay ko

Third on my list is.. drum roll please.. my laptoooooop!! I finally got one. It's a pink Samsung R440-JT08PH. Again, nothing special with specs and all. The usual 14 inch, with 2 GB memory, 320 GB hard disk, i3 processor. Just pink {See, I don't sound techie}. It has been planned since August that I'm going to get one come November. Yes I know, it's already December but who cares. What's important is that I'm crossing off another item on my 25 before 25 list. Goal #6 Buy dear self a laptop - CHECK!!

ang bagong bida

And because it's Christmas I will share my wish list of gadgets. Again, it's a wish list. Libre ang mangarap.
First is Nokia C3, in pink of course. This is kind of realistic. If I manage to stop myself from shopping next year, I might get one. After all, the mother is suggesting that we all switch to Sun to make communications between us easier. I cannot totally switch so I MIGHT get a secondary phone. I.need.discipline. 

Nokia C3
P5 995

Next is Sony Bloggie, in pink again. I didn't have any idea that it exists until I collected flyers and brochures from Cyberzone. It looks so cute and convenient to carry around. Really made for blogging. Blogging. Bloggie. Blogging. =))

P8 999

Third on my crazy wish list is Sony DSC-TX5. Do I need to mention I want it in pink? It is Sony's slimmest water-proof camera and it's worth 22,999. So, dream on.

Sony DSC-TX5
P22 999

And lastly, I want Sony Viao E series. It's actually an option when I bought my laptop. I just got scared that I might need to totally sacrifice shopping and out-of-town trips if I chose it, so I dropped it. No regrets. It can stay on my wish list forever. Haha!

Vaio E Series
P54 999

What's on your list? Do they come in pink too? :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the long weekend that was

Long weekends are loooveee. Definitely. Especially if they're well spent. Did I spend mine well? You be the judge! =)

It has been months since Mhog {a term of endearment, Mhoi plus Pog} and I thought of planning a get together with a bunch of college friends. I am not so much of an event organizer since school days but I guess being a part of PEP somehow changed that. PEP btw is an action team in my project whose in-charge of engagement concerns and activities like Summer Outing, Christmas Party etc. Anyway, having developed a little love with organizing events, Mhog and I went on planning. I actually can't remember whose idea it is exactly but we have planned to just go on an overnight swimming, November 27 to 28.

presenting.. Mhooog!

Originally we wanted to have it in Grotto Vista, unfortunately they do not offer overnight swimming. Overnight stay in their rooms is possible but pools are open only until 11pm. So forget it. Me and my sister desperately searched the world wide web for an alternative and found Dreamland Resort in Zabarte. Overnight stay is 25o per head and nipa huts can be occupied at a rate of 6oo. They also offer tables, tree house and rooms; which rates I cannot remember. But if in case anyone is interested with Dreamland, you can give them a call at 9614602 or 9629961.

Then came the day. Mhog, Jun, Anit and I prepared our food at our house. I honestly expected it to be a disaster since no one assisted us. We were all by ourselves in doing the groceries, to actually preparing and cooking them, to packing them as we leave. But hey, given my imaginary cooking skills, it's not as bad as I expected. But it's not as good as it should be either. Haha! =))

chefs in the making

We were in the resort from around 6pm to 6am. Soaked until we chilled in their Olympic sized pool. Took pictures until we almost run out of poses. Sang in the videoke until the last five peso coin. Played basketball until our arms hurt. Teased unfortunate ones like it will do us good. Went back and forth to the restrooms as if they are not far and scary. Ate and drank moderately. Laughed at the slightest joke and shared stories to catch up with one another. Definitely worth all the effort and getting pissed off a bit with difficult people.

tambay sa  cottage before eating

videoke and basketball up to the last five peso coin
jumpshots, as if they're required wherever you go =)

gwoup pics

Shoms pictorial courtesy of Jigs

On another note, as it was a long weekend, we still have Monday for ourselves. Tin and I planned it to be our salon day. Time for our much needed rebond. Yay! We, or should I say, "I" decided to have it in Victor Ortega Salon.

It was actually my third time there while it's Tin's first time to undergo rebonding! They offer good services at low rates. 1ooo for rebonding {and that is any length if I may emphasize} and another 1ooo for the treatment {price this time is per vial depending on the treatment}. Our senior stylist was Justine and I should say he's the most accommodating stylist I have encountered so far. From now on I'll look for him every time I'll make appointments. I think I found my personal stylist! *wink*

the rebondees|
{don't bother searching if that's even a word}

no way we're gonna bore ourselves

curly hair no more :D

And if anyone is interested with Victor Ortega Salon, you can make your reservations through 5351696 or 5319350. They are located at 5oo San Rafael St. corner Boni Avenue Mandaluyong City. Shouldn't I get paid for this? ;)
three days after
picture taken after watching "My Amnesia Girl"
I still have hangoever, kamoown! =)


Monday, November 22, 2010

almost a week with my almost sister

In search for the black high heels I've been lemming to have, I almost spent the week with my almost sister, Tin Pe Benito. ♥

To begin with the story, there is this simple black heels I saw months ago. I instantly fell in love with the shoes the first time I saw it. I tried it on and it fits perfectly just like how the glass slipper fits Cinderella. *wink* It's so simple I can imagine wearing it with almost anything, but above all, I know it would be perfect for my skirts. Despite all of these, I still know it would fall under my 'wants' and not under my 'needs'. So I tortured myself for not buying it, or at least not instantly.

Then came this thing called bonus {which by the way, tax and I shared}. I promised myself to buy EVERYTHING in my not-so-long list, thus spent the weekends malling. Friday alone at Megamall, Saturday with my sister Dana at SM Fairview. I almost got everything, yes almost everything except for the BDJ planner and my black heels. Either they don't have my size or they don't have a new pair {who would want the one displayed there for months already?}  So I scheduled an appointment with my almost sister, Tin. Monday. Galleria. After work.

Monday. I was up by 6:00, ready to go by 7:30. But surpriiiiissssee.. Unang Hirit reported there is an ongoing bus strike and that commuters are stranded at Lagro, SM Fairview, Commonwealth and EDSA. Great, exactly my way to the office. So, me and my sister {the real one this time} had no choice but to wait for our father who's going to Makati by 12 in the afternoon. Past 1:00 pm I landed in the office, no buses meant no traffic in EDSA. On the other hand, due to flexi hours, late time-in meant late time-out. Goodbye Galleria.

I just CAN'T imagine myself there

Tuesday. A National Holiday in celebration of  EID’L-ADHA, Feast OF Sacrifice. Nevertheless I had to go to work {and it's nothing new}. My almost sister need not to, so she went mall hopping the whole day. I was able to escape from work 15 minutes before 8:00 pm. Imagine the rush. I had to ride a cab to get to Galleria on time. As soon as I met Tin, we went to the ladies shoes section. Taddaaaa! It's there! Without even trying it on, I immediately asked for a new pair. Life is bitchy! They had none! And the one displayed there is way too old and ugly for me to bear. Since she's done with her shopping and I'm too disappointed to even stroll around, we just decided to eat. Again, as always, we shared endless chitchats. Sisters talk like there ain't tomorrow remember? And before heading home, we had to somehow look better so we stopped by the washroom. Ooops. Excussshh me naman for camwhoring!

in case Greenwich needs new endorsers.. hahaha

she who started the camwhoring

joined by her almost sister

my mind still shouts that black shoes then..
cute face definitely hides disappointments, paaak!

Wednesday. As difficult as it was, I managed to get to office early {9:00 am is early for me, I couldn't care less if it's not for everyone else, bleh). I set my mind to leave the office at 7:00 pm. I honestly had doubts because I have tons of work and as unlucky as one can get, I am the status reporter for the week. My instinct was right, at 7:00 pm my conscience {and my dedication for work, lol} did not allow me to leave the office as planned. My almost sister is already used with situations like these, me not being able to make it with our agreed time due to, uh, WORK? I felt like I owe her something so I told her I'll be out by 9:00 and we'll just have dinner together at Banchetto. My treat! Hahaha! =)) {a private joke tin would kill me if I share} Obviously, I still wasn't able to get my to-die-for shoes that day.

at banchetto until around 11:00
who cares about tomorrow anyway?

taken before I settle myself for sleep
never too tired for pictures

pardon me for the randomness of this post
I just needed to share I've been loving owls

Thursday. Because I was taught from my cradle never to surrender, I told Tin I'll be in Makati at lunch time to check-out SM, Landmark and Glorietta. Again, Makati. And guess what? I only went there alone once. A friend even picked me up where the bus dropped me off. I also remember the days when job hunting seemed endless. A friend had to accompany me to Makati for an interview. I was never street smart. NEVER. I even had that included in my 25 before 25 list.

Anyhoo, I just didn't feel like that was the time to challenge myself of being street smart. I was on for another challenge and that was to find my glass slipper, err black heels. hahaha! =)) And so I took a cab and voila, I found myself in Landmark within 2o minutes or so. I patiently {since when did I become patient?} waited for Tin. As soon as she arrived, we looked for where the ladies shoes are situated. Tadaaaa! Once again it's there. And once again they do not have a new pair for my size. Crap! But the one displayed looks good still {unlike the horrible one in Galleria}. We also checked-out SM but never mind, they are futile. haha! So I decided to get the one displayed in Landmark. We ate in Baliwag, took some photos {because I said I'll blog about my week} and parted ways. End of the story, I once again got what I wanted. *evil smirk*

shoes everywhere, don't you just ♥ them?

the gladiators Tin is lemming for
go get them!

Tin and her appetite! hahaha

the gladiators Tin is lemming for
go get them!

Friday. I bored myself to work and headed straight home. Isn't this the most exciting day?

My tax haven't thanked me for getting it's undeserved share. If anyone sees that crap, kindly stone it to death.Thanks! ☺


Sunday, November 14, 2010

what apple wants.. gets! {for a lower price}☺

Have I mentioned I've been dying to have Nina Garcia's Style Strategy? I bet I have. It was just so hard for me to buy it because I find it expensive. 900 bucks for the hard bound one and 7oo bucks for the paperback version.  Isn't that HEEEXPENSIVE!? Yes I know I can buy one dress for more than 9oo bucks but clothes versus books, I'd always go for clothes! Haha!

Every time I go to the malls, I checkout the bookstores, look for Nina Garcia's books, check the prices, scan through the samples and wish that one day I'll have the guts to buy it. And then that one day came, not with my guts but with a price tag surprisingly lower than the price I expected. Price tag says 596 to be exact. After blinking my eye several times and slapping myself once {you better now I'm exaggerating}, it's still 596. So without second thoughts, I rushed to the counter.

SURPRISE! At the counter, price came out to be really 7oo+ bucks. Price tag says 5oo+, database says another. Whooh!! Napasabuko na ata ako. But fate was on my side that day. Salesperson said I can get it for the price indicated in the tag and that they will just update the tags of the rest of the books. Yay! I can never thank her enough. 

..and I got it!

So there, I already got the book I've been dying to have. I just can't cross out my 13th item on my 25 before 25 list yet because it says READ A BOOK.
I'm halfway done with the book though. It's just so hard to resist the urge of just sleeping instead of reading something. I always try to read first before I sleep, many times I fail but I ain't quitting! Matatapos ko din toh! Phhbbt!! xD


Sunday, November 7, 2010

the twenty-second and the twenty-fifth

The 22nd and 25th of October happened to be extraordinary days not just for me but for my entire family. The days between them and even the next days after the 25th also had their fair share of being extraordinary. The days brought hardships in the form of losing a loved one so unexpectedly and literally giving up rest and sleep to help out your father for the coming elections.

October 22, Friday, I received a text message from my mother telling me I have to go home early because there are loads to do at home. I usually go home on Saturdays (I live in an apartment on weekdays, btw) that's why I need to be reminded every time they want to me go home on Friday night. Although I was only thinking of campaign related chores at home, I was really on a hurry to leave the office. I even forgot to accomplish a task for my action group at work. I wasn't punished for that though. *wink*

Fast-forward arriving at home, I first saw my cousin and youngest sister. Seeing their eyes puffy like they just burst into tears, I instantly knew something bad happened. Turned out my dear tita has just left us. She was taken away from us without any sign that she's leaving. They just saw her in her room lifeless. What could possibly took her from us is heart attack. For someone like her will never take away her own life neither anyone from our own house will ever think of hurting her. It's just so sad that no one heard her scream for help as everyone was out, busy for the damn elections.

we have sent her to be forever with the Lord last Oct 30
may you rest in peace Tits
we love you and you'll surely be missed ♥

October 25, Monday, the local elections. The day we've all been preparing and waiting for has come. Everyone was up so early despite only having three to four hours of sleep for three consecutive days. The headquarters near the school where election will be held was setup strategically the night before. Computers that will serve as precinct finders were setup early in the morning. Watchers and marshals were deployed. Volunteers got down to their respective businesses early too, handing out flyers, preparing meals, taking pictures, bringing in news, etc.

Supportive as always, my mother looked over everything. She's the go to person every time anyone of us has concerns. On the other hand, me and my sisters, along with our cousins and some family friends, sat down in front of the computers to serve as precinct finders. People gave us their complete names and we wrote down their precinct numbers in my father's team sample ballot. Also, my brother had his own set of volunteers, aka friends. They were the ones who checked from time to time whether the marshals and watches were doing what they're supposed to do. Some of his friends were also given the responsibility of looking over the circuit breakers. Who would want brownout during the elections huh? A big role was also played by our kuya/cousin for he was the one in-charge with the set-up of the headquarters, all the computers, sound systems and everything else 'electronic'. He is a superman, gah.

I really take pride of how our family supported each other in difficult times like these. If I were to choose a reason why I would consider myself lucky, that would be because I was given a family as awesome as them.


Cheers Everyooooooonnnnnnne!! ♥♥♥