Friday, December 24, 2010

they come in pink

Thank goodness gadgets come in pink too. I could not have developed any love for them if they don't. ♥

I am not so much of a techie person but I'd surely die without the basics. I first had my cellphone in second year highschool. While everyone was fine with their alcatel, philips, etc., I have my Nokia 3210. Haha! Sosyal. It stayed with me for years, which means I got left out when high end phones came out. Then I had Nokia 3530 in college. Mhog and I shared the same cellphone unit until mine was stolen. Stupidity I'd rather not share. Then I had Motorola L6. My first ever pink gadget. I still have it with me actually but its almost useless since it restarts from time to time when you're using it. I still would not let it go since it is where my old Smart SIM resides. They'll grow old and eventually die together. Sweet! Haha!

my poor Motorola L6

Now lemme share my set of pink gadgets and how I feel about them just now. Because While writing this, I realized I love 'em and I could have at least noted when I actually got them, aka their birthdays. So sad I wasn't able to do so.

Anyhoo, I first got my cam. The very reason I applied for a credit card. {Can I just take this opportunity to thank HSBC?} It's a Sony DSC-S930, nothing special honestly. It's just pink. I used to really love it then because before I bought it what we had are those cameras with films. I don't even know how to properly address them now. Old school huh? Sad to say, I cannot appreciate it as much now. Who would want to smile and pose for a low end digicam when DSLRs are just around the corner. Bitterness. But I don't want a DSLR for myself just now. Not until they come up with pink ones. =)

ang naaabusong digicam

Next, I got my phone. A pink Samsung Star, S5233W. I used to call it 'star ng buhay ko'. Haha! I find it funny then, now I find myself babaw. ;) I think I got it several months after I got my cam. I can't exactly remember when. I can dig on piles of important receipts back at home but this blog entry won't wait for that. Anyways, I love my phone because..

*Back when I wasn't living in an apartment yet and I had to travel 2 hours back and forth the mountains of Pangarap, a game in it called WiseStar kept my sanity.

*In relation with reason number one, long travel hours and unbelievable traffic taught me to listen to the radio, via my samsung star of course. Now I suddenly missed Chico and Del. RX fan here. =)

*I love the Memo. It is where I save important details like usernames and passwords, whether work related or not. Plus, you have an option to password protect them. Just be careful when deleting a memo, you might delete all. Then get crazy for days. Trust me, I should know.

*Free internet access whether via wi-fi or globe connection {I won't tell how, bleeh}. Free facebook. Free Twitter. How can you not love it?

*Obvious reasons like getting in touch with family & friends. <3

*Last but not the least, it's pink.

ang STAR ng buhay ko

Third on my list is.. drum roll please.. my laptoooooop!! I finally got one. It's a pink Samsung R440-JT08PH. Again, nothing special with specs and all. The usual 14 inch, with 2 GB memory, 320 GB hard disk, i3 processor. Just pink {See, I don't sound techie}. It has been planned since August that I'm going to get one come November. Yes I know, it's already December but who cares. What's important is that I'm crossing off another item on my 25 before 25 list. Goal #6 Buy dear self a laptop - CHECK!!

ang bagong bida

And because it's Christmas I will share my wish list of gadgets. Again, it's a wish list. Libre ang mangarap.
First is Nokia C3, in pink of course. This is kind of realistic. If I manage to stop myself from shopping next year, I might get one. After all, the mother is suggesting that we all switch to Sun to make communications between us easier. I cannot totally switch so I MIGHT get a secondary phone. I.need.discipline. 

Nokia C3
P5 995

Next is Sony Bloggie, in pink again. I didn't have any idea that it exists until I collected flyers and brochures from Cyberzone. It looks so cute and convenient to carry around. Really made for blogging. Blogging. Bloggie. Blogging. =))

P8 999

Third on my crazy wish list is Sony DSC-TX5. Do I need to mention I want it in pink? It is Sony's slimmest water-proof camera and it's worth 22,999. So, dream on.

Sony DSC-TX5
P22 999

And lastly, I want Sony Viao E series. It's actually an option when I bought my laptop. I just got scared that I might need to totally sacrifice shopping and out-of-town trips if I chose it, so I dropped it. No regrets. It can stay on my wish list forever. Haha!

Vaio E Series
P54 999

What's on your list? Do they come in pink too? :)


Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

I saw the laptop and seriously said "Yehhhhhhh" out loud. XD

Apple Borbon said...

thanks! i so love it tooo. just because it's pink. :D