Sunday, December 22, 2013

day3: ilocos norte - bangui and burgos tour

day2: ilocos norte - pagudpud tour

Third day, we left Pagudpud at around 8am to visit two more municipalities of Ilocos Norte - Bangui and Burgos. We had breakfast at a random carinderia before that. I wrote it down as Mang Nards but I've been reading posts about a certain Papa Nards, so whatever. I've always been a bad blogger anyway. :P

Few minutes past Pagudpud's border, we were in Bangui WindmillsKasumpa sumpa ang init ng araw to think it wasn't even noon yet. I asked Tiny {slash Mark, am I confusing you already?} to take a few snaps of me in front of the gigantic windmills and off I escaped back to our van. I really, really abhor sweating, that's why. They were even teasing me from time to time about being fresh again 'cause I kept on fixing myself after each stop/activity. #maarteproblems

Googled facts: (1) It's located in the municipality of Bangui, province of Ilocos Norte. (2) The windmills, officially referred to as the NorthWind Bangui Bay Project, were a project by the NorthWind Development Corporation as a practice of renewable energy sources and to help reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. (3) The wind farm uses 20 units of 70-metre (230 ft) high wind turbines, arranged on a single row stretching along a nine-kilometer shoreline off Bangui Bay, facing the South China Sea. (4) Phase I consists of 15 wind turbines and was inaugurated on June 18, 2005. Phase II, was completed on August 2008, and added 5 more wind turbines.

Bangui Windmills

10ish we were in Kapurpurawan We had to trek a little to get to the rock formations. The others opted to ride a horse instead but where's the fun in that? Tell meee! Hahaha! I obviously miss trekking sooo bad. Going back, I was astonished when I finally saw the rock formations. Mother Nature is the awesomest of all awesome, kung pwede lang kaming mag-fist bump! Kidding aside, Kapurpurawan is really a must see. It'll make you realize how nature has so much to offer and it's only up to us to make the most out of its surprises.

Googled facts: (1) It's located in the barangay of Poblacion, municipality of Burgos, province of Ilocos Norte. (2) The term Kapurpurawan is from the ilocano word "puraw", which means white, obviously because of its color specially on broad daylight when the sun touches the natural sculpture. (3) It was formed thousands of years ago by accumulation of particles deposited to the shore by the forces of sea waves and wind with the aid of gravity and time. It is a very long process known as sedimentation.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

photos from this collage stolen from Keeping Traces

An hour after, we were in our next stop in Burgos - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Only I and the two boys went down from the van 'cause Monique was tired already. I told you, our two first stops were draining. Yung tipong feeling mo, ginagawa kang daing. Pwede ring tuyo. Hehehe. Anyway, we didn't climb up the lighthouse. I didn't know what was the guys' reason but as for me.. the Indian mangoes downstairs caught my full attention along with the different Ilocos-themed trinkets being sold. They made me forget I was with two other creatures so I wandered alone.

Googled Facts: (1) It's in the barangay of Paayas, municipality of Burgos, province of Ilocos Norte. (2) It is also known as Burgos Lighthouse. (3) It is a cultural heritage structure established during the Spanish Colonial times. (4) It was first lit on March 30, 1892, and is set high on Vigia de Nagpartian Hill overlooking the scenic Cape Bojeador where early galleons used to sail by.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Our last stop in Ilocos Norte was in the municipality of San Nicolas. We had lunch at Robinson's Mang Inasal. I honestly do not know whose idea was that pero sobrang bright ha, of all places. Whooaa! :P After lunch, we had to wait for the others {our van mates, remember?} to hit Ilocos Sur again. We left past 1pm but that would be for another blog post. I was kind of torn between squeezing the rest of my Ilocos stories here and watching Rain or Shine's victory over Petron Blazer. The latter obviously won. Click here to watch with me. Want some popcorn too? :)

*photos from Tiny


Joy said...

Thanks for the trip. Sayang d ko naramdaman init:)
Anyway, we have windmills too nearby. Kunan ko picture one day
Very nice rock formation. I love it:)
Nice to see the light house too.
Merry Christmas:)

Irene said...

Kudos to you all for braving the heat! At least you're wearing a really cute dress haha :-)

June | Life and Spices said...

Hahaha maka arte ka sa trekking as ip di ka nagtrekking sa Kabigan falls! hahaha

These three destinations were the best for me esp the Light House. Nakak relax. Aside dun sa init sa windmill. Hayy,

uy anu na Apple? Matatapos na december. Mag uupdate na ako later ng xmas ko. heheh Pressure!

Superjaid said...


Ilocos let me have the time and money to visit you soon. Hahahaha a girl we have to freshen up always. Its in our blood you know hahahaha

Czarina Mae said...

I'm really very jealous now! Haha. Those rock formation look so pretty <3

Apple Borbon said...

@joy. your welcome po. nakoo, kung pwede lang pong ipalit yung init dito sa konting lamig jan. hihi

@irene. hahaha thank you!

@june. eh kasi hindi naman mainit nung papunta sa kabigan noh. hahaha! pasasaan ba't magagawa ko din yung ti-nag ni zai. :P

@superjaid. soon jaid. i'm pretty sure there are wonderful things in store for you in the coming years. just be patient, little girl. :)

@czarina mae. they really are. come home to PI na. hahaha

Melgie Campbell said...

Awesome view! talagang ganda... Merry Christmas, Apple. Enjoy the holidays:)

Apple Borbon said...

@melgie campbell. indeed. :) same to you dearie.