Saturday, October 16, 2010

I think it's LOVE! {for Mother Nature}

I know I got you with my title. *wink*

Tell me if its weird but I feel like it's my responsibility to update this blog. I already ticked off few items from my list and I feel I have some sort of unfinished business 'coz I haven't posted them here yet. I thought I need to come up with three blog entries to get the updating done then I realized they all have something in common. If you don't get that common thing I'm talking about, you can just come back when you're smarter. {I don't get this bitchy in real life, btw. Heehee.} Thank goodness they do because right at this very moment my laziness won't allow my depleting braincells to come up with three worth reading blog entries.

my #14 Run A Marathon
10.10.10 Run for Pasig River

With their target number of runners participants, they could have named their event 'Walk for Pasig River'. That would make it more appropriate {sense my disappoint, please}. Though I have been warned of what could possibly happen, it is still, again, DISAPPOINTING. :( While I was there and I realized I was not running after all, I had second thoughts of considering it a reality of my goal. I guess I'll have to run another marathon {a real fun run this time} to have that sense of fulfillment. You know how I hate to not be completely satisfied of something. On the brighter side, I still finished the 3km WALK {is the emphasis enough?}, managed to claim my finisher's band, got to be part of another history and contributed a little something to the restoration of that beloved river. I should still feel good, I know.

the run left me with these memorabilia
i am keeping them!
not in the photo: finisher's band

the finisher's band
tell me it's worth all the sweat, tell meeee!!

my running mates? hahaha
because the election is just around the corner

my #3 Go Mountain Climbing
09.25.2010 Mt. Batulao Climb

Don't you just love friends who, even unintentionally, are able to help you out with your goals? Well, I do. Right the next morning after I first posted my little project over my blog, an irresistible offer came. A friend sent me an IM asking if I want to be able to cross out an item on my list on the coming weekend. Jokingly, I said 'kung papaakyatin mo ko ng bundok ngaung sabado, ayaw ko' {or at least something like that}. True to what was supposedly a joke, they indeed have plans of climbing Mt. Batulao on the coming weekend. I initially said no because for one, I am unprepared {Lord knows I super hate being unprepared} and next, the closest friend {aren't you touched?} can't go with us. After few days of much thinking, I decided to go with them. Lucky for me, the friend was also able to make it to the climb, flight back to Manila got moved and all, thank heavens. I also had the time of my life Thursday and Friday night before the climb to go shopping for some sort of appropriate apparel.

And the Batulao experience? It was crazy cool. It has always been like that with friends like them anyway. And you know what? I feel proud my ass didn't fell flat on the Batulao trails. I survived the climb without so much of hardships except during the night on our way home when my thighs {I call 'em my jelly jelly by the way} and knees hurt like hell. I was claiming I developed rheumatism due to Tagaytay's extreme coldness and the mother and sister would only laugh at me {sige na, ikaw na ang may rayuma! haha!} And even after a day or two, I still felt half dead. But all is good now. I am alive and kickin' and my list just got shorter by one.

more mountains to go?

my #15 Do Something for Mother Nature
08.21.2010 Tree Planting in Marikina Watershed

This happened even before I was able to come up with my list. So parang sinali ko lang talaga sya para one down na ko. Kidding. I really have the heart for activities like this. I even want to join coastal clean up drives and the likes.

Anyway, the tree planting activity was held in Marikina Watershed. I actually texted a friend leaving in Marikina that I'll be dropping by their house for lunch but ironically, the venue was in Antipolo. Why didn't they call it Antipolo Watershed for goodness' sake?

Fast forward to the actual tree planting activity, I felt like I risked my life just to plant four {yes just four, I'm so sorry} wildlings. I expected we'll plant in plain lands, but far from what I expected we planted on steep mountains. I know I can climb mountains but it's totally different when it doesn't have trails. You are totally clueless on how to get to the next spot you'll be planting your wildlings on. Sure you can see the bamboo sticks as indicators but it's hard to figure out how you'll be able to get yourself there, where to step next, where to hold. I wish my words are enough to explain how difficult the experience was for me. And to Silina and Sheena as well, for sure.

Despite how hard it was, come next tree planting offering I will still sign up and volunteer. It's the least I can do for the environment. {And since when I became an environmentalist? Hahaha!}

oo, haggard ako >.<

with the other volunteers
can you even see me?

**credits to jabey, tin and jigs for the pics 



Elle said...

Mt. Batulao is one of the mountains that I dream of climbing. I can't explain it but there's this feeling that mountain climbing is really worth trying. It's exhausting and fun at the same time.

Apple Borbon said...

@elle. yasss! mountain climbing is definitely worth trying. take it from the former weakling who eventually loved physical activities. haha! thanks for dropping by! :)