Monday, November 22, 2010

almost a week with my almost sister

In search for the black high heels I've been lemming to have, I almost spent the week with my almost sister, Tin Pe Benito. ♥

To begin with the story, there is this simple black heels I saw months ago. I instantly fell in love with the shoes the first time I saw it. I tried it on and it fits perfectly just like how the glass slipper fits Cinderella. *wink* It's so simple I can imagine wearing it with almost anything, but above all, I know it would be perfect for my skirts. Despite all of these, I still know it would fall under my 'wants' and not under my 'needs'. So I tortured myself for not buying it, or at least not instantly.

Then came this thing called bonus {which by the way, tax and I shared}. I promised myself to buy EVERYTHING in my not-so-long list, thus spent the weekends malling. Friday alone at Megamall, Saturday with my sister Dana at SM Fairview. I almost got everything, yes almost everything except for the BDJ planner and my black heels. Either they don't have my size or they don't have a new pair {who would want the one displayed there for months already?}  So I scheduled an appointment with my almost sister, Tin. Monday. Galleria. After work.

Monday. I was up by 6:00, ready to go by 7:30. But surpriiiiissssee.. Unang Hirit reported there is an ongoing bus strike and that commuters are stranded at Lagro, SM Fairview, Commonwealth and EDSA. Great, exactly my way to the office. So, me and my sister {the real one this time} had no choice but to wait for our father who's going to Makati by 12 in the afternoon. Past 1:00 pm I landed in the office, no buses meant no traffic in EDSA. On the other hand, due to flexi hours, late time-in meant late time-out. Goodbye Galleria.

I just CAN'T imagine myself there

Tuesday. A National Holiday in celebration of  EID’L-ADHA, Feast OF Sacrifice. Nevertheless I had to go to work {and it's nothing new}. My almost sister need not to, so she went mall hopping the whole day. I was able to escape from work 15 minutes before 8:00 pm. Imagine the rush. I had to ride a cab to get to Galleria on time. As soon as I met Tin, we went to the ladies shoes section. Taddaaaa! It's there! Without even trying it on, I immediately asked for a new pair. Life is bitchy! They had none! And the one displayed there is way too old and ugly for me to bear. Since she's done with her shopping and I'm too disappointed to even stroll around, we just decided to eat. Again, as always, we shared endless chitchats. Sisters talk like there ain't tomorrow remember? And before heading home, we had to somehow look better so we stopped by the washroom. Ooops. Excussshh me naman for camwhoring!

in case Greenwich needs new endorsers.. hahaha

she who started the camwhoring

joined by her almost sister

my mind still shouts that black shoes then..
cute face definitely hides disappointments, paaak!

Wednesday. As difficult as it was, I managed to get to office early {9:00 am is early for me, I couldn't care less if it's not for everyone else, bleh). I set my mind to leave the office at 7:00 pm. I honestly had doubts because I have tons of work and as unlucky as one can get, I am the status reporter for the week. My instinct was right, at 7:00 pm my conscience {and my dedication for work, lol} did not allow me to leave the office as planned. My almost sister is already used with situations like these, me not being able to make it with our agreed time due to, uh, WORK? I felt like I owe her something so I told her I'll be out by 9:00 and we'll just have dinner together at Banchetto. My treat! Hahaha! =)) {a private joke tin would kill me if I share} Obviously, I still wasn't able to get my to-die-for shoes that day.

at banchetto until around 11:00
who cares about tomorrow anyway?

taken before I settle myself for sleep
never too tired for pictures

pardon me for the randomness of this post
I just needed to share I've been loving owls

Thursday. Because I was taught from my cradle never to surrender, I told Tin I'll be in Makati at lunch time to check-out SM, Landmark and Glorietta. Again, Makati. And guess what? I only went there alone once. A friend even picked me up where the bus dropped me off. I also remember the days when job hunting seemed endless. A friend had to accompany me to Makati for an interview. I was never street smart. NEVER. I even had that included in my 25 before 25 list.

Anyhoo, I just didn't feel like that was the time to challenge myself of being street smart. I was on for another challenge and that was to find my glass slipper, err black heels. hahaha! =)) And so I took a cab and voila, I found myself in Landmark within 2o minutes or so. I patiently {since when did I become patient?} waited for Tin. As soon as she arrived, we looked for where the ladies shoes are situated. Tadaaaa! Once again it's there. And once again they do not have a new pair for my size. Crap! But the one displayed looks good still {unlike the horrible one in Galleria}. We also checked-out SM but never mind, they are futile. haha! So I decided to get the one displayed in Landmark. We ate in Baliwag, took some photos {because I said I'll blog about my week} and parted ways. End of the story, I once again got what I wanted. *evil smirk*

shoes everywhere, don't you just ♥ them?

the gladiators Tin is lemming for
go get them!

Tin and her appetite! hahaha

the gladiators Tin is lemming for
go get them!

Friday. I bored myself to work and headed straight home. Isn't this the most exciting day?

My tax haven't thanked me for getting it's undeserved share. If anyone sees that crap, kindly stone it to death.Thanks! ☺


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