Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a secret and a story

Okayyy.. so it's June already! We're halfway through it actually so I'm getting bummed that I still haven't updated. Well anywayy, at least now I'm here and I'm about to share yet another story and a little secret. What do you wanna hear first? :)

Ughh, of course the secret! Are you ready? Hehehe! It's no biggie really but it happens to be an essential part of this story so let me begin by revealing one of my irrational fears: I am friggin' scared of dogs. Hahaha! I'm not quite sure when or how a certain case can qualify as a phobia but just so we all know.. fear of dogs is Cynophobia. Thanks, Wikipedia! It's just crazy 'cause I've never been bitten by one, nor scratched whatsoever, but I've always been scared of them.  At yung OA na level ng takot, believe it or not.

Now here's the tragic story. Monique sold a puppy to Mark. You see, they both love dogs. Monique has four full-grown dogs and originally seven, yess seven, puppies. On the other hand, Mark has three now including his newly adopted puppy, Sherlock. He also has cats, if I may add, and I can't imagine how's that possible when we only have two caged dogs and one cat and I am so annoyed already. Hehehe! The culprits decided to carry out the adoption on a Saturday and since Monique's house is near ours, I tagged along. And boy, at one point I lamented my decision.

We met at a nearby mall afternoon of that day. I squeezed in a quick Wendy's fix while waiting for them 'cause I was darn hungry. When they finally got to Wendy's, guess what our icebreaker was??!! Yung defined eyebrows ko lang naman. Fine, I'll tame them a bit! Hahaha! Anyway, we then headed to the supermarket to buy snacks and fifteen freakin' kilos of dog food. I already said Monique loves dogs, right?

On our way to their house, Monique assured me that they'll lock up the dogs somewhere. Of course she knows I loathe dogs! We lived together in Eastwood once upon a time and she clearly remembers my dog-triggered shrieks. So lock up the dogs they did! Pero syempre may twist! Just as I thought we made it inside their gate peacefully, the dogs came a-running! The next thing I know, I was seating outside crying. CRYINGGGG! Hahaha! I can't even remember how I managed to get out of their house in the first place. It was soooo embarrassing but that's just the way it is! Eh sa takot ako sa aso eh. Hehehe! Pero nakakahiya talaga. *dies in shame*

More chaos followed as we stayed on the porch but there's no beating the first encounter. Although I really have to give credit to myself for staying alert from that point on and for clinging to whoever I can cling to to remain safe -- it was Monique's sister, Mary, most of the time. For lunch, Monique shooed the dogs outside and closed all points of entry, windows included! I felt safe for the first time so I managed to catch up a little on their busy lives. The puppies kept us entertained too! And for the record, I can handle these furry creatures in the innocent stage of their lives. No barking, no biting!

After lunch, I found a great escape by accompanying Monique's sister somewhere in the neighborhood to have her bike tires inflated. I kind of bugged her throughout our stay. Hehe! Thanks, Maryy!! :) Then when we came back, they're already outside the house chitchatting. It was such a relief knowing that I won't have to brave the dogs' presence again. Di naman masyadong obvious na takot na takot ako dba? :P Hahaha! Kidding aside, I really didn't wanna cause further inconvenience to Monique's mom.


We sat outside until it was time to go home. We perfectly depicted the word TAMBAY. Hehehe! They went biking for a while but mostly it was kwentuhan -- and eating fries! I actually wanted to go back to the mall with them, spend the rest of the night at Timezone perhaps but Mark had to go home early. Also there's Sherlock. So I went alone instead because you know me, I'm adamant like that! Hehe! Thanks again Monakikz for accommodating us! Yes, the day was traumatic but I'd say it was worth it. Matouch kayo, please?

*photos from lolo Job :)



Glamour ZONE said...

Great post.well am not a big fan of dogs,i would rather have 10 cats.
Looks like you had an amazing day
Keep intouch

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! Buti na lang di mo nabanggit yung takot din ako sa aso gaya mo. Ironic diba. Haha! Well sa asong di ko kilala lang naman. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi AJ, kinabahan ako sa title to post mo..mukang si @noni din kinabahan..nagpawis ng malagkit...

-You know me!

Jewel Delgado said...

OMG! May fear ka sa dogs... hmmm i'm not sure if you will like my latest post. -_- ako naman, fear sa sharks! kahit ano basta sharks. kahit cartoons. hahahaha!

your brave to share this one. :)


Mindy Fan said...

aww I'm glad your day turned out okay! It sounds like a pretty nice day besides the scare! I am slightly scared of dogs, but I try to like them cause they really are cute hehe!

Apple Borbon said...

@glamour zone. too bad I hate cats too. :)

@tinyyy? secret na nga yun eh! :P

@jep? di ko sinasadyaaaa. sorry na! :P

@jewel. yikes! bakit pati cartoons? haha! lemme check your recent post. :)

@mindy fan. yep ended up fine. thanks thanks! :)

Czarina Mae said...

Tragic yet amusing story! Buti naman di ka nahimatay or something haha! Ako naman not really scared of dogs. Ayaw ko lang na pag naglalakad ako tapos may sasalubong na aso (kahit naka-leash) sa tabi ko kasi feeling ko bigla ako kagatin. Hahaha!

Apple Borbon said...

@mae. welcome backkkk! :) oo nga! konti na lang siguro magfa-faint na ko. grabe talagaaa!