Sunday, December 5, 2010

the long weekend that was

Long weekends are loooveee. Definitely. Especially if they're well spent. Did I spend mine well? You be the judge! =)

It has been months since Mhog {a term of endearment, Mhoi plus Pog} and I thought of planning a get together with a bunch of college friends. I am not so much of an event organizer since school days but I guess being a part of PEP somehow changed that. PEP btw is an action team in my project whose in-charge of engagement concerns and activities like Summer Outing, Christmas Party etc. Anyway, having developed a little love with organizing events, Mhog and I went on planning. I actually can't remember whose idea it is exactly but we have planned to just go on an overnight swimming, November 27 to 28.

presenting.. Mhooog!

Originally we wanted to have it in Grotto Vista, unfortunately they do not offer overnight swimming. Overnight stay in their rooms is possible but pools are open only until 11pm. So forget it. Me and my sister desperately searched the world wide web for an alternative and found Dreamland Resort in Zabarte. Overnight stay is 25o per head and nipa huts can be occupied at a rate of 6oo. They also offer tables, tree house and rooms; which rates I cannot remember. But if in case anyone is interested with Dreamland, you can give them a call at 9614602 or 9629961.

Then came the day. Mhog, Jun, Anit and I prepared our food at our house. I honestly expected it to be a disaster since no one assisted us. We were all by ourselves in doing the groceries, to actually preparing and cooking them, to packing them as we leave. But hey, given my imaginary cooking skills, it's not as bad as I expected. But it's not as good as it should be either. Haha! =))

chefs in the making

We were in the resort from around 6pm to 6am. Soaked until we chilled in their Olympic sized pool. Took pictures until we almost run out of poses. Sang in the videoke until the last five peso coin. Played basketball until our arms hurt. Teased unfortunate ones like it will do us good. Went back and forth to the restrooms as if they are not far and scary. Ate and drank moderately. Laughed at the slightest joke and shared stories to catch up with one another. Definitely worth all the effort and getting pissed off a bit with difficult people.

tambay sa  cottage before eating

videoke and basketball up to the last five peso coin
jumpshots, as if they're required wherever you go =)

gwoup pics

Shoms pictorial courtesy of Jigs

On another note, as it was a long weekend, we still have Monday for ourselves. Tin and I planned it to be our salon day. Time for our much needed rebond. Yay! We, or should I say, "I" decided to have it in Victor Ortega Salon.

It was actually my third time there while it's Tin's first time to undergo rebonding! They offer good services at low rates. 1ooo for rebonding {and that is any length if I may emphasize} and another 1ooo for the treatment {price this time is per vial depending on the treatment}. Our senior stylist was Justine and I should say he's the most accommodating stylist I have encountered so far. From now on I'll look for him every time I'll make appointments. I think I found my personal stylist! *wink*

the rebondees|
{don't bother searching if that's even a word}

no way we're gonna bore ourselves

curly hair no more :D

And if anyone is interested with Victor Ortega Salon, you can make your reservations through 5351696 or 5319350. They are located at 5oo San Rafael St. corner Boni Avenue Mandaluyong City. Shouldn't I get paid for this? ;)
three days after
picture taken after watching "My Amnesia Girl"
I still have hangoever, kamoown! =)


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