Saturday, January 29, 2011

they kind of remind me I am a grown-up already

I have always been responsible. Or at least that is what I would like to believe in.

As a grade schooler, I am already conscious of my things. I take care of my school stuff and my clothes. I even know my hankies and socks. Even if I find my sister's things in my drawer I won't use them because I know they're not mine. On the other hand, when my things for unknown reasons managed their way to her drawer, she uses them. And then we fight. Haha! =))

As a highschool student, I am a sucker for good grades. Well, ever since kindergarten I am a constant honor student {yabang lang?} but during those times I owe everything to my mother slash my tutor. But in highschool, despite being independent I maintained my good grades. I always had my slot in the honor roll and I even joined the student council. But nah, don't think I got it all. I was such a shy kid back then and I don't have other extra curricular activities. Such a nerd!

As a college student, I am still grade conscious but this time I managed to balance school and the life outside it. I was a dean's lister for a sem or two until the subjects became unforgiving. Also, this is where all the kaartehan and paglalakwatsa started. Late bloomer much? I was able to juggle reviews, projects, thesis, after class tambays, malling, food trip, arcade, shopping and looking good. Haha! Nadiscover ko na hindi lang pala ko matalino, maganda din pala ko! Hahaha! Partial Chos! Bawal mag-object! <3

Now, as a newbie to the corporate world, I try to be as responsible as when I am still in school. Sometimes I feel I'm on  the right track sometimes I don't. Might be quarter life crisis already but that would be a different topic.

Anyway, because I'm forever claiming to be responsible, here are some of the things I worked for during the past months.

Done with application. By Jan 2o12, my ID will be mailed to me. IKR, that's too long for an ID but what do you expect from the government? Bitter ako, nasungitan kasi sa SSS. Hehehe. =P

Anyway, To apply for an SSS ID you have to go their Main Office at East Avenue. You need to fill-up the E6 form which you can either get from their office at Booth 3 or download from their site and print it yourself. I prefer the latter so that when you go there you're done with your form already. Get your number from Booth 3 as well. After you have accomplished the form, proceed to the E-6 Evaluation Area. Wait for your number to be called. Present the E-6 along with two valid IDs. After evaluating, they will give you your schedule for Data Capture. I had my E-6 Evaluation last Dec 28 and my scheduled Data Capture last Jan 26. For the Data Capture, you need to bring the evaluated E-6 and the same valid ID's you presented during the evaluation. Data Capture includes taking your picture, signature and biometrics. Then they will give you your Acknowledgement Receipt. You'll be needing it for inquiries or follow-up. Last but not the least, patiently wait for one year.

in case you weren't able to get my blah blah

wtf! 643??!

data capture station
see what boredom can do?

2. SSS Online Account
So much for SSS huh? But this is how you'll be able to check your contributions online. Oo, pati SSS nakikiuso na.. :)

Here's the link where you can apply for an online account:

3. Metrobank Direct
Sabi na kasing uso online! Bawal old-school. Hence, I applied for Metrobank's online banking. Soon I'll be paying my HSBC bills online, till we meet again LBC!

On a different story, I applied for my Metrobank direct at Atrium, Makati. And as I've said many times, I do not know my way around Makati. Pero bilang may goal din ako to be street smart, I took a bus instead of a cab. As expected I got lost and walk for so many blocks just to get to the Atrium Building. And to get myself out of Makati, I took a cab already. Epic Fail ang Goal #21 ko that day. T.T

4. Alumni ID 
After two years, I finally decided to get my Alumni ID last Jan 26. I didn't know it's validity is for two years only and my supposedly first Alumni ID is expired already. It got expired without even being claimed. Kawawa. :( So I paid another 1oo bucks to renew my membership and I got my new ID which will expire on 2o13. Kumikitang kabuhayan ang Alma Mater ko.

FYI schoolmates. There's a new building named Bahay ng Alumni {if I'm not mistaken} situated between the PE building and the Swimming Pool. That is where we should claim our Alumni IDs. Previously it's somewhere in the North {or was it West?} Wing of the Main Building.

PS. Bring a friend if your going there. It's creepy! Hahaha! =))

I waited there ALONE.. scaaaryyy!!

5. Pag-ibig ID 
HDMF Transaction Card. Like I understand what it is for! It was just given to us by our very own Accenture like a piece of cardboard. The OC in me cannot take it just like that so I signed it, I added my picture and I had it laminated. More like an ID now. Agree?

as as kid, I dreamt of having many cards and IDs
one down na ko sa mga pangarap ko! =)))

6. SM Advantage Card
I was never interested with this card until Forever21 came. It so happened that this card can also earn points with the boutique I am currently in love with. So Mr. Henry Sy, you have Forever 21 to thank.

7. Belle de Jour Lifestyle Card
What every Bella should have. Tag line? Haha! Every purchase of the BDJ Power Planner entitles you to a lifestyle card. You simply have to claim it online using the unique codes in your planner. After 12 working days, your lifestyle card will be mailed to you. Dear SSS, Buti pa ang BDJ. =)

Aside from the lifestyle card, I also created my profile with BDJ. Simply because there is a link for creating profiles after you have claimed your lifestyle card. I have yet to find out how that BDJ profile can propel me to a better person. Hihi.

girly girly site they have got

my BDJ profile
now what??

There you goooo. Goal #11. Get important ID's & accounts. CHECK!

After I finished my grown-up errands last Jan 26, I went accessory shopping. I got these loveleeeey items. I am so happy! Haha!

Making my owl necklace collection as huge {or still as little} as this.

Got to go. Ang reminded grown-up ay maglalaba pa! Eek, Somebody help! =))


Friday, January 21, 2011

almost saying goodbye

Something random and shallow for tonight.

My heart is breaking. =( My one and only doll shoes is almost saying goodbye. Yes, it's my one and only. Because I go for heels during weekdays and flat open-toed footsies during weekends. Closed flat shoes is somewhere in the middle and I am not so much of a fan.

What happened was I suffered from almost intolerable painful legs for two consecutive weeks and I had to deal with it by wearing my poor mustard doll shoes, whether or not it looks perfect with the rest of my outfit. Gah, I have no one to blame but my pretentious self, feeling athletic and all. Haha!

my poor shoes
yes, it's from the kids section and it's only 33 xD

I had to brave the rain
see what happened? =(

Since I'm letting go of it soon, I tried to look for pictures where I'm wearing it. I only found our Silanguin trip. Look how it's lovelier with it's ka-tandem belt. Hai, I'll miss you mustard shoes. My mustard belt will never be same without you. Haha! =))

me and my mustard shoes at Silanguin

loka-lokahan mode with the sister

And that's the end of my short non-sense story. I still have review classes tomorrow! Geez, I thought I'm done with school. :|  


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

once is enough but twice isn't too much

Quick post on what took away my could-have-been rest days. Hindi ako bitter, pagod lang talaga ko. Haha! Two consecutive weekends of running and climbing as if I have an active lifestyle for real. So far, I'm enjoying. But not to the point na igigive-up ko ang kaartehan ko. Haha! So after this, magiinarte muna ko. ;))

Anyhoo, to give justice to my blog title, lemme just say that this is about goals #3 and #14 which I have accomplished months ago but due to insistent public demand aka friendship, I needed to do 'em all over again. Don't get me wrong, because if these activities would always equate to bonding with friends, I'll be very glad to do them again. But sorry, not too soon.

First tiring weekend, January o9. PSE Bull Run at Fort Bonifacion Global City. Finally, I experienced a real fun run. Remember my disappointment with Pasig River Run? This time I was able to really run and mind you it's not just 3k. It was 5k! Though we only registered for 3k, we were informed that we can run for 5k if we'd like to. So there, a fulfilling spur-of-the-moment decision. Now I can confidently cross-off goal #14 from my bucket list. Who knows, our next run might just be 1oK already?

yeah, obviously we're trying to prove it's 5k!

Second tiring weekend,January 15-16. Climb to Mt. Batulao. Yep, you read that right! Mt. Batulao again. Goal #3, double check! At first I was hesitant to join because I was there only last September. Who would want to climb the same mountain in a span of 4 months? But with the thought that it will be a little different since it's overnight and I'll be with a different group of people, I never dropped the possibility of joining. Then came the expensive conference call with Sheena and Silina. That made me decide. Sasama ako. For.the.sake.of.friendship. =)) No regrets, I had fun. Above all, narealize ko na may talent pala ako sa pag-akyat ng bundok pero wala pala akong talent sa pagtulog sa matigas na higaan. Hahaha! Hence the decision of not climbing again til I'm fully equipped. When will that happen? I have no idea. As of the moment, all I wish to do is to rest, shop and pamper myself. Obvious ba na pagod ako ako? ;)

ang mga mahal kong kaibigan hahaha

we were requested of a wacky shot,
that's the best we can give booo!

we were around 3o but here's my immediate group
thank you for yet another Batulao experience =)

Uh-oh, I said quick post. Vavoo! *hurries to bed*

**pictures of the climb were grabbed from Joel's Facebook account. Thanks!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

thank you 2o1o, you were awesome

I wouldn't say 2o1o is my best year ever yet for nothing. And because I wanted to show 2o11 what it has to beat, here's my 2o1o wrapped up through pictures.


Celebrated our new year with our new angel. You have to see how she has grown in a year.

as we welcome 2o1o

ang aming pilyang kerubin ;)


Spent going out with friends and teammates who keeps me sane. I have this tendency to go insane because of work {and a tendency to go exaggerating as well? haha!}.

my best friend, whom I get to see only twice or thrice a year

photoshoot with my 'sister' at Kenny

dinner with teammates at Tony Roma's

Towards the end of the month, we also celebrated Yag's and Papi's birthday.

ang makulit na birthday boy

another birthday boy with his wifey and baby

the girlsss


Had my first major trip. Cebu - Bohol for three days with batchmates. From then on, I had my travel buddies. Warning: Pictures will flood. Bare with me, I didn't get to blog about my 2o1o trips.

Day 1
Beach Bumming at Dumaluan Beach Resort

with my travel buddies, at ayaw nila magshades

finest sand I must say
just deal with the seaweeds, they ain't few

Day 2
Bohol Trip

because Bohol is famous for its tarsiers

Chocolate Hills
the one you heard million of times in kindergarten

at Simply Butterfly Conservation Center

hanging bridge above Loboc River

Loboc River cruise

visit to Prony the phyton and Baclayon Church
dahil pati simbahan walang ligtas

blood compact site

Day 3
Cebu Trip

Fort San Pedro, wishing well, museum, old structures

Magellan's Cross, not as old school as I was expecting

Edge Coaster in Crown Regency Hotel

Skywalk Extreme, which by the way is extremely expensive as well


Busy month for work related activities; team buildings and summer outing. Couple of firsts, bowling and horse back riding.

dinner at Clawdaddy, crabs anyone?

the day I learned tried bowling

Taal trek with the clients

project summer outing in Munting Buhangin, Batangas


Experienced my first camping with college friends. Ok, sort of, because the place has electricity, water supply, kitchen and posh bathroom. But still, we slept in a tent, used cooked sets and had bonfire. So, camping pa rin?

the happy campers

the bonfire I didn't get to see for some reasons

my sister tent-mate =)


Second major trip for the year, Naga. This time with teammates and their ex-teammates {ano daw?}.

dropped by CWC
dropped by lang, which by means we did not get to try wakeboarding, saaad =(

the trip's highlight, island hopping at Caramoan

ps. ang swimsuit pictures na kita ang side fats ay hindi na sinali! hahaha! =))


My birthday month. And the month we got addicted to Naphy {Tin's cam}.

at Nok's place, the day we met Naphy

my favorite motorcycle shot

and the emotera award goes to..

fun teambuilding at Doña Jovita

Wetpooh at Eastwood
had to be with friends the night before my birthday

barely had enough sleep but off to Intramuros
{yeah, the love for pictures}

tin's photography, laveeet!

because we needed to celebrate my birthday {and my sister's} somehow

chillin' at Eco Park

and last for July, batch dinner at Tosh
celebrated our freedom from the dreaded bond
wohoooo! freeedooommm

One jampacked month after another. Everything is a first time experience; ice skating, tree planting and going to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, no less. From this month on, negra na ko.

Warning: Pictures will flood again. =)

Day 1
Underground River Tour

photo ops before the tour

Underground River right behind us
which you have to see for yourself {I insist hehehe}

dinner at Kinabushs Grill and Bar
they serve the famous tamilok

Day 2
Honda Bay Tour

Pandan Island
first snorkeling stop

this is life, seafoods galore

amazing shots by our tour guide {or am I the only one amazed?}

next stop, Snake Island

Starfish Island, where you'll get to see Nemo

Pambato Reef
was super scared then hahaha

Luli Island
because a trip is never without jumpshots

dinner at Ka Lui
Day 3
City Tour

Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish
where you can thank the one above for your wonderful trip

Plaza Cuartel
where you can do nothing else but take pictures

their version of Baywalk, now who's got a better version?

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
minsan hindi kayang itago ng ngiti ang takot, chos!

Baker's Hill
pasalubong galore

Mitra House
rest.relax.take pictures

lunch at Chicken Inato, Puerto Princesa's Mang Inasal?

ultimate teambuilding's first activity: ice skating
ito ang nagturo sa 'kin na bumangon matapos madapa! hahaha =))

dinner at Dampa, seafoods galoreulet {now I'm craving. ughh!}

a teammate's concert in Music Banks

ACN tree planting at Marikina Watershed
something I look forward to doing again. when when when?


September a.k.a the month I met another angel, the month I got reunited with friends and the month I climbed another mountain.

Jov's birthday celebration
V-3 just got reunited

the day we met baby Marcus

at Mt. Batulao summit with college friends
anjan na ang clouuuddss.. :)


Crazeeeee month, as it was physically and emotionally challenging. My tita whom I live with in the same house for all my life was taken away from us just when we were giving all our time and effort to my father who's running for the barangay elections. We may have lost our beloved tita but my father got back the position he truly deserve. {serious ako sa part na 'to. hihi.}

idol ko si kap

On another note, just before the month got crazy, we joined the most ambitious run ever organized {in our country, that is}, the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River.

my first ever run
"kamoown, you said run! why the hell are we walking?"


Visit to cemetery {what else is expected for this month?}, serious mall hopping in search of something, swimming with friends, rebond month, among with other undocumented days. 

my goofy wonderful family at Sanctuario de Paz

equally wonderful cousins

swim swim at Dreamland

rebond day at Victor Ortega
we all deserve to get pampered ;)


Holiday season is never without gift- givings, Christmas parteeeys and family get together for noche buena and media noche. Add to that a dream come true adventure.

12.o7 and o9. 2o1o
Kris Kringle ala CPQA
something shining, shimmering, splendid
something slimy ad useful

project Christmas party
{and it's not so obvious amazing race theme}

company wide Christmas party at Araneta
Bamboo made the night {top billed by Alex Calleja. Hala, fan ako?}

team's Christmas dinner at Recipe
with exchange gifts of course

an owange Kwismas for us

our not-so-little-girl

our {almost} polka dot themed New Year
or should I say terno-terno theme?

What we manage to squeeze-in between the holidays? A birthday celebration and a Subic Adventure.

ate Tin's birthday celebration
swimming at Patio Isabel

ang naipilit na Tree Top Adventure
cheers to my partner in crime!

Wheeew! That was pretty looooong....

Hey 2o11, BEAT THAT! I am with you.. =)

thanks for the pictures.. (:
*ags*mei*kerol*ate tin*anit*by*ryan*jp