Saturday, March 31, 2012

things i love saturdays: pick-me-uppers

I was supposed to blog about how awful I've been feeling lately but then again I'm feeling a little better at this very moment hence this "things i love" post.♥

Let's begin with my recent hauls. Got blazers, animal print tops {ohmigosh, I'm addicted} and a logo top that well.. uhmm.. speaks so much about me! Haha! Please agree. You have to make me feel better. :P And if you're a twitter follower, you already know they made my wallet look anorexic. Sad wallet, happy closet, still confused me. Urgh. 

retail therapist: Forever 21

Moving on, look what I got from being a loyal SM {er, Forever 21} shopper. A cutesie patootsie black doll shoes. Got it for free from my SM Advantage card points. Haha. All because I'm so diligent in getting the card out of my wallet. I wonder what will I get next? 

it's cute, it's free and it's for me :D

Some more fashion related blah-blahs. I recently discovered the love for taking outfit shots. Only that they're headless! Haha! Someday I'll learn to make a decent facial expression while taking my own picture. Just as I thought I have mastered the art of multi-tasking, not for this one pala. Boo!

officially welcoming the summer with floral skirts ♥

and then trying to be fierce, rawwrr

Now for my non-fashion related pick-me-uppers.. I suddenly missed scrap booking so I grabbed my dust-collecting art materials and made this {see picture below :P}. It has found it's niche in my office whiteboard. 

the incrediBorbs ♥

Now for the last pick-me-upper.. the best friend! Because really, that's what friends are for. ♫  Napakanta ka? :D But seriously, it's times like this that you get to see who's for keeps. Thanks best. I got your back too. Wenks. ;)

for good times and bad times ♥

..and if you noticed I edited my pictures ala-Instagram. I think I'm getting an iPod touch just for that. Haha! Lemme think, lemme think.  


Unknown said...

your skirt and pants look so cute.... Have a good weekend

Unknown said...

I love to read you blog. It always makes me smile. Minsan pag nagkita kami Sey and aiza sama.. We want to meet you. kami na mag picture ng outfit mo. You are really pretty.. Gusto kita kurutin. haha..I wish i'm as sexy as you. It's my dream to have a fashion blog.. kaso.. hmmp..

I love all the blazers. both outfit are great but I love the floral skirt more.. continue with the outfit pictures. I'd love to ee more! ask someone to take the shot for you. I'm sure you can charm someone to it for you.. hehe..

It's okay to indulge sometimes..."sometimes" haha.. mwah.. have a peaceful holy week apple dear!!

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

well im glad that you're feeling better. And your clothes look so fashionable =)
And very clever too, pwede ba kitang hiramin for a project that I want to make? hehe
I did notice the effects, it was very instagram/Pxlromatic. Hmmm, I'm sure when you get your hands on and iPod Touch that you'll discover a whole of other things that you could do with it! Haha! Nagpromote ba? (sensya na Apple addict lang!) =)

anney said...

Ang gaganda naman! Ako din medyo naloloko sa animal prints ngayon. May isa nga ako binili kaya lang kailangan ko pa magpapayat ng konti para kumasya. hahaha! Diba parang adik lang? hehehe! Kahit di kasya binibili.

Sey said...

I remember that anorexic wallet, but at least you have an obesse closet hehehe. I love the floral skirts, summer really has arrived. And yes, in bad times you'll see who are the friends for keeps. Always smile and be happy :)

Apple Borbon said...

lovelywife_pettitmom. thank you. those are my favorite floral skirts. ;)

@mayen. i'd love to meet you and the girls. looking forward to that. and oh, you're sexy too. all it takes is confidence. haha. more outfit shots i promise.

@kristeta. what project is that? natakot naman ako. haha. and yep, i'm using pxlr-o-matic. i badly need an ipod.

Apple Borbon said...

@anney. haha! everyone's definitely going crazy with animal prints.

@sey. thanks sey. i'm choosing to be happy now. i feel a lot better. i guess i'm back to blogging. :D