Saturday, April 26, 2014

stage aunt, literally

Shhh! Tiptoe-ing through this blog 'cause I might get showered with tomatoes and boos for being a bad blogger since April started. Almost a month now! It's been that long. Now if you'll assure me that there isn't any tomato threat then I'll start blabbing my excuses, err, reasons. Slip of the fingers! Hehe! So? Am I safe from tomatoes now? :)

Sparing away from my pathetic kamatis quips, here's the truth -- I wasted my days on friggin' purpose!! Yasss, I did that! Remember Eat, Pray, Love? DOLCE FAR NIENTE. Ahh, the sweetness of doing nothing. ❤ I just had to. My recent visit to the doctor reminded me, yet again, that I still can't work. Worse, I'm no longer allowed to workout, run or dance! It's goodbye Zumba for now. Just how frustrating is that?! In rebellion, I did literally nothing for days. Hahaha! I know, I know, it's plain crazyyy! I honestly felt guilty afterwards so I did another round of general cleaning and can I just say that I never felt this AT PEACE with my room and stuff? Props to Gretchen Rubin and her awesome book, of course! {You may want to click on the link to get what I mean. ✌} Now I'm back to regular programming. No more resentment towards my odd situation, I promise! Hehehe!

Anywayyyy, the first of what you missed is my niece's moving-up day! I was their photographer as usual.. because really, who can play that role better than I do, right? Gawdd, I take the best photos kayaaa! O ano yan, ano yaan? Walang batuhan ng kamatis! Hehehe! And yes, hindi pa 'ko tapos sa kamatis gags ko. Uhm, can someone knock some sense into me, please? :)
Woke up early that day, dressed up as quickly as I can and headed to the venue sans breakfast. As soon as I saw the scenario, I knew it's gonna be a chaotic, tiring auntie duty -- I was right! Faye was actually fine at first. She was her usual crazy self doing weird poses with her schoolmates.. until we had to prep her up for the march! Suddenly, she was throwing a tantrum; she wouldn't let us fix her garlands in peace; she wouldn't wear her gloves; she wouldn't let auntie take her photos. Roller coaster ride of emotions from the kid! As young as four, big days seem to be stressful for her already. If only she'd understand, I'd tell her "I get you, little lady. I get you." Hehehe! I happen to hate big days too. Oops!

The program started with the kids and parents' processional march. On the other hand, I was on the sideline fighting for my right to be in front of everyone. That's actually my goal all through out, yung 'wag matabunan. Haha! Kasi naman if you haven't noticed, I'm quite petite at 5'2", I mean 4'9" pala. Hehehe! I could easily get lost in the crowd, or worse matapak-tapakan, so before that happens, I always rush to my desired spot early. Well, well, well, parang photo booth lang yan. :)

After the procession, the usual national anthem x opening prayer x welcome address followed. Then the students sang "Welcome to the Family". Funny how close the parents, guardians and eheem aunts were to the kids. Faye was literally singing in front of me! Didn't I tell you I fight for my spots? Haha! It's just bad that she's not in the mood to sing & dance that day. Again, I'm guessing she's overwhelmed with the crowd and the whole moving-up thing. It was hot too, if I may add. But it wasn't all bad so I'm uploading the video still. There's just no stopping this document-obsessed freak. Okay lang? :P

pre-performance sumpong

Then it was time to award their certificates. Can you imagine just how long that part of the program was? I can't stress enough how thankful I am that the nursery students always get awarded first. After I'm done with my duty, I go back to my seat and stop caring about the world. I couldn't help it! I swear I tried!

Next, they sang "You Raise Me Up". It was another sumpong moment for my niece but at least mommy got her to move a little. Nakoo, if you're a mom, it's a must to possess bribery skills or else. Anyway, checkout the video below and notice Faye's sorta kinda modified actions. Hehehe! Instead of just raising her hands {in interpretation of the "you raise me up" lines}, she raises her right foot also. And I don't know if I'm only being biased but I still find her so koyoot while being lost in the choreography. Forever too adorbs in auntie's eyes, eh? :) After their interpretation, they played the song again while the kids offer roses and artworks to their parents. I have to admit I appreciated that part. Kudos to Royal Gem!


Then it was time to award the little achievers with their hard-earned medals. It was divided into four parts -- character awards, special awards, A pupil award for each quarter and lastly, the honors. For the character awards, it was nice of the faculty to actually give each student an award. Thumbs up for their effort to think of the most fitting adjective for each and every kid. Abaaa, mahirap yun ah! But a child's happiness is always worth it. ❤ Moving on, Faye was the Most Articulate. I agree, by all means.

From the special awards category, she got five -- Best in Science, Good in Scripture Memorization, Best in Story Telling, Good in Reading & Mahusay Bumasa. There was actually an issue with the awards she received but let's skip it. All's well that ends well, as they say. :)

From the A pupil category, she got four. That's one for every quarter, meaning straight A's for our four-year-old! One day she'd be able to grasp the whole idea and I bet she'd claim being beauty and brains too. Eheemm, ubo, uboo! Hahahaha! And yes, I did say I'm now a literal stage aunt 'cause Yags {his daddy, my cousin} made me walk up the stage. Dyaheee, I was shaking from combined hunger and tension. With all my heart, I regretted skipping breakfast. I was starving towards the end of the program.

our little achiever ❤

And finally her medal for finishing as Third Honor was awarded. Mommy was actually disappointed about it because she used to be either the first or second for the previous quarters but ended up as third because of a certain 30/70 computation that the teacher explained to us. I'm not completely convinced but it's not like we can change any of what happened. :P Still so proud of our young blood!! She's just freakin' four, for crying out loud!

Lastly, they sang "Busy Days". Srsly? It was one of our grad songs too way back.. uhmm.. the 90's.. and it's been decades now. Classic! Hehehe! No more sumpong this time but still not at her best. Kung "Let it Go" ba naman kasi yan ehh! Remind me to take a video of her singing and interpreting that song, you'll get what I mean. Going back, the program ended with the usual closing prayer and supposedly a recessional march. It obviously didn't happen!

with kuya Geoff, his dad's friend's son
ano daw?!

Then the most awaited first decent meal of the day! We ate at City Buffet but sadly, I wasn't able to make the most out of it. I just grabbed whatever 'cause as I said, I was starving. I was full by the time I realized that there's so much more I could try from the spread. Also, it was funny how their congratulatory song was playing non-stop. We joined in the riot by having them sing a song for Faye too. My yabang niece wore her 11 medals so the crew made a number of jokes about it. Sulit na rin if you come to think of it.

Quick post-graduation kwento! I limped for days 'cause obviously I wore heels and I did a lot of walking and standing that day. I felt such a lola! I seriously need to go back to work and practice my 'walking in high heels' skill. Hehehe! And yes, I missed blogging sooo bad that I had to blab non-stop! Goodnight, folks! :)



Kylie R. said...

Awww ang cute naman ng niece mo! <3 And it's okay that u had to "blab nonstop" haha. I had fun reading this post and hope you blog more frequently :)

Joy said...

Naalala ko tuloy when I was a young mom. Sabit din lagi medals. After sa apo naman.
congratulation sa pamankin mo.she is very bright. Beautiful family too:)

Apple Borbon said...

@kylie. heehee! thanks! i will, i will! :)

@joy. thank you pooo! :)

Czarina Mae said...

Nakakatuwa basahin yung post na 'to! Hahaha. The way you wrote almost parang mommy na full of praises para sa anak :P I can tell you're really so proud and I can't blame you. Omg how can a little girl be soooo cute?! She's so adorable and really smart! Naku, for sure habang tumatanda siya mas magiging proud ka pa. Hehe. Love this post! <3

Apple Borbon said...

@mae. you always say the best words, maeee! thank you! and yes, I just can't help praising her 'cause she's my alaga. heehee! :)