Monday, September 28, 2015

catching up series: this one's for the dads

Excruciatingly long series, I know. It's just that there's no way I won't finish this. By hook or  by crook, everything will be written here. There's not much happening actually so that's exactly the point. Kaunti na nga lang hindi ko pa ba maisusulat lahat?

So where are we? There, Papi and Yags' joint birthday celebration. I might have mentioned this before but whatever. My father and cousin happen to share March 1st as their birth date. Oo, March. March pa 'to. Hahaha! Pero sabi ko nga, pasasaan ba't makakahabol din tayo. :P After this, there's my niece's birthday celebration and then days out with friends and the traditional mid-year photo dump dedicated for the kiddos. End of the year's first half. Catching up series over. And then I'll laugh a celebratory evil laugh dahil sa wakas tapos na.

my brother's mini family ❤️

But wait, because I'm in the mood to blab non-sense, I have a trivia! Hehe! Ready? Did you know that I haven't been going out since the second half of the year started? Of course there are chapel visits and occasional trips to the mall, alone or with the sister, but that's that. I stopped meeting friends on purpose just because I feel like everything's a mess when my blog is neglected aka not up-to-date with my life. HAHAHA!! Para bang pause muna until I get to settle my unfinished businesses with the blog. I shake my head at the thought pero ganun talaga eh. I didn't choose the weird life, the weird life chose me. Hahaha!

I have so many other irrelevant things to say but it came to me that I was supposed to blog about a certain birthday celebration so I'm going back now. In 3, 2, 1.. let's talk about our family day out.

It was the usual visit to Grotto but nonetheless, for the lack of a better term, special. It's actually nice to have that church as something that binds us as a family. I tell you this, my other sister {the one next to me? the chubby one, remember? hehe! ✌️} can go on weeks without visiting the house {'cause she's independent like that!} but when our father says we'd go to Grotto, she cooperates in a heart beat. Dali dali din syang uuwi partly because she has no choice and partly because she likes the idea too.

So anyway, first things first syempre. We ate at a nearby diner before proceeding to the church. We brought cake and ice cream as sweeteners -- literal sweeteners. We sang the birthday song much to my mom's disgust {hehehe!} and we took lotsa photos much to my mom's disgust again. Moms are Debbie Downers and I won't let anyone say otherwise. I love my mom though, don't get me wrong. {pero KJ pa rin sya. hahaha!}


them birthday boyzzz

granny's special appearance :P

plastikan with the mother haha!


At the church, we forced the birthday boys to light their birthday candles 'cause again it's their birthday which makes them birthday boys which forces them to light birthday candles. Hehe! Too bad there was no mass and the church closes early when it's a weekday. But I was able to squeeze in a short photo shoot for my products. Yep, I sell boho bags over at @shopteepee. Again that's TEEPEE, Instagram @shopteepee. Again, that's.. joke lang! Hindi ko na uulitin pero paki follow naman. Haha!

the girlzz

haha! love this photo!

Teepee's mowdel ❤️

And oh, that was Mithy's first official lakwatsa too! Excluding of course her regular checkup and vaccine trips. She was just three months then and we barely felt her presence. Pero ngayon, nakoooo, she makes our whole world go round. Every single day sya ang bida because of her crazy antics and God-given cuteness. It's amazing what babies can do, right? The joy they bring, the stress they take away, the sakit ng balakang, the pinong kurot, the sampal sa mukha..  Haha! Kidding! But no seriously, if a baby can't melt your heart, hindi ka tao! Hahaha!

I guess this is where it ends for now. I'm blabbing too much. Somebody stop meeee! :P

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