Tuesday, February 22, 2011

over and done, now let's go to sagada

Let me begin by saying I MISSED blogging. Yeah, like how I missed shopping, blog hopping, going out with friends and sleeping for long hours. I felt deprived for the last three weeks and had it been longer, I might go crazzzeeee. Haha!

So if you're already wondering what made me endure such suffering, tadaaah,  it's my dream of getting any testing related certification. Uh-oh, I forgot to warn you this post is corny like that as it is work related. :s

To continue {that is if you are still with me}, I have this virtual list of certifications I dream of having. I will no longer enumerate them because they might be Accenture Confidential and I might get suspended or the worse terminated. Better paranoid than dead. Haha! And just a month ago one of my dream certification program finally got offered again. I cannot afford to miss the opportunity so I registered. Heaven was on me, I got chosen to participate.

Anyway, the certification I got {or should I say worked a little hard for} is IBM Certified Solution Designer - Rational Functional Tester for Java. What in the world is that, I wouldn't bother to explain. Teehee. All I know is that it made me sacrifice my Friday night reading tons of review materials and eight hours of my Saturday listening to reporters, doing lab exams and answering what seemed to be endless theoretical exams. Multiply those by three as we had three review sessions. And add to that two hours of the actual test held on Valentine's day! Isn't that sweet?

And what makes it notches sweeter is the thought that my 25 before 25 list is shorter by one again {Goal #10. Be certified.  CHECK!}. And it's like hitting two birds with one stone because being certified is also one of my objectives at work. Creating objectives and religiously monitoring their completion is crazy required for all Accenture people so sue me. Responsibilities really pile up as we age and there is no escaping them. Good thing I'm over and done with this one. *breathes a sigh of relief*

IBM says Happy Valentine's! :)

Since I also terribly missed shopping, I went s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g the other day.. and the day before that too! Consider that my price for being certified. Gah, I'm spoiling myself too much. That deserves an entry of its own but my laziness wouldn't permit me now. My apologies.

Up next: Sagada Trip! I'm counting the daaaaays. Friends, please make that happen.



I•AM•JOOL said...

wow congrats! hey, i tagged you on my post. check it on my page. :)

Tsina said...

Ano po score mo? HAHAHA. Congrats. =)