Sunday, April 15, 2012

another spur-of-the-moment kind of thing

Quick update for everyone. x) Just because I  realized it's already mid of April and I haven't blogged yet. So here's a photo dump of our random family swimming at Grotto Vista. We got bored one Sunday afternoon and decided to go night swim swim. ♥ I'm telling you, masama kami mainip. :P

kiddos at heart ♥

oh yes.. the same spot from day to night. phhbbt!

basang sisiws

bored no more?

And heeey, before I forget. I have some good news for yah. I finally learned how to float. Hahaha! Dreams do come true. ♥

patay lang ang peg ;)

Lastly, here's an OOTD. I'm loving outfit shots lately so please bear with me. And don't say I didn't warn you. Haha! :))

Hafta gooo.. Goodnight everyone. I miss your blogs. Tell me you miss my visits too. :*


Sey said...

i do miss you. busy ang peg natin ngayon. congrats at marunong ka na mag float. next time bicycle naman hehehe. sa sunod na mainip kayo sama niyo ako ah. hehehe

Unknown said...

wow, kayo na ang sosyal mainip..hehe.. I miss you apple and your blog. Congrats at marunong ka na mag float.. yipeee..

more outfit post. :)

jelai said...

wow..butkapa nasimulan mo nang enjoyin ang summer mo! hehehe.

Unknown said...

so... grotto vista is still up and running at this very moment. my first and last visit at it was fifteen years ago, and when i saw your blog --- not really reading, just a quick glance on the photos --- i knew the place is very familiar.

Unknown said...
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Apple Borbon said...

@sey. yep, super busy. i miss blogging and blog-hopping. :'(

@mayen. i miss you too mayen. miss ko na ang wedding updates mo. outfits post soon.

@jelai. you start enjoying your summer too. ;)

@perrine. almost nothing to read, really. it was just a photo dump. go visit grotto vista again. it's getting better.