Wednesday, September 28, 2011

style crush: lauren conrad

I first found her back when my red Forever 21 skirt was new. Haha! I was trying to look for tops that will perfectly match my new red skirt and among all the Google images, the picture below caught my attention.

I then researched who the girl is.. and tadaaa! She is no other than Lauren Conrad, a TV personality, author and fashion designer. Now that explains. Kaya pala ka-level ko sya magdala! Hahaha!

I especially love her casual ensembles. Nothing overboard. Not so runway looking. Diggin' them a lot. ♥

this made me want an orange skirt

can't get enough of florals, eh?

have the same shade of body-con skirt
soon, I'll be posting my version {as if} :P

still gorgeous in tsinelasthe world is unfair, really
Goodnight, world! Bukas, kasing gorgeous ko na sya. Hahaha! :)))



Sey said...

She's so gorgeous. Ang galing niya magdala ng damit. Ganda talaga niya lalo na sa last picture.

Bilis Apple, your version naman! WAit ko yan.

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

OMG.. orange skirt and black blouse! stupendous :))

been here, btw..and did followed yah...hope you could follow me back ..
tootles :)

anney said...

OO nga maski naka tsinelas e gorgeous pa rin! Cute ng mga outfits nya!

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. sige, the next time i wear it ill take a picture. namimiss ko na ang mga OTD shots.

@orange pulps. thank you. followed you back.

@anney. oo nga eh. ang unfair ng mundo. hihi. ;)

SunnyToast said...

She is the reason why I watched The Hills...she started from laguna beach:)

I love her style:)

Apple Borbon said...

@sunnytoast. i only read about the hills and laguna beach. wish i can find time to watch them too.