Thursday, October 18, 2012

what i needed the most

REBOOONND! Hahaha! It's been long overdue and if only my hair can beg me to do this, it most probably will. I honestly don't know what took me so long.  I guess when you're going through tough times, things like this wouldn't be a priority. But hey, slowly, things are falling into places. I have been told earlier today that my request will be granted come January. I can't waaaiitt! xD Yay! I'm blabbing like any of you understands. Work related crap. I probably should stop. That rhymes. Cool! Geez. Hyperblogging, here. Hahaha!

Anyway, I got my hair rebonded at Victor Ortega together with my roommate and sibs. Btw, finding out about that salon is such a great blessing. Can you imagine having better service than Bench Fix for only one thousand pesos? Yes, I wrote that right. That affordable! One thousand pesos, any length! Need some hair fix too? They're located at 500 San Rafael Street Corner Boni Avenue Mandaluyong. It's much better though if you set an appointment with them. Give them a call at 5351696 or 5319350.

salon day ♥

And what's the best way to make the most out of your vanity expenses? Take vanity shots of course! Ohmigod, I committed cyber crime. *goes to jail now*

bored in the office

on the way to the condo

at a teambuilding

malling with baby girl

As much as I wish, this isn't a sponsored post. ;)



Superjaid said...

ugh. i wanna get my hair rebonded too.

Apple Borbon said...

@superjaid. gooo! it's going to be worth it, pretty miss. :)

Unknown said...

Great Blog dear! I am now following you! :) Hope u follow back! I haven't tried re too scared to try! LOL


Apple Borbon said...

@daisy quijada. followed you back. thanks for dropping by. :(