Sunday, September 9, 2012

random whatevs

Yay! Look who's back. I terribly miss blogging. It's just that I can't blog when I'm uninspired. Career issues have been ruining my life for weeks now. See, grown-up issues na talaga ang issues ng buhay ko. :P Haha! Just this week, courage has come to me and I finally worked towards resolving my issues. In a month's time, I'll see where it took me. For now, I'll enjoy the peace of mind I deserve. 

Anyway, I really do not have big news for y'all. Just random happenings the past month. Let's begin with birthday celebrations. Cate, a housemate, celebrated her birthday through a pizza party at our condo while Jam, an officemate, surprised us with merienda in the office. No matter how simple those birthday celebrations were, what's important is that we were able to bond and uhm.. we were able to eat!? Haha! :))

housemates slash friends

ku-yu-ey geeerls

Aside from the birthdays, I pretty much spent my August playing in Timezone. I just got addicted. I've always loved playing shooting and racing but now I'm getting more addicted with drum and dance mania. I feel like I found a new way of distressing and I'm loving it. ♥

Photo dump ahead of my three timezone visits. First with my housemates, Cate and Monique, then with mommy, Fey and Dana and lastly with my sisters and cousin.

I'm really so addicted I want to get out of my bed and run to timezone NOW. Haha! This is baaaddd!!

with housemates

with bamily ♥

with our cousin, Noemy aka Gaygay 

There my random quick post go. More stories comin' up. Let's all be in love with life. Deal?   ♥ :')