Friday, March 29, 2013

throwback august 2o1o: puerto princesa honda bay tour

I plan my days - if you still haven't assumed that from my obvious oc-ness. Today says I should blog about my next throwback post so here I am blogging despite being a little restless and bothered. If the 'thing' that's bothering me turns out well, I'll tell you exactly what it is but if not, I am keeping it a secret. I am unfair like that. Harhar.

Let's continue with the Puerto Princesa series I started days ago. From Underground River, I'll take you to  Honda Bay. You ready?

Day 2 Honda Bay Tour
Have I mentioned we felt so at home at Aniceto? We had our no fuss breakfast at their rooftop. We only brought our baons then freely used their kitchen - utensils, hot water for our noodles, cold drinking water.. what else can you ask for? Ah, libreng kape! Oo nga naman.

After our homey breakfast, we started preparing for the long day ahead. We went to a local market to buy stuff for our lunch at the island - fish, shrimps, squid, etc. On our way to the wharf, we also passed by a random grocery to complete our island needs.

At the wharf, we went through the usual registration process. Can't remember though if we signed waivers, but most probably we did. We then gave our groceries to the boatman because he'll be the one to prepare our lunch. O diba, buhay mayaman?

Our first stop was Pandan Island. It's where we stayed the longest - snorkeling, lunch then lots of photo ops. 

I remember how scared I was when we started snorkeling. This was back in the days when I still can't swim and it's just my second time to snorkel. Poor little girl. The first time I tried snorkeling was back in 2009 in Puerto Galera and the big difference was that we were holding on to a boat that time. This time, we only had a single makeshift salva vida. I did not let go of the salbabidang gulong. Not.even.once.

Then it was time for lunch. To date, it was one of the best lunch I ever had; not only because of the food but because of the entire feel of the island. Yung tipong masasabi mo talaga, "ang sarap ng buhay". Hahaha!

We made the most out of our first island by taking lots and lots of photos. Our guide slash boatman also showed us some camera tricks. Amazeballs! But seriously, we were indeed amazed as at that point we were only starting with our travel dreams. Mga batang uto-uto pa. 

Our next stop was Snake Island. We only stayed for a while as there's not so much to see. Aside from that, it's a lot scarier than the previous island as we cannot see the ocean floor. Our guide was having fun of us by saying he cannot assure the absence of sharks. I have to admit he got me there!

Next stop: Starfish Island. If I have to rank the islands we were able to visit, this comes next after Pandan Island. Pandan being the best, of course. I had fun in this island because it's where we used our disposable underwater camera. Our guide made us pose underwater one by one. Ha! It was fun. And there were lots of Nemos. Oookay, I meant there were lots of clownfish. Now I know why it is so hard to find Nemo - the real one. #anodaw #waley

Fourth island: Pambato Reef! One thing I'll never forget about this island was the itch and rashes the eggs of the corals gave me. It was so itchy, disturbing, annoying, itchy.. did I say itchy already?! Haha! The feeling is fresh on my mind, you have to understand. To make it worse, it was the scariest among the five islands. Yung feeling na nasa gitna ka ng dagat, tas sobrang lalim at hindi ka marunong lumangoy.

Our last island was Luli Island short for lulubog-lilitaw. The said sand bar sinks underwater on high tide. Isn't that cool? Thank God we did not snorkel because at this point I was hella tired already and four islands to snorkel at is more than enough. Agree? Although we had to use what's remaining of our energies for jump shots.

After our honda bay tour, we went back to Aniceto to rest and freshen up. Dinner came in next at KaLui. I love the ambiance! Super relaxing, perfect after a long day of swimming and snorkeling. After our dinner, we stayed a little longer outside. Just like the other guests, we made the most out of the beautiful place by taking photos. It's all worth it. 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

throwback august 2o1o: puerto princesa underground river

Because I can't figure out how to squeeze in our 3-day Puerto Princesa trip in a single post, let's do this in parts. Would that be alright? Yes, people. I'm asking you like there's anything you can do with that. Harhar.

Day 1 Underground River
It was the same day as our flight to Puerto Princesa. We were very much in a hurry that we headed straight to the underground river from the airport. We weren't able to check-in first to Aniceto Pension. I was forced to change clothes in Jollibee where we took out our lunch from. Maarte problems, I know. There's just no way I am ruining an 'outfit plan'. Hehehe. 

I must admit I was really in awe with the place. It wouldn't be a wonder of nature for nothing, right? I know the photos below do not give justice to the beauty of the place but sharing still - the underground river from the amateurs' lenses.

Inside the cave were more surprises. I was so impressed with the rock formations because at that time I haven't been to Sagada's Sumaguing Cave. It could have been better if people are allowed to get off the boat for photo ops but then that would be so dangerous. And freaking scary. But fun. Geez. What am I  thinking? 

Here's how we looked like inside. It's eerie but not to the point that it took away the fun. If you know what I mean. We were lucky enough too that we had such an amusing boatman. Sobrang benta!!

After the tour, we spent some time outside for more photo ops. Too bad swimming isn't allowed because they say, it is a marine sanctuary.

We checked-in at Aniceto Pension then hurried out again for merienda and more lakwacha. We ate some weird halo-halo at Sari's Baryo. We had a hard time looking for a place to eat because the restaurants were closed. Apparently, most of them only open at lunch and dinner time.

We then took our much deserved rest back in Aniceto. While traveling is fun, let's all admit it's pretty tiring too. Personally, I prefer itineraries that allow you to breathe. Enough time for rest, for updating your countless social media accounts, for quick naps.. This trip is exactly that except when we had to skip checking-in.

So anyway, for dinner we ate at Kinabuch's Bar and Grill, house of the famous and equally gross tamilok. At some point, I thought I regret that I didn't try it. But if I'll be given another chance, I still won't try it - which means I really do not regret it. Ano daw? Hahaha!

After dinner and their tamilok adventure, we went back to our crib and called it a night.  We knew another long day is waiting for us. 


Saturday, March 23, 2013

throwback june 2o1o: naga and caramoan

Let's do another throwback just 'cause I'm bored. Guess where will I take you? I am guessing you guessed that one right.. to Nagaaa! Hop on board!!

I went there with my former {just how sad that word is, ha!} teammates. It was only my second trip via plane hence the excitement of taking airport photos. 

We stayed at Moraville. Of course I won't be able to tell you the rates and stuff because I no longer remember. Haha! Here's a link of their official website though.

Our first stop, SM City Naga! Isn't that the most exciting thing ever?! But kidding aside, it's interesting to see that there's a huge fan on their ceiling. Have you seen any other SM mall with a fan? Just wondering.

Next stop, CWC! It's not really a part of the itinerary so we came unprepared. We only took photos and left. Ang exciting talaga ng trip na 'to noh? :P

Then we had dinner at Biggs Diner. I heard they're the biggest food chain in the Bicol Region. Ok, I didn't hear that. I just read it, like just now? Hahaha! And oh, please understand my haggard look in the next set of photos. Probably because of all the jumping from CWC. 

The next morning, we were off to Caramoan. It's supposedly the highlight of the entire trip if not for the waiting games. 

And heeeyy, this is me feeling oh so purty! Please notice how fair-skinned I am back then. I miss those days sooo bad, it's depressing. Then again, I'm exaggerating perhaps.

I told you about the waiting games right? Upper right photo proves my point. We were really a big group in this trip, you know the deal.. friends of friends of friends. So, we had no choice but to ride different boats for the island hopping. Basically explains the waiting game. Plus there was no signal. Perfect!

Although this may not be the best among my trips, I am still thankful for the opportunity. Caramoan is a nice place after all. Ask Survivor!

The next day, we were off to leave Bicol. Hopefully I'll be able to go back. Wait for me CWC, will you? :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

throwback may 2o1o: puerto silangin

Hi guyyysss!! I am one heck of a bored person already. It's been two months since I quit my job. I'm running out of things to do, not to mention, running low on funds too. I am so kawawa. Hehehe. :P On the brighter side, I have this blog and I still have couple of items on my throwback list. Sooo.. once again, it's throwback time!!! 

Today I am going to bring you to Puerto Silangin, San Antonio, Zambaleeesss!! Yes, it is a neighboring island of Anawangin, Capones and Nagsasa. I honestly do not get why Silangin is a lot less popular. I've been to Anawangin and Capones too and if you'd ask me where to go back, I'd choose Silangin without thinking twice. You'll find out later why.

Presenting Puerto Silangiiinnn! I know, I know. Above are photos too nice to have been taken by me. As much as I hate to admit it, I didn't took them. A friend's friend did. He was our official photographer then. I told you guys, choose your friends wisely. Hahaha!

Anyway, I was with my college friends in this trip. We used to travel a lot then until well, we grew older and life happened. I also tagged along my sister so I'll have someone to share the tent with. I always had issues getting in close proximity with people and my sister was the closest thing to possible. 

It was my first camping experience and I felt like it was some sort of bahay-bahayan. Sobrang nakakaaliw! Although, of course, it's not all fun. We had to work hard for each meal. And maaann, cooking is really a lot of work! We had to practice camaraderie for 3 days and 2 nights to get along harmoniously and with happy bellies. 

Come night time, it was swimming time! I didn't bring any swimsuit hence I didn't join the girls in their photo sessions. I predicted I won't be in the mood to swim too much. And my prediction was right!! Matter of factly, I can't remember dipping in the water. Hahaha! As much as I can be too 'game' at times, I can be too 'kj' also. When do we consider one as bipolar again? Hahaha!! 

Before bedtime, the guys made a bonfire. It could have been perfect with hot dogs and marshmallows but obviously, we didn't have them. What made the night more interesting are the photo ops. DSLRs are not yet a common thing to us then so we were all giddy for professional-looking photos.

Time for some more shots of the place in the morning. Ain't the view so fetch? Plus we were the only group in the island. We had it all by ourselves on a summer month!! I doubt if Anawangin will ever be this solemn again. 

And then here's our obligatory group shots collage. It's always like this - the girls are beautiful *eheeemm ubo ubo* while the guys are fun! They are soooo fuuunn! Yes, fun is the right adjective. Hehehe. 

Then there's a little horror. Dun dun dun duuunnn!! My turn to help in cooking came! Back then, I know nothing about cooking. I am our kitchen's worst nightmare, believe me. But still, I managed to help! I fried meat looaaff!! Whoaah!! I am so amazing! Hahaha! My cooking stint was successful but that doesn't mean I escaped the teasing. Oh well.

Before going home, my sister and I kidnapped our photographer somewhere far for more photo ops. Ang kapal lang namin. :P I was sporting a black and yellow ensemble tapos feeling ko sobrang porma ko na!  Hahaha! 3 years after, I won't dare wear something as matchy matchy as this. Ughh!

Before I end this noncomprehensive post, let me give you more reasons why Silangin is the booommbb!! First, the place has electricity and water source. Sarap buhay considering we were camping. And then, the comfort room! My goodness, it's so posh. Definitely far from what we all expected. I stole a photo from Biyaherong Barat just so you can see.

And then the kitchen! It's complete with a sink and utensils. It also has a bed where one of my friends slept. Instant accommodation!

And lastly, it has a cool viewing deck! I stayed there for most of my me-time. Perfect tambayan for loners like me. Hahaha!

Ohaaa!? Didn't I tell you Silangin is the perfect escape from its crowded neighbor islands. Didn't I tell yaaahh? Didn't I tell yaaaahhhh?! Hahaha!!