Sunday, January 8, 2012

christmas season the ku-yu-ey way

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Right guys? hahaha! :)) So let me start blogging about the Christmas season even if it's a week after the hype already. For this post, Christmas season the Ku-yu-ey way. ❤ Ku-yu-ey meaning QA, meaning Quality Assurance. Software Tester Apple at your service. Hahaha! :P

Let's get started. Of course we had the traditional kris kringle. And as seen in the picture below, some of the stuff I got are fruit cocktail, wiggly worm from blue magic and tons of Oishi chips {well hello there, MSG}.

something something

We also had Parol Making Contest within our project. Six teams battled for a two thousand peso worth of team building budget. Yes I know, ang poor namin. Haha! But more than anything else, I guess everyone's after the bragging rights lang. You know naman how yabang we can get sometimes. BEST TEAM, eh. :)

Sad to say, we only got the third place. But just so you know, many expected us to win. We expected the same. But hey, life happens. It's fine. On second thought, well not really. Haha! Kidding. :P

third placer.. not bad

Moving on, we also had a birthday to celebrate. The big guy on the left treated us to an heeexpensive lunch at Friday's. But no, the huge Christmas tree wasn't from Friday's. It's just outside our office lobby. I asked kuyang guard if we can take pictures in the lobby and he said yes as long as it's just two shots. We took three {or was it four?} and he didn't care at all. Funny ka kuya!

Merry Christmas, from QA team
..or is this greeting too late already? :P

happy birthdaaaayy!!

Mid of the month, we had our project Christmas party at Italianni's, Greenbelt. A notch more sosyal as we're used to celebrating special occasions on conference rooms. Haha! As one of the organizers, I'd say I'm satisfied with the outcome of the event. Good food, fun games, smooth flow of the program. Not bad for my last assignment with the organizing team. Haha! I wish. :D

ku-yu-ey ganda gwapo
we're used to calling ourselves that because there's no denying it..
makapal talaga kame. :P

Lastly, we had our team Christmas party at Kimono Ken. It was supposed to be in Yakimix but we weren't able to wait for our turn in the VIP room. In other words, patay gutom na kame that's why we transferred. And oh, this served as Bet's despedida as well. You read that right, my closest friend from showbiz {ahem ahem} already left the company too. First it was Pholet then it was Beth. I am sooo alone now. :'( I wonder if it's time for me to.... ahh.. uhmm.. SLEEP. Hahaha! :))

bye teh, I miss you big time already :*

That's all for tonight! Coming up next, Christmas with friends. Oh how I missed blogging. Goodnight, loves! Good vibes for 2o12. ^__^



Aiza said...

I miss you, girl! Happy New Year!

ANd sosyal naman ng mga pinag kakainan niyo. I knew you had fun! :) Hehehee.

Unknown said...

Aww.. I missed you apple. Ang saya saya naman ng Christmas season mo. and tama si Ms. C, sosyang ng mga kinainan nyo ah? :) Happy New Year!!!

Sey said...

We missed you...where in the world have you been? But wait, with all those pictures as proof, we understand why you're incognito. Seems you really had a fun and merry December. More parties and every moment was well documented. Cheers to that.

Miss Ish said...

There's so much happening in December, there's hardly any time to blog. I can relate to that. :)

anney said...

Sobrang naging busy pala sa paglafang! hihihi! Ang sosyal ng mga kinainan ha! Happy New year!

anney said...

I love the parol! Ok na din ang 3rd place. At least may place kesa wala diba.hihi! Hope you'll have a fruitful 2012!

Apple Borbon said...

@ms.c, mayen and sey. i missed you and your blogs too. happy new year. :D

@ile odarod. indeed. thanks for visiting.

@anney. correct! happy new year. a fruitful year for you too. :)