Sunday, April 12, 2020

catching up series: let it gooo ♪♫♪

Reminder yet again that on this side of the world, it's 2016. July 2016 to be exact and our dear Carin (my niece) is celebrating her 4th birthday. But in reality, she's seven already. Hahaha! Backlogssss! :P

It was a Frozen-themed party held at Sangkalan Bar and Grill in QC. Can you imagine? The first Frozen movie was released in 2013 but three years after, kids are still hooked to it! It was also Faye's theme when she turned five back in 2014. And as always, it was mommy (ate Tin) who baked the cakes and it was me who made the birthday banner and balloon columns. Team DIY forever and ever. :)

The party was hosted by Cait (Carin's big sister), and as usual, there were a lot of games for the kiddos! I remember Faye being so competitive. Well, she's always so competitive naman. She even won in the Trip to Jerusalem game. There's a video below of her winning moment. Hehe!

The host, ate Cait. 

Stop Dance

Trip to Jerusalem

Faye's Winning Moment :P

You know what else I can vividly remember? The kids' chaos! Haha! In the photo below, Avie and Mithril were fighting on who gets to be carried by their favorite aunt -- who else? MEEE! Hahaha! I had to carry both of them because #superauntie is always after fairness. Back then, Avie was just two years old and Mithril was one, and they were frenemies! Fast forward to now, they can already tolerate each other. Thank goodness!

Avie and Mithril fighting over auntie :P

Mithy and auntie Pie
Carin and auntie Tin

Avie and ate Cait

Bear Fam!

auntie Dang and Mithy

As for Mithril's OOTD, this was the time I loved dressing her up like a grown-up. Hehe! Earlier that year, I loved dressing her up in gowns. Look here and here! :) It's been my self-assigned task to style her (and buy her outfits haha) since she was little and I can't wait to share more of her OOTDs here. Til then! Happy Sunday! 


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