Tuesday, April 28, 2020

catching up series: sandbox adventure

Here we go! This one I'm excited to write about. This was (still) back in July 2016. Yes friends, July pa din tayo in this catching up series. Pasensya na po, mahina ang kalaban. :)

As you all know, July is my birth month, so this was like my birthday adventure. This was extra special to me because prior to this, my last travel was way back 2013. That was when I went to Ilocos with Foursome. Wait, let's make it rain with links just as I usually do. Just in case, you wanna read some more? Hehe!

So anyway, for my birthday adventure, we went to Sandbox in Pampanga. Can't exactly remember whose idea it was but most likely, mine. Hehe! I went there with my college friends and work friends combined. So baka nga ako ang nag-aya ng trip na 'to. Oo, ako nga siguro. :P

Also, I can't remember if we booked in advance or what. Medyo matagal na rin po kasi, ano po? Haha! But I remember that we all met up at a coffee shop in Cubao, and Dwin was the last to arrive. He was the one driving for us so hindi namin sya maiwan. Hahaha! Kidding! Of course, we wouldn't. 

We got there a little late for lunch, so we started our Sandbox adventure with food. And again, I couldn't recall what we had for lunch. The thing is, the photos I took were saved in an old laptop that refuses to turn on already. I only stole photos from Jov's Facebook uploads, and some more that I posted on Instagram. Good enough photos to back-up this kwento.

So after lunch, first stop was the Aerial Walk Challenge. According to their website, it is an adventure course of nets and rope walkways that will test your agility, balance and flexibility. True enough it tested mine, most especially my balance. That's actually my weakness! I can't ride a bike, remember? Who you callin' loser? Haha! 

For this challenge, you'd have to give your camera to the guides if you want photos. Non-joiners can't come near the rope course so even if Jhov didn't join, she was only able to take photos from the first part of the challenge. Sheena went first, and then me, Den, Jun and lastly Dwin. And as much as I'd like to describe each part of the challenge in detail, mahirap eh! Hahaha! But I'd let the photos do the talking..

Believe it or not, this was easy for me despite my short legs. :P

The next photo shows the most difficult part of the Aerial Challenge, at least for me. It was too high and you literally have to walk on the rope, with only hanging ones to help you out. My legs were shaking because duhhh, wala talaga kong balance, and to make it worse, it was hard for me to reach the rope guides. This was four years ago but writing about it makes me remember how I felt at that moment. Feeling ko wala ng katapusan yung challenge na yun. Hahaha!

Aside from Aerial Walk Challenge, other activities were Avatar One, Adventure Tower and the Giant Swing. Avatar One is the Philippines' first roller coaster zip line. Their website says, "You don’t just zip down the 180-meter course. You zigzag along starting from 12 meters high." Although, I wasn't able to find photos from this activity (there might be in the old laptop!), I'd borrow photos from the net just so I can you show. The Avatar one was such a fun twist on your rather usual zipline experience.


Next was the Adventure Tower. It's 15 meters of wall climbing, rappelling and free falling. We actually have a short video of this on Facebook but I can't download it. Also, the guide told my friend that taking videos wasn't allowed so he stopped recording. Weird if you think about it. Why would you prevent your patrons to record such thrilling moments? Hmm. But anyway.

I did all three activities of the adventure tower but I was disappointed with myself that I did not get to finish the wall climbing part. I was heavy at this point of my life kasi. Haha! But the first time I did this in Eco Park, I got to finish it. Must try again for the third time when I'm more physically ready aka thinner. Haha!


And then lastly the Giant Swing. Well, almost! Hehe! Unfortunately, we weren't able to do this because it started raining. Some visitors opted to still do it when the rain turned into light drizzles and honestly, I was inggit. No one from our group wanted to continue na kasi and the swing was made for two people. I'd look dumb if I do it alone. Haha! 


Aside from the activities I've mentioned, they also have ATV, Go-Kart and Splash Tub. I think the latter was a new addition. I don't think they already have it when we visited. They also have a kiddie playground with picnic areas, mini golf, airsoft and paintball. 

Now, if you're gonna ask me how was the Sandbox experience, I'd say it was fun and definitely challenging but kind of bitin. The rain was a party pooper kasi. But definitely, it was one for the books. Every new adventure naman is worth looking back to. 

Would I want to go back? Yes! For the Giant Swing! Hahaha! Good night, folks! :)


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