Wednesday, April 30, 2014

days like this ❤

Look who's back earlier than expected. Ha! I deserve a pat on the back. Now who wants to do the honor? Come onnn, ayaw nyo? Hehehe! Anyway, can you tell I'm happy? A couple of things make me really, genuinely, lighthearted these days -- props to the big Guy up there. I won't spill all the beans tanayt but we can at least begin with our family days out here and there. I know you will all agree with me when I say that one's family is indeed one's anchor to sanity. In fact, every time I feel blue, I do a virtual assessment of my life and the thought of my family instantly makes me feel better. Thought pa lang yun ah?! What more when we get to bond, eat out and visit the church together? Total pick-me-upper!

girls will always be..


One of those precious days was this -- another Grotto sesh. We had late lunch at where else, Da Best! I just knew we'll be back.  Hahaha! It was a bigger feast compared to the last time that we were there because this time, we tagged along Yags {my cousin} and Faye. Mommy {my cousin's wifey} couldn't make it 'cause she had to look after Avi, their four-month-old baby. Another reason why it was a grand feast? It was papi's treat! Ahh, our old man. Still never fails to ensure our tummies' happiness. Hehehe! And oh, don't look for food photos. I was preoccupied with kulit and no one wanted to take the role of a photographer. Okaaay. We had sisig, liempo, papaitan, kare-kare, kaldereta, daing na bangus and sinigang na hipon though.

Speaking of being preoccupied by my niece, here's a video she took while I was feeding her. Pinakain mo na, pinagtripan ka pa. Hahaha! But my father said it best, her kakulitan is the funny and entertaining type, definitely far from being annoying. And you have no idea just how malakas she is to my father. My love for kids must have come from somewhere, now we all know. :)

After we have survived food coma, we transferred to its neighboring church -- Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. It's a no-brainer! If we'll attend a mass as a family, it should be in Grotto. Although of course, it isn't a regular thing and we visit other churches too if it's only me or my sister, or my mom and any of my sibs. Also, we don't usually finish a mass {we usually just pray} but this time we had to 'cause we were with Yags. And honestly, I loved how we sat there quietly and just listened for an hour or so. Really should happen again. ❤

On another news, let's all welcome the month of May. Should be a good one! :)


Unknown said...

Aww, looking at all your happy family day photos reminds me that I haven't enjoyed a family day since years ago, when I was young :( Haha~ your niece is adorable!! New follower ! xx

Chic Nikkie 

June | Life and Spices said...

Natawa agad ako pag kaopen ng link ng blog mo.. Bidang bida si baby sa picture na nagmukha na kayong backdrop. Walang wala kas\yo sa fierce pose..ahahahaha,

I wish we also get the time to spend together with my family.. Ang dalang sobra.

Czarina Mae said...

Hahaha gusto ko na talaga kidnapin yung niece mo! HAHAHA just kidding! :P But seriously. Kung makapag pose, parang wala ng bukas. So cutiepatootie! And grabe yung outfit niya ah, super pang big girl na. Low back?! Heehee love it! <3

Mukhang ang close knit talaga ng family niyo :) Have a great day!

ZaiZai said...

Winner ang poses ng super cute niece mo! Pati outfit walang tatalo :)

Pat pat on your back Apple! :)

Apple Borbon said...

@nicole. thanks, dearie! followed you back! :)

@june. tse! alam namin na taob kami sa posing posing. hehehe! anyway, it's never too late to bond with your fam often. make it happen. :)

@mae. ay nakooo super arte talaga nyan. ayaw patalo. magtatantrums sya pag feeling nya di sya maganda. hahaha! :))

@zai. finally!! thanks for the pat pat, zai. :) been a while ah!

Jewel Clicks said...

aww... what I love about your post is that your family photos! :)
I can't wait for our annual family outing in our hometown. wee!

Ingat! :)

Joy said...

Sipag mag pose ng pamankin mo:)
Anyway, being with family is the best time ever:)

Tsina said...

Ang cute ni Faye, teh! At ang outfit,mana sa auntie. :P

Apple Borbon said...

@jewel. yayy! post photos! :)

@joy. naku opoo! maarte yan eh! heehee! :)

@tsina. naman teh! :P