Wednesday, October 27, 2010

considerable overindulgence

Have you ever seen the coffee commercial asking, "Ikaw, para kanino ka bumabangon?" When I last saw it, funny that Forever 21 popped into my mind. =) Not that it's my reason for waking up each day. It's just that it was the reason I was up so early last Friday, Oct.15.

Admittedly, I lost never developed lost {ok, I'd use lost for the sake of my being} my discipline in waking up early for work. I am privileged to have a job that offers flexible working hours, that's why. Privileged in that sense, under privileged in the sense that It should be 9hrs/day, what can be worse? Anyway, I usually make it to the office at around 9 or 1o, and that is if nothing unfortunate happened, like having a bad hair day, going through the i-have-nothing-to-wear dilemma or my makeup just won't seem to cooperate. But last Friday was different. I woke up at around 6.3oam and by 8am I was already sitting in my office chair. I was also in the mood for work that I started working as soon as I sat there. All because I want to escape the four corners of my cubicle as early as 5pm. Though I wasn't able to escape that early, past 6pm I was already at the mall starting my agony, err shopping.

I headed STRAIGHT to Forever 21. As expected it was jam-packed with fashionistas from all over the metro, from different walks of life. I spent hours choosing clothes, fitting them and lining up for the cashier. I went out with just three pieces of clothes, imagine that. =( I had a brown cardigan, gray swing top and a green printed top {which by the way is lola-ish according to the bitchy sisters}. I had to leave the place as I was dead tired {was in my favorite white HEELS} and I was starving. Alone, I had dinner in Mrs. Fields. If you may call muffin and iced latte as dinner. I was kind of frustrated with what I got so I decided to comeback. Yes I was brave enough to endure the same suffering. Luckily, lesser people and shorter lines. I got another black cardigan and black long sleeves. Almost 11pm and still not contented, I headed home. After all, I still have forever to shop. *wink*

my Forever 21 shopping finds


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