Friday, December 31, 2010

what I almost never finished

Remember Goal # 13 Read a book?

I said I'll be getting {and of course, reading} Nina Garcia's Style Strategy. I find it expensive, well it really is, but I was able to get it at a lower price. Now who's lucky? Haha! But it took a while before I was able to finish it. I've been hella busy and at night I always fell a sleep while trying to read.. blah blah blah.. but what I almost never finished is now, well FINISHED. Time to share what I learned..

The Style Strategy
a less-is-more approach to staying chic and shopping smart

Style Mantra: Shop smart, stay chic, and make it last

DNA of the Style Strategy:
What do I have?
What do I need?
What do I want

Basically, you just have to go through everything in your closet. You need to take inventory and then decide what to do with each of on them. Decide on what to keep, on what to let go, and on what needs to be altered.

So what should you keep? Everything you wear regularly and anything that makes you fabulous. Just remember to use them in different ways. Never wear the same top with the same skirt over and over again just because its flattering. I am guilty. Time for a change come 2o11. And according to Nina, when you do combine garments in a completely new way, it will feel like shopping without the guilt. I have yet to feel that.

What to let go? Old clothes that are no longer in good condition, like those with stained underarms already. Sounds gross? You should also part will ill-fitting clothes if you have no plans {or there is no way at all} of altering them. We all get a little fat as we age. Trust me, I know. You can either sell them {pre-loved clothes anyone?}, donate them or use them in a different way {I can only think of turning them into rags}.

After this first stage your closet should look fresh and you're inspired with what you have accomplished. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to squeeze in this activity with my remaining days free from work.

First, make a list of what has survived from your closet purge. Yes, a WRITTEN list. This will help you pinpoint what's missing from your wardrobe.

Second, create another list of your needs. Write down the basics missing from your closet. Again, BASICS. Because this is needs and not wants. Identify as well those basics that you need to save up for. Think long term.

And to guide us on how to identify what's missing from our wardrobes, Nina shared the garments she considers as basic. She loves shoes more than anything else so its "Shoes" and "The world beyond shoes".

• Knee High High-Heeled boots
• Riding boots
• Classic High-Heel Pumps
• Ballet flats
• Stilettos
• Sandals
• Espadrilles
• Sneakers

The last three need not be investment pieces. Also, she stresses on how important it is to buy your correct size. And to be able to do so, never fit shoes first thing in the morning, or after you've been on your feet all day.

The world beyond shoes
• Trench Coat
• Classic White Shirt
• Trousers
• Skirt
• Blazer
• Little Black Dress
• Cardigan/Turtleneck sweater
• Great bag
• Denim
• Lingerie

Obviously some are best used during winter. Although we do not have one, trench coats and turtlenecks can be used in the office. I should know, I'm kind of a turtleneck fan.

A good rule to follow:
Don't buy anything unless you have at least three items in your closet that it will go with.

According to Nina, she sometimes wake up with an irresistible desire to go shopping. She just wants something and it doesn't matter what it is. I feel that do, often actually. And RETAIL THERAPY is the only easy fix.

Since the goal is to shop smart and not to stop shopping altogether, you just have to do it towards the right direction. Moderation is the key. During times when you really can't afford to buy something significant for yourself,buy yourself a small treat {organic beauty product, makeup}.

Also you must PAMPER yourself frequently. Doing your beauty regimen at home, like facial, mani-pedi, bubble bath etc. can remove your shopping urges.

When shopping is inevitable, here's a list of garments that can add glitter to your basics.

• Knits
• Tank tops and camisoles
• Tights
• Fitted Tees
• Skirts
• Casual dresses
• Accessories

Other reminders include trying swap parties, checking out outlet malls and vintage shops and garment renovations which you can accomplish yourself or with the help of your tailor.

She also included a list of "Where to Buy", boutiques I hardly know. But then Forever 21 is included in the "Inexpensive and Trends" list. Imma get my fillers there after I figure out what's missing in my closet. That one last shopping {because I plan to save up next year} will be guided by what I learned from this book. I am excited.


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