Sunday, November 14, 2010

what apple wants.. gets! {for a lower price}☺

Have I mentioned I've been dying to have Nina Garcia's Style Strategy? I bet I have. It was just so hard for me to buy it because I find it expensive. 900 bucks for the hard bound one and 7oo bucks for the paperback version.  Isn't that HEEEXPENSIVE!? Yes I know I can buy one dress for more than 9oo bucks but clothes versus books, I'd always go for clothes! Haha!

Every time I go to the malls, I checkout the bookstores, look for Nina Garcia's books, check the prices, scan through the samples and wish that one day I'll have the guts to buy it. And then that one day came, not with my guts but with a price tag surprisingly lower than the price I expected. Price tag says 596 to be exact. After blinking my eye several times and slapping myself once {you better now I'm exaggerating}, it's still 596. So without second thoughts, I rushed to the counter.

SURPRISE! At the counter, price came out to be really 7oo+ bucks. Price tag says 5oo+, database says another. Whooh!! Napasabuko na ata ako. But fate was on my side that day. Salesperson said I can get it for the price indicated in the tag and that they will just update the tags of the rest of the books. Yay! I can never thank her enough. 

..and I got it!

So there, I already got the book I've been dying to have. I just can't cross out my 13th item on my 25 before 25 list yet because it says READ A BOOK.
I'm halfway done with the book though. It's just so hard to resist the urge of just sleeping instead of reading something. I always try to read first before I sleep, many times I fail but I ain't quitting! Matatapos ko din toh! Phhbbt!! xD


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