Saturday, January 14, 2012

.. then the christmas season with friends

Moving on with the next part of my Christmas post series, I'm going to share now my Christmas with friends. Surprise, surprise! Inspite of being anti-social for months now, I have managed to keep some special friendship. And with some, I mean four. Oh yes, I still have four remaining friends. Haha! Kidding. I really wish I was kidding. :D

Anyway, remember Silina? The one who left us last April for some work obligations? She's back last month for a vacay. But as I share this story she has gone to the US of A again. Oh well, at least I was able to meet her twice for dinner. One with our batchmates, Sheena and Dwin, and another with her teammates {yes, I was dakilang sabit}.

with the manggugulat of city walk

Apple & Dwin

Celine & Sheena

For our batch dinner, we ate at Friday's. Baby back ribs, seafood platter and yummy pasta {let's just call it "yummy" because I cannot remember what it was, k?} The night was full of stories and laughter. It's always been like that with them. Puro nega ang kwento pero masaya. Laugh your problems away, guys. Hahaha!

food porn + Silina's gift

The next day after our "Friday's" night was a holiday {okay fine, Dec 30}. Tin and I went to Tagaytay because we have decided to make it a tradition of going out of town every year end. Last year, we were in Subic.  We went to Treetop Adventure and got high on nature {tagline much?}

so full.. so lazeh..

postcard worthy, eh?

Sadly, our Tagaytay trip wasn't much of a success. Aside from the fact that it was almost impromptu, I wasn't feeling well too. We only ate at Josephine and dropped by Picnic Grove. Good thing we enjoyed our lunch at Josephine as it was the only highlight of our trip. We weren't able to do much in Picnic Grove because (1) it's getting dark already, hence no good pictures, (2) its drizzling and (3) I'm sick! We could have tried the zipline and cable car if only I was feeling better. Yeah right, if only.

thank you for our sumptuous lunch

baked tahong, camaron rebosado, kaldereta

On a positive note, we still have the last days of all the years to come. Next year's trip will be a lot better. Pinky swear, shoms? ♥

Watch out for the last post of this series, Christmas with family. I'm definitely in love with blogging again.

*first three photos are Sheena's edit



Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

It looks like you had a great time with your friends =) It's a shame that you were poorly when you went to tagaytay. I love that place but i've not been for years! I'm sure next year's out of town trip would be better.

I have a tunblr account but haven't done anything with it. Kulang na talaga sa oras. But that's because I just started a new blog. Good luck with that if you decide to go ahead with it =) 

Sey said...

I thought you headed somewhere south because of that Manggugulat. Hehehe, para naman dito lang meron nun eh no. hahaha.

Yeah, I remember your post about your friend and nung kumain kayo sa labas before she left the country. It's a good thing she went back to visit, and for sure you had a great time. Josephine's is the most talked and sought after restaurant in Tagaytay. My friend told me the food was delish. I'm near to the place but don't have the time to visit. Lazeh me - hehe.

And that "Puro nega ang kwento pero masaya" expert na yata kami jan. Spending the weekend all day out kahit puyat laughing our hearts out pampatanggal ng stress.

I'm glad you're back to blogging. Tumblr? Go, I have one pero nilalangaw na. Hehehe, Tamad and busy much eh.

Zabrinah said...

Great post! The pictures you took are definitely "post-card worthy"! I was actually thinking that before you put the caption underneath.

Also, the food looks DELICIOUS. I don't know why I always blog and blogwalk when I'm hungry!


Best wishes,


[your everyday girl,
writing about guys]

Apple Borbon said...

@kristeta. yep, I really did. it's always so fun with friends. ;) and I haven't started with the tumblr thing. Too lazy and busy for that right now.

@sey. haha! that's somewhere in eastwood lang. nako, try josephine's. the baked tahong was really good.

@zabrinah. thanks for visiting. i checked out your blog too. :)