Sunday, September 19, 2010

25 before 25 project

Finalleeeeyy.. This project has been invading my thoughts ever since I read another blogger's 26 before 26 list. That's almost a month ago already, wheew! It just so happen that my eternally busy life and lazy butt won't allow me to sit, think and decide what I want to accomplish within the next year of my life. This list includes material things I want {or should I make this, need?} to have, things I want to learn {some are essential to life, some are not}, things I want to try {for the mere purpose  of experiencing them} and some  are frustrations from childhood {swimming and biking *sob sob*}

imma be fast
I've got 10 months, let's see (:

So here, presenting.. {drum roll please} MY 25 BEFORE 25 LIST!!! 

I'm crossing this one out, no doubt. My new address in cyberspace is Welcome to my new home. I actually had a hard time thinking of what my blog site title would be {hello creativity, have you escaped me?} I first thought of spotlight on apple. Accenture has this spotlight on people thing so. Second, I thought of the scientific name of the fruit apple. Wikipedia said it's Malus domestica. So there I kept on reading about the article, then it mentioned the taste of apple. And the rest is history. (: I still have lots of customization to do though, I dream of a personalized template, viewing counter, chat box, countdown to my birthday widget, and the control on how other people won't be able to steal photos. {since blog sites are so public}.Those would have to wait for another sleepless night.

When I say bike, I really mean the bicycle. Not scooter, motorcycle or big bikes. Just the two-wheeled bicycle even kids know how to ride {is the four-wheeled one even called a bicycle? duh.} Sure you can pity me now, I never learned that during my childhood. I tried but I didn't learn. So wish me luck this time. PICC/Quezon City Circle,you have to witness my sweet success! Hahaha! {evil laugh, it is}

I'm not quite sure why this came in third. Maybe because the day I drafted this list is the same day I accompanied my sister to look for her trekking shoes. She'll hike to Mt. Gulugod Baboy {sounds funny? I know!!} in Batangas on the 25th of September. She's actually inviting me to go with them, but that would be too early for me. I still have lots of preparing to do. I still don't have my own pair of trekking shoes, trekking bag maybe and of course my trekking outfit! Err, should I be talking about a different aspect of preparing? Hitting the gym for some exercise? Jogging in the morning? Eating right? OH NO! Let's just forget it for now. Fortunately, a dear friend recently created a Facebook invite that goes something like "V-3 Mountaineers". No definite plans yet but I already gave in my "yes". For the sake of my dear 25 before 25 list.

Even long before, I already accepted the fact that cooking isn't for me. I so much wanted to be successful in life so that in the future, I can afford to pay for a helper who will prepare meals for me and for my family. TRUE STORY. But because of this whole this-is-me-only-better thing, I wanted to give it a try. Hmm.. If I learn how to cook rice without using the rice cooker, would that count? Phhbbt! But kidding aside, I might settle for adobo or pinakbet {getting hungry. :(} No special dishes just yet. After all, I still have a long way to go for this one. I can't even peel fruits and vegetables using a knife. No peeler, no hilaw  na mangga for me. I am THAT incapable!

Ok, so I've done this before. My parents enrolled us for swimming lessons in Grotto Vista when I was around 10. If I remember it right, we only attended two sessions. Bubbles, floating, leg-work, no more. Such a regret. If only I was brave enough then, this should have not been in this list. Hell with my chicken courage. Anyway, I want to learn how to swim right 'coz I usually get scared of other water activities thinking I might drown myself to death {paranoia at its finest} We recently sent ourselves to Puerto Princesa, Palawan and day 2 of the trip was Honda Bay Tour.Yes, I enjoyed whole day of island hopping and snorkeling but it could have been more fun if I can at least get away from the salvavida being pulled by kuyang tour guide. Dear kuya, sorry sa pagiging pabigat. :) Also, we sent ourselves to Naga last June. We dropped by CWC and guess what? We just took pictures and left. If only I am confident of my swimming skills and I could have tried wake boarding. Maybe my 26 before 26 list can have a spot for that. Let's see. But for the meantime, my 25 before 25 list gives the 5th spot for "enroll in swimming classes".

that's me, Sheena and Silin entrusting our lives to the salbabidang gulong.

This, I am dead serious about. I'm giving myself only until November to cross this item off my list. Pressure, kamowwn! I honestly haven't checked out stores, collected flyers or read reviews.TOTALLY CLUELESS. One thing is sure though, I'm going to get a pink one. Kikay-meter beyond limit once again. Wink. Wink. And oh, have I mentioned that my credit limit has just been adjusted again? Life is making it easier for me. I thought shopping needs to be sacrificed. I'm getting giddy! November should come fast.

Have emergency funds and never touch it. Sounds better? Unless, of course during an emergency. I don't mean life threatening emergency situations here. I like to think something like that  will never happen. Funds for the rainy days that is. Yikes! I'm starting to doubt the success of this project. Haha! Just so you know, the school girl me used to be really good at it.  My parents, especially, my father, used to be so generous in giving our allowances. They also give a good deal of pocket money for my lakwachas here and there. But I had a number of destinations my parents were unaware of {actually up to now}. Shhh. That's when savings were badly needed. I only stopped saving when I started working. I experience uber purita days because of this {but no one believes me when I say wala akong pera}. So now, I'm gonna save up. Come on, convince yourself better.

I guess I'm just getting bored with my eternally black, long and straight {ok, rebonded} hair. I first thought of hair perming. But life happens and some cool gals out there had a shot at it first. So it'll have to wait until 2012 for me. {hantagaaaal} Exactly while I'm thinking of anything, just anything, to do with my hair, I bumped into a beauty blog featuring Loreal INOA, Innovation No Ammonia. No ammonia hair color. Reviews are good and so I'm convinced. Target is before the year ends. December, don't come yet. I still have to prepare myself to endure humiliation in case it doesn't go well.

 I forgot where I stole this :(
picture says she's Eva Longoria
I don't even know her
I just ♥ her hair color

I have always been gutless to try eating anything strange. Don't think I'm picky with what I eat. In fact, I eat ALMOST anything common to human, well make that Filipino, taste buds. I'm just scared to try different cuisines and weird dishes. I remember not trying the tamilok {wood worm} in Puerto Princesa because it's so disgusting. It looks raw.. and slimy.. and.. ulk! IT'S JUST SO GROSS. Even with this list in mind, I think I still can't eat that. Haha! Daya.. but I might consider. Next time I go out of town {or country, ayiee} I swear I'll try to eat anything uncommon. Just no worms, puhlease.

I could have tried but I didn't

Certified whut!!? This is work related. I'm getting tamad. kthnxbye. Hahaha! Why is this even on the list? Because I might get myself so involved with my 25 before 25 project that I might totally forget I have another set of objectives for my career. Not that I want to have work related objectives. It's crazy required, come on! We have this objective setting thing and checkpoints from time to time. Oops, is that confidential? But I seriously want this for my dear self naman talaga. Any certification related to my capability {hello there, miss software tester} will do because as of the moment I have none. Phhbt!

How boring can this item get? As of the moment, I can only think of SSS ID and my Alumni ID. Truthfully, I don't even know if they are a must. All I know is that I want to have them since my teammates in the office have their SSS ID's {or at least planning to have one} and my classmates back in college already have their Alumni ID's. Talk about inggitera, baybeh. Hihi. And of equal importance {which is not really important} is having a Metrobank direct account. To check my hard-earned money online and well, maybe pay bills. So when do I plan to accomplish these? My lazy butt still can't tell.

Just because I saw this in another 30 before 30 project and thought it would be realistic for me.  Items from the list include partying in New Orleans, walking on the Brooklyn Bridge and eating the worm in Mezcal, among others. This ain't a wish list so I got to pick something attainable like this. Sagada isn't so much of a dream destination for me. It's just that I've been hearing so much about it to the point I actually wanna go there. They say that Sumaguing Cave alone is worth the loooong butt-numbing travel from Manila to Sagada. So who's with me to prove?

don't you just love to see this for yourself?

You might have guessed I have fashion books and chick lits in mind. Admittedly, you're right!! I saw in Candy May 2010 issue that their fashion editor was greatly influenced by Nina Garcia's The Style Strategy and I instantly thought I'm going to get that for myself. I checked out the nearest bookstore weeks after and to my surprise it's worth 7oo bucks. Well maybe because it is hard bound and all.. but still.. :) I will just look for the paperback version. IN TIME. I still have too much on my plate right now, gah!   Other books by her I've seen from the net are The Look Book, The One Hundred, and The Little Black Book of Style. I'll try to get as much, that is, if I even manage to finish reading the first.

This one's easy! cheers!! I already signed up for A Run for Pasig River 10.10.10. This was organized by Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig, an ABS CBN foundation. As they say, they will rally for the river's restoration and try to catch Guiness' attention by its 12000 runners. I first learned about it through an email from Accenture Caring for Tommorow. They offer various community activities, btw. {work-life balance, anyone?}. My dear company will sponsor 3ooo employees to join the said marathon. I've always wanted to join a fun run so I immediately signed up along with my partners in crime, Silina & Sheena. We have just claimed our kits which include bibs {one from ACN & one from the event itself} and an ACN cap {in orange, kamoown!} I also invited my friends from college to sign up for the event. Yes, this did sign up but haven't claimed their kits nor paid their registrations. By God's grace, I hope soon they will.

Baduy as it may sound, but hey, we really should. I am not the environmentalist type who will support every clean & green act out there but I have always been concerned with my surroundings. My conscience actually can't take throwing pieces of paper or candy wrappers in the streets{you have to believe me this time}.Sooo.. What can I do for Mother Earth? Well, I can recycle, save electricity and manage my water consumption but that would be hardly measurable {Would you allow me to cross this item off by merely not taking a bath for a day? Haha!} Eeek! In the course of writing this I almost forgot I already did something for this item {Yikes, cross out! cross out! How many more are left?} Just so you know, I joined the tree planting activity sponsored by who else, Accenture, last August 21 in Marikina Watershed. 'Twas  hell of an experience as it wasn't just tree planting, it was trekking at the same {minus being prepared}. Might as well create another blog entry for that. :|

river trek? NOOT!

Originally on my list is to just try the zipline. We're supposed to try it in Eco Park March of last year {my father's birthday celeb} but got tamad of the loooong line. :( Anyway, I first heard of this 'tree top' thing from my team mates. They were thinking of a team building activity then. It didn't pushed through though because we got scared of the weather. We opted to go ice skating in MOA, have dinner in Dampa and sing our {or should I say 'their'} hearts out in Music Bank. It was worth missing the tree top experience din naman. But I can sense this will still be a future teambuilding activity. Wanna bet?

As much as I would like to add in the list, 'Learn a new language', I know I should not. I just think it's much better if I improve my English skills first. You know the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing? And add to that, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling.. {the list goes on.. just the thought is overwhelming}. I was told not just once that I have the gift of speaking {most recent was someone from the client team} *blushes*, but still I know I have a long way to go. So pardon me for any wrong grammar or misspelled words you see in this blog. I use a lot of informal English here {excuses, phbbt}. Honestly, I dunno how far I can go in completing this. Let's see if I can download tutorials for dummies out there. I can't afford to enroll in formal English classes. And even if I could, I won't. Remember I still have to enroll in swimming classes? Haha! So if ever there is someone out there who is wholeheartedly willing to be my English tutor, I will thank the heavens for your existence.

In case you still don't know, I am the laziest person in keeping in touch with old acquaintances {oops, do I sound proud? I am not.} I rarely call or text friends people I know to ask how they are, or if they are still good, or what's keeping their sanity. I am online most of the time during weekends {that is if I don't have commitments}  but I am always on invisible mode so that I'll only talk to people I really want to talk to. Aside from that my Facebook is also defaulted to 'Go Offline'. And oh! As much as possible I avoid bumping to ex-classmates or old friends in the mall. You know the part I hate the most? The kamustahan. Like 'Oh, kamusta ka na?', 'San ka na nagwowork?', 'Si ganito nakikita mo pa?' Come on, talk to the hand. Hahaha! Stone to death that anti-social. Enough of the stories, the whole point is not to change the anti-social in me. It's just that there are few people out there who doesn't deserve to be completely forgotten. I won't wait for fate to bring them back to me. I will do something. If not now {because it's hella late at 2am}, at least soon.

I do not know what came to me to include this on the list. All I know is that I'M BLESSED and I should at least do something to return the favor. But can we just set expectations here? I only said 'Read the Bible' and NOT finish reading the Bible. That would be impossible, at least for the  deadline of this project. Maybe I can make it a habit of reading few verses each day, before I sleeps perhaps {uh-oh, I'll be needing discipline here}. As far as I can remember, mom gave me one when I was in college. I'll look for it tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Exactly on my mind is the likes of 'Habitat for Humanity'. I may look fragile and oh-so arte but I've always wanted to try the works of carpenters {I'm referring to those who build homes, whatever the appropriate term is}. First, I like to try painting walls. Every time our house gets repainted, i get so inggit when they paint the walls with that roller thing. Next I can think of is mixing cement. I find it fun ever since I was a kid but the parents won't allow me try. Poor me gets contented watching kuyang karpintero do it. Hmm.. and anything related to building homes I want to try {probably be a karpintero in my next life}. So to fulfill the dream I might join Hands on Manila. They have various outreach programs, from community projects, to health and nutrition, to sports and education. The sister is already a member of HOM {not active though}, she can tell me the how-to's.

 Hands on Manila (:
wait til I join you

Is this even measurable? How can I tell if I'm already one?  You be the judge! When the good Lord gave the gift of 'sense of direction', I guess I was no where to be found. Haha! Even the simplest, which is left which is right makes me stop and think {just like my computer when it hangs, freak!} One time I went to the mall's comfort room, after my powder and lip gloss ritual I was going out, to my surprise I was heading to the fire exit. Wrong turn my dear. And it was embarrassing. Another true story is that I do not know my way around Araneta Center neither do I know my way around Makati. Thank goodness I have the guts to ask, it's one thing I don't get ashamed of. Or else I'm going to get lost. And so I dream of becoming street smart. 

..AND RECORD IT! hahaha! I find this funny, and well, kind of shallow slash disturbing slash challenging. Because you know what? I have NEVER sang in the videoke in my entire life {in my 24 years of existence, major major, hahaha}. Not that I don't sing completely, but I have never sang with a microphone. I know how my voice can get so high-pitched, that's why! But because I can no longer think of anything else {realistic enough} to include in this I-wanna-try-everything project, I thought of simple things I have never done. Frankly, I also remember I haven't drunk beer in my entire life but that one, I need to think about gazillion times {until I get tired of thinking and decide not to try it at all} *wink*. Anyway, I'll be needing a lotta help here. I'll set a schedule with the sisters, we'll have fun and we'll look STUPID. Don't you just love the idea?

And with that I mean upcoming good movies and famous flicks from the past which I missed watching {for heaven's sake, why}. I'm really not much of a movie-goer, it just gets worse when a certain movie I missed watching suddenly becomes the talk of the town. Oh dear, I can remember Avatar. How it inched its way to the charts with me having no plans of watching it. Few days {or weeks, I dunno} after, every single bus I pop myself into has that movie in their television screens. Either I wasn't able to watch from the beginning or was not able to watch it until the end. Not to mention they have bad audio and video. So, even being able to almost watch it for like four or five times, I hella have zero understanding of the story. I can only remember green alien-looking creatures. Aside from Avi {Avatar, that is}, I also have Kimmy Dora in mind. Call me a loser but I did not get to watch it. Everyone was talking about it then. Repeating funny lines and laughing at the craziest scenes. I have yet to figure out if I was on Earth while it was selling like pancakes on the cinemas {wacha think?}. And speaking of good movies, I would also love to be a bedbug on weekends to watch again, for the nth time, movies like Now and Then and So Close. The latter being the only movie that made me cry, EVER. Urggh, I'm saying too much. Enough!

Now and Then

So Close

24. PULL OFF A TWO-PIECE SWIMSUITOr at least maintain a two piece worthy bod. Because I'm getting fat I should have something like this on my list. I have no Boracay or Galera plans this coming summer so I'm kinda doubting this one. Friends, hear my plea, we have to go to the beach! haha! Or else I'm wearing my two piece in pools. Who the hell cares? But then again, maybe I'm kidding. Foolishness aside, with or without summer plans, I'm going to shed off some pounds. At least until I no longer have to unbutton my pants while I am sitting.

Crap!! Why can't I decide now? I have 1o months to think over the pros and cons. Quarter Life Crisis, if you know what I mean.

...And there you go. Completing the list was hard. Making them come true would even be harder, ikr. But for a soul striving to make the most out of life, these would all be possible *fingers crossed*.



Anonymous said...

Madam, nakakailan ka na out of 25 mo?

Apple Borbon said...

around 12 yata. check out my home page. crossed out na ung mga tapos na. (: