Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

rain or shine, happy or sad

I am perfectly aware that I have to be up by 8am tomorrow but here I am trying to blog at 3am. Where art thou, sleep discipline? It's been a while. :)

As promised, next on my list is the day out with the best friend some weeks ago. We went to Quezon City Circle hoping we'd accomplish my 2012 goal #01 which is "Learn how to ride a bike" but as you may have all guessed, we failed. I disappointed my best friend but I'm pretty sure not as much as I disappointed myself. Remember I already failed before? :'( But no, I'm not quitting. The next time I try mag-aalay muna ako ng itlog at magmamakaawa sa lahat ng mga santo. Would you know kung may Patron Saint of Biking? :P

Looking on the brighter side, it's good that we were able to bond for almost the entire day. Come rain or shine. Come happy or sad. 

RAIN. It was raining when we arrived at the park. It was early lunch time then. We didn't want to brave the rain so we just stayed inside the car and I conducted 'Making Faces 101'. Trivia: The best friend doesn't know how to make faces. Look at her having a hard time. 

isang kindat naman jan, best! :P

SHINE. After the rain has stopped, we eagerly went out for lunch. Few shoots here and there as we were trying to look for a decent place to eat. The first picture worthy spot we found was what we thought as wishing well. Imagine my excitement peeking through the well only to find out it has transformed to a huge garbage can {or garbage well, whatever}. Only in the Philippines yan.

wishing garbage well

We found an area of decent restos and chose Bacolod Chicken Inasal. In this age and day, we don't just eat, we eat while taking pictures. I assume we all agree, thank you. Haha! :)

Ini ang Inasal!

HAPPY. After lunch, we were happy souls with happy tummies already. We strolled in the park stopping by every picture-worthy spot we see. It brought back memories. We felt like kiddos - young, wild and free. Hahaha!

we're just having fun, we don't care who sees ♩♪♫
{ohnooess, LSS}

SAD. And the obvious sad part is that after two hours of trying to balance that darn bicycle, I still didn't learn. Few days after, I have bruises all over my legs. For the second time around, all I got are bruises. Bruuiisseesss! Passsaa! Alam mo yun. Passaaaa? Gusto ko lang naman matutong magbike eh! Hindi ba pwede yun? Hahaha! I'm running amok now. :P

and that, my friends, is the look of frustration

Lastly, we had dinner at some random carinderia na feeling resto with the waiter and bill out effect pa. After a frustrating and tiring and dehydrating biking attempt, a good heart to heart talk with the best friend capped the night. Not bad at all, what do you think? ♥ :')

still trying to make faces, huh?

And speaking of not bad at all. It's already 4am and I'm left with only 4 hours of sleep. Not bad at all. Really.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

family picnic and whatnots

Backloooogss.. So many things to blog about, so little time to blog. I wish someday I can get paid for  simply blogging about my life. That will be the best job ever, dude. Haha! :) 

Anyway, today's 'story of my life' is my mom's birthday celebration last month at La Mesa Eco Park. Yes, last month. But hey, I really waited for mother's day to come so that this will be extra special. Really. You have to believe me, it's a good excuse. Phhbt!

So, in our conscious effort to do something different each time, we found ourselves having picnic in Eco Park's cottage {which by the way is worth P500 but we got it for free just because madiskarte ako. :') }. We may not be the richest-of-them-all type who gets to celebrate birthdays out of town often but we make it a point to make each family occasion special, worth-remembering and a little different - in any possible way we can. ♥

the incrediBorbs'  obligatory family picture

these and a little more

Aside from having picnic, there are actually lots of other things you can do in Eco Park. Eeep, I sound like I'm promoting the park or something. Disclaimer: I'm not in any way connected to the park's ownership nor did I get paid for this. Haha! But kidding aside, whether you're after adventure, nature tripping or just steady chillin' the park is an instant way to get you covered, plus on a budget pa! Did I just hear the promo girl in me again? Hahaha! :))

Moving on, our whatnot number one is.. pictorial! Ano pa nga ba? These days, you just have to take photographs of anything and everything that you do. It's a practical solution to memory gap nga naman. Plus when you're feeling sad, it helps a lot browsing through them. Been there, I should know. 

ang mag-booboo! ♥

my bitchesas :')

with the mother and the father

my feeling gawjus shot

And because I'm making the 'whatnots' from my subject literal, whatnot number two is.. horseback riding. The royal family - mommy, daddy and Faye chose to ride a carriage {kalesa in tagalog, calesa in spanish. why thank you, google}. Meanwhile, Joyce and Nikka chose to punish some white horses. In behalf of my whole family, I'm asking for apology from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. :P

poor horse, you evil sister

And finally, whatnot number three.. WALL CLIMBING! But only for the thrill seeker like me and my number one fan. Hahaha! We were hesitant at first because we were nervous, shy, and whatever other excuses you can think of but we just threw ourselves to it. Bahala na si Batman! But then again hindi na ata uso si Batman, so bahala na ang Avengers {which by the way, I haven't seen yet. loser!}. Hahaha!

We were screaming all the way to the top - "Kuyaaaaa hindi ko na abot", "Kuyaaaaa parang maaalis yung hawakan", "Hindi ko na kayaaaaaaa", "Pagod na koooooo". Hahaha! But we ain't quitters. Hell No! We were able to finish it - LOUD AND PROUD. Literally. :))

GOAL #17 Try wall climbing - CHECK!! I'm a happy kid. xD

before and after. see the difference?

I am macho. see those muscle flex?

Rest for a while, freshen up, some more picture taking and we called it a day. One for the  books. Thank you Lord for the blessing called family. Happy Birthday {and Happy Mother's Day} mom. You know we love you. ♥ ;)

just before going home


♥ Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there!!

Below is my Facebook greeting to mama. The first thing I did this morning - before morning rituals, before breakfast and before greeting her personally. Cramming ang lola nyo. :P

Friday, May 11, 2012

just keep swimming, just keep swimming ♩♪♫

when life gets you down you know what you gotta do?
just keep swimming just keep swimming
just keep swimming swimming swimming
what do we do we swim, swim, swim ♩♪♫

and that's dory singing just keep swimming. hahaha!☮

Another Patio Isabel random swimming care of daddy {our cousin, kuya ga} and mommy {her wifey}. This was right after my trip to Hundred Islands with my teammates. I was really tired and sleepy so I took a nap first then followed them to the venue.

their preparations

making faces yet again x)

swimming time

our cute not-so-little baby

And just when I thought it's just another ordinary swimming for us, we went a little crazier with trying jump shots to the pool. It's always fun and sillier with the family. I know you agree. ♥

you judge who gets the best jump shot award x)

and then when it's time to go home..
we were red-eyed monsters already

 Next Attraction: My mom's birthday celeb at Eco Park
Coming Soon: Another failed biking attempt at QC Circle with the best friend

XoXo :')

Saturday, May 5, 2012

hundred islands: cliff jumping, anyone?

Can I have a woot-woot? I just did another life threatening activity - CLIFF JUMPING!! But before we proceed to the story of risking my life, which by the way is rather usual, let's begin where we should begin. :)

This Hundred Islands trip is our summer teambuilding slash S and C's despedida. J and O planned this trip while M's the one who rented the van. So here's an interesting story. We left our office at around 6pm and decided to just stop over somewhere for dinner. So there, we were happily eating at Mang Inasal when an armed soldier {as in may mahabang armalite, c'mon} entered the place looking for the owner of our SUV. He said that the van was carnapped and that its passengers were kidnapped. We were like WHHAAAAT?!! Okay lang kami dito, anong problema nyo? And then the investigation begun with a crowd of other policemen and officers. Turned out someone who saw us at NLEX reported such and it was for crying out loud, a FALSE ALARM. We went on with our trip knowing that we were still under surveillance for our safety. Definitely a prelude to our cliff jumping adventure.

while everyone was obviously worried -
there I was making pa-cute to the camera :")

Fortunately, we got to Alaminos safe and sound. Our accommodation was O's friend's lodging. By the way, we got lots of perks due to the fact that O's a friend of the owner's son. {ano daw? asawa ng kapatid ng ninong ng kapitbahay nyo. hahaha!} Thanks big time, D. :)

By 4am, two of us went to the market to buy our food for the entire trip. If I understand things correctly, nagpaluto lang kame sa kanila for the entire day. Obviously, I wasn't part of the organizing team so katuga lang ako - kain, tulog, gala. :D

good morning, Pangasinan ☀

Our first stop was at Lucap Wharf where we got to buy pasalubong and other souvenirs. I got myself a t-shirt and a fan. It was so hot even at around 6 or 7am hence the pamaypay. I hate sweating! I don't know how many times I already said that in this blog. :P

By the time, we got back to our house, breakfast is ready. And mind you, with presentation pa! We ate somewhere at the back of their house with a nice view of the sea. For breakfast, deadma kame sa dining area ng bahay nila. 

 on the way to Lucap Wharf
Hundred Islands says welcome. :D

my talikodgenic shot plus the view plus our breakfast

Our Hundred Islands trip started at around 9am. I guess we were all still feeling maganda and gwapo by that time, we were so fond of taking pictures - group or solo, just shoot! We probably all knew that towards the latter part of the trip we'd look wasted from all the snorkeling, trekking and spelunking.

fresh pa? magpapicture na!

The first island we visited was Century Island. It was just a cave and all we did was easy spelunking and take pictures, what else? I was so thankful I was wearing comfy knit top and shorts and I didn't have a hard time transferring from boulder to boulder. Independent ang peg ko. Hi M! Hahaha! :*

when you have gone to Sagada,
what any other cave can make spelunking difficult?

Our next stop was Governor's Island. We had to trek to get to the viewing deck. It was tiring but worth it as it offers a stunning view of the other islands. Perfect spot for pictures too. See for yourself. ♥

didn't I tell yah?

Then it was lunch time. We were supposed to have it in Children's Island but the place is too crowded already. We had no choice but to take our lunch in the boat, anyway it wouldn't make our food less pleasing. Gutom na choosy pa ba? :P

bangus, tahong, pusit and adobo for lunch

The third stop is where I risked my life for the nth time. It was in Imelda Cave, Marcos Island {sounds cheesy, eh?} M and K were the first ones to try cliff jumping. They just called us from where we were swimming and told us to jump as well. They were the first ones to jump again and then I followed next. You perfectly know I can't swim in deep waters so imagine the thrill. Prior to jumping, I told K to save me in any case my life vest escapes me. Sigurista ang peg.

In case you might wanna know the feeling.. it was like two seconds of free falling and then when you finally splashed to the water, you won't know whether to complain about your hurting butt or the saltiness of the water you have swallowed. No regrets though. It is a lifetime experience.

1..2..3.. JUMP!

right before cliff jumping

Fourth stop is Quezon Island. Prior to docking to the island, some of us went snorkeling while others stayed on the boat for some rest. I proudly belong to the 'others' group. Upon arriving in the island, we headed to the clam viewing area. It was in this island where we stayed the longest. And while the others were just chilling in the dining pavilion, S and I were soaking ourselves in  salt water and under the scorching heat of the sun. It was a literal 'everything under the sun' kwentuhan for like an hour.

clams, corals and starfish
plus photographs in the dining pavilion

Fifth Island, Cuenco Island with its matching Cuenco Cave. It was a just a quick photo-op since we were going back to the lodge already.

my almost silhouette shot :)

We also passed by Paniki Island where hundreds of paniki reside. Syempre, pass by lang talaga ang drama sa island na 'to. It was amusingly creepy.

bored? count the bats! teehee

Going back to the lodge, we had dinner first then the despedida drama. I dozed off after we had dinner but J woke me up for the said activity. I was so sleepy that after C {or Carol as revealed by the picture :P} gave me her message, I fell asleep again. They were actually joking since the start of the trip that my sleeping time is part of the itinerary. You know me so well, guys.

we'll miss you, Carol :*

Then finally, they woke me up again as it's time to head home already. And guess what I did on the way home.. sleep of course! Hahaha! Boo! You sleepyhead! :P

By the way, I'm leaving you with the expenses, albeit discounted. The itinerary on the other hand is quite obvious for a day trip. Fine with you? Yes? Oh, good.

Yay! Done! I'm excited for my champorado. :))