Sunday, September 5, 2010

island hopping in cyberspace

Yay! I've been thinking of this I'll-start-a-blog thing for almost a month now but unfortunately never had enough drive to so, not until today. Yes, finally, here I am trying to compose my first entry.. and I'm having a hard time! Lord, pano nga ulit mag-blog?? 

I used to blog in Multiply, back in the days when I was jobless aka bum {oh how I miss being one, gusto ko na magLOA! Haha! ACN pips, if ever you're here, forget I said that!}

Anyway,my Multiply site is now abandoned, same goes for my Friendster account. But just now, I visited my Multiply site, saw that my background isn't working anymore {what's with you Photobucket? I have fixed 'em anyway}, tweaked my oh-so-private settings and posted my link on Facebook. In short, it's for everyone to see na, the blogs lang ha? Who the hell cares with multiply now, anyway! Hehe.

And my Friendster account? It has long been abandoned. Pero I posted the link on FB na rin. Woot! Andame ko kunware links!

Am I that thin before, that my nose dominated my face? {or maybe, I just picked a very bad photo. HOPE SO.}

my Friendster account
it isn't as plain before
just don't wanna check out the CSS thing anymore

Now, I am on Facebook. No, lemme put emphasis on that. I am currently addicted to Facebook. Facebook sa tricycle, anyone? Pbbhht! Thank you Globe super surf unli, or is that super unli surf? Let me get away with that. It escaped my mind along with soooo many other things. Hai.. but I can't rant as much as I want to in Facebook.

my Facebook wall
this, I'm currently loving ♥

So BLOGSPOT, thank you for this another island in cyberspace. You, yes you, dear Blogspot is now the perfect sanctuary for all my brain vomit.

Lately I've been into so much {or at least for me that's so much already}. I am not used to being upset and all.. but this bitchy life is giving me a taste of emotions I'm not used to. And that same bitchy life is forcing me to embrace some effin' clutter. But the perfectionist in me can only take so much.

So, before I completely lose my direction along with my sanity, I decided to come up with my own 25 before 25 list. 25 things I want to accomplish {yes, accomplish, not just try} before I turn 25. Even if life is a little far from being perfect right now, and while I still do not have enough courage to make a difference, at least crossing off items from this list will make me feel better. Hey, to start a blog is the first item on the list so I'm crossing that out already. Cheers!

I will soon share my list, I have yet to complete it. Prolly that would be my next post. Yay! I'm excited. It feels good looking forward to something.


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