Saturday, June 9, 2012

fashion fevah

More headless outfit shots for y'all! xD Photos with better quality brought to you by my dear pana-pana. ♥ Inspite all the chaos and struggles, fashion is one thing I won't ever give up. As they say - stressed, depressed but well dressed. Yay, that's me! Only that I'm getting better day by day. :)

girls got to color block

aztec love, my current addiction ♥

matchy-matchy skirt and top

bluer than blue

formal on a Friday
another addiction, feathers :)

off to the mall

off to the mall yet again?

on a rainy day

That's all folks! When I get more inspiration from the universe, I'll blog about another goal that just got ticked off. More good vibes, puhleeasse. x)

Imma visit your blogs latuur, I missed the blogging world. :')



Tsina said...

Aztec? :)

anney said...

LOvely outfits! Sa susunod sama mo na ulo mo sa kuha! Ganda ganda mo e tinatago mo. hehe!

funandfabulousblog by MAYEN said...

i love all your blazers... inlove ako dun sa blue.. more outfit post.. sana next time may ulo na. hehe.. :)

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

cute cute cute ^_^

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

lovely outfit and fab cam, I'm jealous, lol.
take care, lovely!

SunnyToast said...

I love the bluer than blue outfit! comfy!

Lady Fishbone said...

FASHIONISTA. hehehe, gusto ko styles.... LOVE IT! <3

Apple Borbon said...

@tsina. boho echos. tribal prints.

@anney. thank you. i promise, next time! :)

@mayen. thanks! i'm inlove with that blazer too.

@orange pulps. thanks thanks thanks. :')

Apple Borbon said...

@kristeta. thank you. you take care always too.

@sunny toast. it's not as comfy as it seems. :P

@jessica. thanks! i followed you back, btw.