Sunday, July 10, 2016

catching up series: faye's school activities

Guess where I'm at? Sirit? Sabihan ko na? Hehehe! In the office! Yep, yep! In the office! I'm back to work, folks! After three friggin' years, I'm back to work. I'll be spilling more details next time but for now just let me work on the next item on the back burner -- a compilation of my niece's school activities. This is actually the last item on my catching up series. After this, it's officially goodbye 2015 on this blog. Funny that it's already halfway through 2016 but whatever! I'll find a way to put everything in this blog by hook or by crook.

Since I've been a bum for so long, I was able to witness Faye's school activities from her first year in grade school. I was there every single time! Snapping photos, taking videos, clapping, cheering for my niece. You already know that I'm a stage aunt, right?

First, Nutrition Month! The Grade One students presented a play and she bagged the lead role of a girl who prefers gummy bears over fruits and veggies. Of course there's a moral lesson from the story and the girl later on realized that it's important to have a healthy diet. And they sang.. Makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulayyyy! Hahaha! Too bad their school doesn't have a very good sound system and you can barely hear what they're saying.

Next, Linggo ng Wika! They sang Ako ay Pilipino, costumes and all. And this rarely happens BUTTT I lost the photos that I took from that day. It's so weird that I only got to save the video below. Oh well. At least I got to savage something.

And then, Christmas Concert! Once again, she was the lead singer. While everyone was wearing yellow, there she was, in an all red standout outfit. I mean, how can you not be proud? She's just six for crying out loud and yet, she has done this and that. I can definitely tell we have a future over-achiever in her. No pressure though, kid! :P

She also joined their school's pageant, Mr. and Ms. OLOMS. I know, right? Lahat na talaga! They had a pre-pageant where they showcased their talent and then of course, the question and answer. She sang Let It Go while donned in an Elsa gown. It was a very good performance, I'd dare say, 'cause she won Best in Talent. O dba? Sadly for the question and answer, she was asked a difficult question in deep tagalog so she wasn't able to answer very well. We asked her afterwards and indeed,  she wasn't able to comprehend the question. Weird that I got hurt for my niece. Yung tipong kung may magagawa ka lang to save her from the difficult situation. But life's like that, you can't always win.

The pageant was a money contest so we had to sell tickets. In the end, she was the fourth place. Not so bad because we really didn't exert much effort in selling tickets. What's important for us was that she got to experience joining the pageant. And what an experience it was! She sang again as she was the best in talent. She delivered a good rendition of Reflection this time. On top of everything, there was cotillion too! Eh ako nga, I never got to dance in a cotillion everr! Indeed so many experiences at a very young age.

And then, she also showcased her singing prowess in another school. It was actually a talent contest but only three contestants showed up. Two groups danced and then she was the only one who sang. Hehe. They ended up picking one of the dance group but my niece still went home with cold cash worth P500 -- her very first hard-earned moolah. Hahaha!

Lastly, her Moving Up day! And I tell you, hindi lang sya singer! She's an academic achiever too! She was the second honor in their section, and fifth overall. She was also the Best in English, Best in MAPEH, Most Attentive, Most Helpful, Most Obedient and of course, Most Talented! I really hope she gets to keep her interest in everything that she does right now. It's early to tell because uhmm.. she's just Grade 1 but it'll be really cool if she remains that way til her high school years. Frustration ko kasi yung maging cool kid growing up. Hehehe.

And I just realized that I won't be able to do the same in her Second Grade because I have work already. Boo! I'll demand to the parents that they take my role so that at least I can watch in videos. I'd really love to witness them grow up. And more than just witnessing, I'd love to participate in making them better human beings. Hayy. I love my nieces so much it's crazy.


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