Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it could have been fun..

..if only I was able to make it. >:p

Ok no one understands. I'm referring to Hyundai Run for A Cause last April o2. My college friend slash roommate Aane first told me about this. She registered along with another college friend, Ef. The run doesn't have registration free {which made us wonder how come it's for a cause??} and they'll give you singlets for free pa. Amazing offer I wasn't able to resist. So I also told my office batchmates, Tsina and Silin, about it. Silina was busy then, only Tsina and I were able to register. Done with the registration. Marked in my planner. So looking forward.

Fast forward few days before the run, Tsina told me she won't be able to make it for work related reasons. Being the understanding friend that I am {#choslang}, I just told Aane and Ef that I'll go with them since Tsina can't make it. Change of plans. I'll go with my college friends.

Even if Tsina can't make it anymore, she still accompanied me in getting my race kit. Oh well, she got hers too! The organizers didn't have any idea after all. Phhhbt!

thanks so much, Hyundai

Then the night of April o1 came. I arrived home late and I saw Aane's stuff already prepared. I went on preparing my own stuff. My running shoes was out of it's box once again after a long time {when I say long, that's roughly three months. teehee} and my singlet and short shorts was hanged by the bedside. I was sooo ready, or I thought I was.

And then the pasaway in me decided to check the cyberworld first before sending myself to sleep. Facebook, Twitter and this blog. Haay, we just can't get enough diba? 

I posted this on Facebook that night
aminado much?
So to make the now-getting-long story short, I slept late and wasn't able to get up as early as needed. The same happened to Aane. Ef called her up too late. The 1oK run has started. In about an hour, the 5K run will start. We didn't bother to get up and prepare. We opted to sleep the morning away. Haha!

Though disappointed, we just made jokes out of it. We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. Marami pang run na susunod. Hindi na ko magpupuyat ulit! This I promise you, Hyundai.



Sey said...

wahhhhh, kainis bakit hindi ko nabalitaan ang run na yan! Adik much din ako jan. Pero paano nga naging run for a cause kung walang registration? Galing naman ng Hyundai.

Sayang naman pero you're right, marami pang run jan.

Unknown said...

hehe.. i know sey will say that.

anyway, sayang naman complete get up na sana napurnada pa! kaya next time pretty apple wag na magpuyat. hehe..

Anonymous said...

ayan kase pasaway ka naman tlga hindi ako nagkamali.. at natawa ako pati yung reply ko sa status mo nadamay pa haha! -anne curtis

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

I have friends from Zamboanga who traveled here in Manila just for the run.
They were inviting me but I said nah,, ako nlng taga-kuha ng photos! not much of a runner! ;)

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. yay for common interest! alam ko may Youth Run this May. check this out.


@mayen. oo nga eh. lesson learned. =)

@anne curtis. lol. thank you for dropping by. i am so honored. hahaha! >:p

@ar-ar. why don't you give it a try? ako din nman for fun lang talaga. not after winning. :)

Nimmy said...

hehehe. ang kulit naman nun! next time run ka na para may running pic na! hehee

Apple Borbon said...

@nimmy. nakapagrun nman na ko before. haha! sayang lang talaga yung Hyundai Run. =)