Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the magic of fancy rings and nail paints

Just thought of stating the obvious -- I've totally gone bonkers {again} over fancy rings and boho nail paints. I can only imagine my Instagram followers nodding in agreement. Hehe! As they say, "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of things, they simply appreciate what they have." Or at least something to that effect! Hahaha basta! My point is, it's just a matter of perspective, folks! Now that I can't go places, splurge on clothes or buy whatever {because I still can't freakin' work, but I'm still a-awesome, ok? :P}, I find bliss in the cheapest of cheap things. See? A new shade of polish, or another set of knuckle rings for that matter, and I'm solved! But of course, it isn't all about the beautiful tangible things, people; there's this equally amazing intangible ones too aka the love of yerr family and the shallow -- yet fun, if you'd ask me-- stuff you do together. Blabbed 'em HERE, by the way. So I guess I'm good. Yes, yes, I'm good! :)



ZaiZai said...

This is one of thing I envy, girls could wear nail polish! I could wear them too of course, but I don't want people staring at me :)

Your colors are so spot on Apple, very young and summery :)

I can relate to finding happiness and joy in the simple things, we should really not take them for granted :)

Anita said...

lovely blog :)

Sybil said...

loving the apple green color and mint blue!! :)

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BeautyDrugs said...

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Steph-G said...

very pretty colors and rings Apple :)

Shayne ♥ said...

cute naman nung pastel polish colors :) why cant you work sis? hope its nothing bad. but anyway i hope your doing great and i love your outlook here -- learning to appreciate what you have <3

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Hi dear! the tiffany blue-sh nailpolish looks very gorgeous! Have a great day. :)

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Mindy Fan said...

ohh I love that blue polish and those rings are awesome as well!! These colors are perfect for summer!

Ysh ♥ said...

I used to go so gaga over nailpolish! I remember changing polish every week and getting broke coz of getting nail arts, buying nail polish heehee.

I love the colors you chose. And the rings are so pretty!

Glamour ZONE said...

So the nail polish colour
Great ring
Keep intouch

Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

I'd love to try pastel colors for my nails but my complexion disagrees, oh well...! Anyway, agree with you there, we'll be the happiest if we appreciate everyone and everything around us, esp. the simple ones. A blessed and happy Sunday to you Apple :)

Unknown said...

Whoa! Ang ganda ng colours, i love it! this reminds me of I need to go to salon for mani and pedi na. hahahaha! :D

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June | Life and Spices said...

Nakakatuwa kaya kasama ang taong mabilis maka appreciate ng simple small things. Di mahirap regaluhan lolols

RetroStreetStation said...

so lovely <3

Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin? It would be great, just let me know :)


Apple Borbon said...

heehee! thanks everyone! ♥:)