Thursday, July 5, 2012

better late than never

Better post this entry late than not posting it at all.
Better learn how to swim late than not learning at all. 
Thank you. I heard you say right. :)

So here I am trying to remember how to blog because I have so many delayed stories already. I actually lost the excitement of sharing this because my whole world already knows but for the love of my 2012 goals posted on my sidebar I am forcing myself.  Yes I am that weird. I do things I don't enjoy when I know I have to. But that would be another story. :D

Going back, we had a two-week swimming lessons back in summer in Grotto Vista. Oh yes Oh yes! Swimming lesssooonss! Just please imagine me telling this to you with so much excitement. Haha! We paid two thousand bucks for ten sessions. Definitely not bad in exchange of freestyle, floating and crawling techniques. Just please don't ask me about treading. Deal?

first day funk

And what else do you expect from three girls who dress up and get out of the house almost everyday? Endless pictorial, of course! We were excited when we first got our hair caps so we did a mini photo shoot in my room not minding at all that we look like cancer patients rather than swimmers.

cray cray moments

And mind you, the pictorials did not end at the doorstep of our home. We just had to extend it to Grotto Vista. That is if were not rushing to show up to our coach. We were buzzer beaters most of the time and terribly late for once. Filipino time is Filipino time. Walang basagan ng trip! :P

profile pic worthy shots
I'm in love with this set ♥

another short photo shoot

For our supposedly last day, we tagged along our mother to take photos of us in action. We also brought pizza and drinks for our instructors. Too bad heavy rain poured that day so our last session was cancelled. After that I had one more session while my sisters got two more. We were spoiled students, I know.

bubbles and kick
that's all our mother was able to capture

pizza parteeey

With that, please allow me to tick off my goal since forever, Goal #2 Learn how to swim. CHECK! Isang malaking check ng pink na ballpen talaga. Hahaha! :))



anney said...

Buti ka pa marunong na lumangoy! Yoko na yata mag swimming lessons kakahiya na sa edad kong to. hhihihi!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

malapit lang ang bahay namin sa dagat but di ako marunong lumangoy. haha. buti pa kayo may mga ligo2 moments. haha

Lady Fishbone said...

wow swimming lesson.. congrats!!! hehe

ako may swimming lesson na subject, ay grabe... may natutunan naman ako kunti pero not totally. hehe, tulog kasi ako sa mga lessons, minsan sa pool nakatulog ako sa sobrang puyat noon.

SunnyToast said...

I miss swimming..good thing dad thought me how, on my early childhood days:)

Pareng Jay said...

hi napadaan lang. malapit lang kami sa grotto vista sana sakin nalang kayo nagpaturo (kaso langoy aso lang alam ko) hehe.

Superjaid said...

marunong naman akong lumangoy yun nga lang di ako tumatagal sa tubig kasi di ko magawa ang proper breathing. di ko na rin magawa ang back stroke so wala talaga. hahaha

anney said...

Fave ko yung may flower flower around sa head!hihihi! Mala dyosa! Happy weekend!

Apple Borbon said...

@anney. it's never too late. haha!

@orange pulps. then learn how to. sayang ang beach. :)

@jessica. whoah! nakatulog sa pool? tsk. you could have made the most out of your free swimming lessons.

@parengjay. thanks sa pagdaan pare! sayang naman i didn't know. :P

@superjaid. basic lang din naman alam ko. hihi.